Spreadsheets masterlist

Just gonna make this a sticky post of the spreadsheets that I make. Still working on updating the ones I did previously with season information but the new ones I’ve listed have all that down. Any names down there that don’t have links yet means I’ve not quite made the data presentable yet, but they’re coming…soon-ish.

List after the jump.

Abe Atsushi
Amasaki Kohei
Asanuma Shintaro
Chiba Shoya
Enoki Junya
Furukawa Makoto
Hamano Daiki
Hanae Natsuki
Hatanaka Tasuku
Hino Satoshi
Horie Shun
Hosoya Yoshimasa
Ichikawa Aoi
Ishii Mark
Ishikawa Kaito
Ishiya Haruki
Kaji Yuki
Kawanishi Kengo
Kimura Ryohei
Kobayashi Yusuke
Kumagai Kentaro
Maeno Tomoaki
Masuda Toshiki
Matsuda Kenichiro
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Mizunaka Masaaki
Murase Ayumu
Nakajima Yoshiki
Nakamura Yuichi
Nishiyama Kotaro
Nogami Sho
Okamoto Nobuhiko
Okitsu Kazuyuki
Ono Daisuke
Ono Kensho
Ono Yuuki
Osaka Ryota
Saito Soma
Sakurai Takahiro
Shimazaki Nobunaga
Sugawara Shinsuke
Suzuki Ryota
Takeuchi Ryota
Takeuchi Shunsuke
Tezuka Hiromichi
Tsuda Kenjiro
Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Uchiyama Koki
Uchida Yuma
Uemura Yuto
Umehara Yuichiro
Yamashita Seiichiro
Yashiro Taku

Akasaki Chinatsu
Amamiya Sora
Anzai Chika
Asai Ayaka
Chiba Saeko
Fujii Yukiyo
Fujiwara Natsumi
Han Megumi
Hanamori Yumiri
Hayami Saori
Hidaka Rina
Hikasa Yoko
Hondo Kaede
Inoue Marina
Ise Mariya
Ishigami Shizuka
Ishikawa Yui
Ito Kanae
Ito Shizuka
Iwami Manaka
Kaida Yuko
Kakuma Ai
Kanemoto Hisako
Kayano Ai
Kimura Juri
Kito Akari
Kobayashi Yu
Kohara Konomi
Komatsu Mikako
Kotobuki Minako
Kurosawa Tomoyo
Kusunoki Tomori
Minase Inori
Mori Nanako
Morohoshi Sumire
Naganawa Maria
Nakahara Mai
Okasaki Miho
Omigawa Chiaki
Onishi Saori
Ozawa Ari
・Saito Chiwa
Sakamoto Maaya
Sakura Ayane
Senbongi Sayaka
Seto Asami
Shiraishi Haruka
Suegara Rie
Taichi Yo
Takagaki Ayahi
Takahashi Rie
Taketatsu Ayana
Tamura Mutsumi
Tange Sakura
Taneda Risa
Tanezaki Atsumi
Tomatsu Haruka
Toyama Nao
Toyosaki Aki
Tsuda Minami
Uchiyama Yumi
Ueda Reina
Yuki Aoi

-Yes, I am prioritizing working on Aketagawa Jin’s cronies. I really like looking at his hiring patterns
-Through doing this, I learned that Mima Masafumi is really biased too *cough* Kaji *cough* Anzai Chika
-Kimura Eriko’s my favourite sound director to look at in terms of her casting decisions. She picks interesting people!

Edit: And as always, please excuse any errors – these are all sheets I make for my own personal reference & liable to the mistakes of my fat fingers…so if anything is screwed up rest assured I will rectify them at some point 😛


20 thoughts on “Spreadsheets masterlist

  1. Grace

    Good Afternoon! Since you follow seiyuus on a daily basic and knows enough about some new seiyuus I would like to ask your opinion about Ohsaka Ryota, the one who start his career late (imo) have you heard him on any anime you like? do you like his voice?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there! Re: Ohsaka – yes of course, I know him well after all those episodes of Ace of Diamond, Shirayukihime & Knights of Sidonia ^^;

      Going into detail about his voice – it is naturally a ‘vanilla’ voice. Plain & neutral, lacking the type of distinctive quality or mannerisms that instantly make you think, “Ah, that’s so-and-so” (ie. ppl like Matsuoka Yoshitsugu or Wakamoto Norio).

      That’s not a bad thing per se as it means that Osaka easily lands castings in both lead & supporting roles; he’s got a voice that can fit in anywhere and in fact, is ideal for the ‘normal guy’ that most anime male leads tend to be (see: Brynhildr, Hataraku Mao-sama, Cavalry). Put it this way, Osaka is the type of seiyuu who fits into a role, grows into a character. As opposed to say, Kaji Yuki or Koyasu Takehito who turn all their characters into…Kaji Yuki and Koyasu Takehito, iykwim. Other seiyuu with ‘plain’ voices I can think of off the top of my head – Ono Kensho, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Irino Miyu, Kobayashi Yusuke.

