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Spreadsheets masterlist

Just gonna make this a sticky post of the spreadsheets that I make. Still working on updating the ones I did previously with season information but the new ones I’ve listed have all that down. Any names down there that don’t have links yet means I’ve not quite made the data presentable yet, but they’re coming…soon-ish.

Abe Atsushi
Asanuma Shintaro
Chiba Shoya
Enoki Junya
Furukawa Makoto
Hamano Daiki
Hanae Natsuki
Hatanaka Tasuku
Horie Shun
Hosoya Yoshimasa
Ishii Mark
Ishikawa Kaito
Ishiya Haruki
Kaji Yuki
Kawanishi Kengo
Kobayashi Yusuke
Kumagai Kentaro
Maeno Tomoaki
Masuda Toshiki
Matsuda Kenichiro
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Nakamura Yuichi
Nishiyama Kotaro
Nogami Sho
Okamoto Nobuhiko
Okitsu Kazuyuki
Ono Kensho
Osaka Ryota
Saito Soma
Sakurai Takahiro
Shimazaki Nobunaga
Sugawara Shinsuke
Suzuki Ryota
Takeuchi Shunsuke
Tezuka Hiromichi
Tsuda Kenjiro
Uchiyama Koki
Uchida Yuma
Umehara Yuichiro
Yamashita Seiichiro
Yashiro Taku

Akasaki Chinatsu
Amamiya Sora
Anzai Chika
Asai Ayaka
Chiba Saeko
Fujii Yukiyo
Hayami Saori
Hidaka Rina
Hikasa Yoko
Hondo Kaede
Ishigami Shizuka
Inoue Marina
Ito Kanae
・Ito Shizuka
Iwami Manaka
Kaida Yuko
Kanemoto Hisako
Kayano Ai
Kimura Juri
Kito Akari
Kobayashi Yu
Kohara Konomi
Komatsu Mikako
Kotobuki Minako
Minase Inori
Morohoshi Sumire
Naganawa Maria
Nakahara Mai
Omigawa Chiaki
Onishi Saori
Ozawa Ari
・Saito Chiwa
Sakamoto Maaya
Sakura Ayane
Senbongi Sayaka
Seto Asami
Taichi Yo
Takagaki Ayahi
Taneda Risa
Tanezaki Atsumi
Tomatsu Haruka
Toyama Nao
Toyosaki Aki
Yuki Aoi

-Yes, I am prioritizing working on Aketagawa Jin’s cronies. I really like looking at his hiring patterns
-Through doing this, I learned that Mima Masafumi is really biased too *cough* Kaji *cough* Anzai Chika
-Kimura Eriko’s my favourite sound director to look at in terms of her casting decisions. She picks interesting people!

Edit: And as always, please excuse any errors – these are all sheets I make for my own personal reference & liable to the mistakes of my fat fingers…so if anything is screwed up rest assured I will rectify them at some point 😛


#152 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 10.5P: Tamaru Atsushi x Shimoji Shino

Part 10.5 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features royal half-siblings Shareef (Tamaru Atsushi) and Renner (Shimoji Shino).

Tamaru-san, surprised by Shimoji-san’s shocking confession!?

Q: Reflecting on episode 9 – what are your thoughts?

Shimoji: It was pretty tough (laughs). I had a lot of dialogue; even though I play the princess of a country, I refer to myself as ‘Boku’ and I struggled to speak plainly to my older brother.

Tamaru: I thought the overall worldview of the series was interesting. Seeing how something that is as familiar to us as cream soda was thought of as a rare item & the surprise as [Shareef] drank it. This is a kind of series that I’d never encountered up ‘til now; never have I paid that much attention to what I’ve been eating all this while – I think my awareness of the food I eat might grow even stronger in the future. That’s why the eating scenes left a big impression on me.

Q: What were your favourite scenes or highlights from episode 9?

Tamaru: Shareef himself did not have many food-related monologues, but watching Renner contemplating and deciding upon the best cream soda combination as she pored over the menu, as well as her excitement and blissful expression as she drank [was a highlight]. I realized that when you’re having a meal, it does takes a bit of time for the flavours to sink in as you consume the food.

Shimoji: Actually, before the recording session I went to drink cream soda for the first time ever…

Tamaru: Eh!? The first time ever? You don’t have it in Okinawa?

Shimoji: Of course we do! It’s just that I’ve never really been fond of carbonated drinks…

Tamaru: Ain’t that the same as Shareef.

Shareef: That’s right (laughs). I’m okay with them now though, more so than I used to be. Also, things like melon soda come in weird colours so I never dared to drink them. But since Renner had it in the series I thought, ‘If I don’t seize this chance, I might not ever drink it for the rest of my life’, which is why I went to have one before recording.

When I was reading the script, cream soda was something I could only imagine in my head – once I had actually tasted soft cream and melon soda, I found them to be very delicious. And when it came to the tests during the actual recording, I was told that I was indeed ‘acting like I was drinking it for the first time’ (laughs)

Tamaru: It was easy to tell that it was your ‘first time’ (laughs)

Shimoji: So it seems (laughs). But I was happy that I got to experience new things through working on this show and cream soda is now one of my favourite menu items.

Q: By the way, have you tried the coffee float that Shareef ordered?

Tamaru: Of course I have. However the sugar content seems to be high so having it topped with soft-serve ice cream is not really my thing. I might only order it when I go for karaoke, that’s the extent of it.

What do you think of Shareef’s attitude when it comes to his crush on Adelheid?

Q: Renner is worried about Shareef as he has a crush on Adelheid but is unable to approach her – don’t you think he’s a bit too shy?

Shimoji: He really is too shy, isn’t he?

Tamaru: But I think that there would be many guys out there who can relate to that. For example you could have a guy in real-life working at a company, who’s popular with his female juniors and colleagues. Yet, when he meets someone he likes he immediately turns shy. I was thinking the same thing would probably be true of people from other worlds.

Q: What about from a girl’s perspective?

Shimoji: This is my personal opinion – though I empathize with my older brother’s feelings of not being able to attract the one he loves, I do want him to try harder. I think women would want [the effort] to come from the men…

Tamaru: (looking around) Men or women, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Shimoji: It doesn’t, but if it was possible…

Tamaru: Men have their troubles too – if they can’t go, they can’t go.

Shimoji: Today I learned (laughs)

Q: Do either of you have any siblings?

Tamaru: I have an older sister.

Shimoji: I’m an only child.

Q: It does seem natural for Tamaru-san to have an older sister.

Tamaru: But recently, people have said to me that I give off the air of an older brother. (looking at Shimoji) I don’t look like it, but that’s what people around me have been telling me.

Their impressions of Isekai Shokudo

Q: What are your impressions of the series after reading the original novels, and now that you’re actually acting in the anime?

Shimoji: ‘Another World’ may be part of the title, but there aren’t many battles – instead it depicts daily life in a very detailed manner while showing the humanity of the characters; it’s a series that anyone can identify with. There is a lot of warmth in it.

Tamaru: Not only is this a wonderful series that puts the focus on the food that we eat on a daily basis, I think it’s also innovative in the way it presents the dishes using the setting and from the perspective of foreigners who have never eaten them before. You barely remember what it was like the first time you tasted certain dishes as you’d already be familiar with them since childhood, and you wouldn’t really have any new reactions to eating any foods.

It’s interesting to take another close look at ingredients and dishes that are familiar to us. In future, I think it would be possible for me to look at food I’m eating with a fresh perspective and sense of taste. Being involved with a series like Isekai Shokudo has added a wonderful spice to my diet.

Co-star experience asides, it’s fresh to play a brother-sister combo for the first time!

Q: What are your impressions of the character you play?