      As for my own feelings regarding Ohsaka…I will freely admit that I’m unable to pick his voice out from a crowd, like when he was in Mayoiga or Haikyuu). I certainly don’t mind listening to him (his acting chops are decent), but it’s not the kind of voice I favour – I like stronger voices that have a certain edge to them ie Hosoya Yoshimasa & Sakurai Takahiro are my faves…

  2. Grace

    oh, I see. Thank you so much! Since I just one Ohsaka from his mobages roles (yumeiro cast’s Asahina Kyoya and Granblue’s Percival) and I don’t know hot to distinguise a “good voice actor” ( if that is valid) I wanted a opinion based on his traits voie than on his looks. yours was a good explanaton! thanks for your time!

  3. Giorno Giovanna

    I recently translated this and if you could spread it on twitter or whatever, that’d be great. No need for any credits. I thought of asking you since you were the one to inform me this event existed in the first place.
    If not, never mind and thanks anyway.

  4. juneday

    I just look into Kouki Uchiyama sheet and I see you messed up with Touyama Nao above, how can you listed him voice Lyria in Granblue Fantasy it is Touyama role

  5. Ikan Lele

    Nice spreadsheet. So bold font is for main protagonist, italic for characters that appears a lot in the series?

    Wow, if you’re Aketagawa Jin’s favorites, you can get many roles. Didn’t expect that Hikasa Youko also got lots of roles from him. She already got many roles from other SD, but adding Jin’s make it a lot.

    After you complete all the names there, I wonder if you can add Sawashiro Miyuki, Toyosaki Aki, Hanazawa Kana, and Yuuki Aoi.

    Thx XD

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your comments! Yes, bold is for main role & italics for major supporting roles.

      I do like working on Aketagawa Jin’s favourites cos it’s interesting to track how they can turn from being extras to main stars.

      I will take your suggestions into consideration – as a fan of Sphere, Aki is definitely someone I’m looking to do!

      1. Ikan Lele

        Thx for adding Yuuki Aoi 🙂
        I like this spreadsheet coz it’s easy to look on seiyuu’s job each year.

        About Jin’s favorites, you might want to add Kanemoto Hisako. Her recent roles from Jin : Gundam IBO, Re:Creators, ID-0, Souma food wars (replacing Taneda Risa). Seems there are also many other roles that she got from Jin before.

        Btw, your writing about seiyuu earning and casting is a good read. Would be great if it’s put on the front page too.

        1. admin Post author

          Hii-chan is certainly on my (very long) to-do list, heh. Just trying to prioritize a few more male seiyuu at the moment!

          Re: the post about seiyuu earnings & castings – I don’t actually want to draw too much attention to it as it’s purely an opinion piece & I don’t want people to take it as the absolute truth ^^; There is some stuff in there that also needs a bit of updating, so maybe I’ll highlight it again once it’s ready.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes I promise I will get around to updating the sheets that need updates lol. Give me a bit of time! A cour or so of leeway please? 😛

  6. Ikan Lele

    Oh, finally all Sphere members are here. Nice 🙂

    I’m looking forward to see Ito Kanae’s spreadsheet. Haven’t seen her much in anime lately. She was really popular back then, with Hanasaku Iroha & Haganai.

    For the new seiyuu, seems M.A.O is unstoppable, while Ozawa Ari is getting less jobs.

    Btw, have you heard anything about taneda Risa’s illnes? Since shokugeki no souma announced 3rd season, I wish that she can voice Erina again.

    1. admin Post author

      no news on Tane-chan’s return yet. the only positive is that they didn’t list the cast member for Erina for S3 yet so there is still a bit of hope. Otherwise, I’m sure Kanemoto Hisako will do a fine job standing in for her…

      Re: Ito Kanae. she’s actually working fairly steadily, pretty much averaging the same number of shows every year for the last 10+ years but just not getting many lead roles. Too many young, cute-sounding female seiyuu to compete with, sadly….

  7. Ikan Lele

    Hi, thx for always keeping your list up to date.

    Just a small mistake here, Toyama nao’s role in Yuru camp is Inuyama Aoi on your list, should’ve been Shima Rin (must be because Toyama & Toyosaki are next to each other, haha). Managing all these spreadsheet must be hard, so I really appreciate you.

    When did Uchiyama Yumi get added? I didn’t realize lol. Nice, she’s one of my favorites.

    Also looking forward on Saito Chiwa.

    1. admin Post author

      haha thanks for pointing it out. I must’ve copied & pasted the wrong thing in the wrong sheet – I just fixed Aki’s that had Shima Rin a couple of days ago ^^;;;;


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