Shimoji: Renner is a princess but because she has a straightforward personality, the way she speaks is not what you would expect of the typical ‘Princess’. She’s a sister who holds her older brother in great regard and the sense of intimacy that you feel from the two of them shows just how close they are to each other. I also share her sentiment regarding her brother’s love life so voicing the role, I can easily empathize with her.

Tamaru: Shareef is a prince so he possesses a certain amount of elegance and responsibility; however, when you see his conversations with Renner you realize that they’re just a normal brother-sister pair like any other out there. He’s not a herbivore man like what’s in vogue now but it also doesn’t mean that just because he’s a man, that he’ll go about things voraciously. I think guys will be able to identify with him easily, despite his status as royalty.

Q: They are the Prince and Princess from the Land of Sand, but they seem like they might exist in the real world as well.

Tamaru: That’s true. This may be a fantasy work but it appears to be quite close to real life, which makes it easy to visualize.

Q: What was it like acting as brother and sister?

Tamaru: We’ve worked together before but it’s our first time playing brother and sister.

Shimoji: In the script, Shareef is sheepishly worried all the time – when I heard Tamaru-san’s performance I was thinking the same thing as Ranner, that “He needs to try a little bit harder!” but at the same time, I thought that he was quite cute. I was a bit worried over whether I could lock horns with him (laughs)

Tamaru: Despite being in Shareef’s position I have to say that I was thinking ‘why do you have to say something like that?’ but keeping in mind that it’s a little sister doing that for the sake of her older brother – it’s cute.

The unattainable Adelheid and a Master who could conceivably exist

Q: What do you think of Adelheid, Shareef’s unrequited love?

Tamaru: She’s cute.

Q: If you were Shareef, would you fall in love with her at first sight?

Tamaru: She’s just so pretty, plus she’s a princess! She’s like an existence that is above the clouds, beyond your grasp.

Shimoji: An unattainable object*?

*the phrase used here is高嶺の花 (takane no hana) which literally means ‘flower on a high peak’

Tamaru: It’s not quite love, it’s more adulation.

Q: Shimoji-san’s got a doubtful look on her face again.

Shimoji: No no, not at all (laughs)

Tamaru: It’s a bit like watching a celebrity on a TV screen. Like having a favourite idol.

Q: What do you think of Master?

Tamaru: Master hardly spoke during our episode.

Shimoji: ‘cos we both talked too much (laughs). He was generous and seemed like the kind of Master who would exist in real life. I’d love to visit a restaurant whose owner possesses a warm voice like his.

Tamaru: I haven’t been to many places recently where the owner shouts ‘Welcome!’ to the guests.

Q: Are you referring to those luxurious restaurants where they greet you in English or French? (laughs)

Tamaru: That’s not what I mean! I was thinking of family restaurants and izakaya, places where they’d shout that automatically. It’s good to have owners who are neither too close nor too distant. Having a sense of comfort is nice.

If you were Shareef, what kind of date would you go on with Adelheid?

Q: If you were Shareef, what kind of date would you go on with Adelheid and would you confess to her?

Tamaru: I would invite her to our country and take her on a tour of beautiful scenic places. But if I were to consult Renner I’m sure that such a course would be out of the question, like “She’ll get tired if you drag her all over town!” (laughs)

Shimoji: You think I’d say that? (laughs)

Tamaru: I think you would.

Shimoji: But I do think it’s a wonderful plan. It’s your own country so you’d have a lot of affection for it and would have much to say – [Adelheid] would be able to feel that you’re a person who thinks about and reflects on his country properly.

Tamaru: Isn’t it good?

Shimoji: But you might not be able to take her around too many places (laughs)

Q: Adelheid is the Princess of the Eastern Continent so if she accepted the invitation to visit the Land of Sand all the way on the other side on the Western Continent, there might be hope after all?

Tamaru: That’s right. We are looking forward to Adelheid’s visit (laughs)

Q: Shimoji-san, if you’re Adelheid – what kind of confession would you wish to hear?

Shimoji: I’d be fine with the clichéd ones. Going to a popular date spot like the amusement park or aquarium, confessing when the mood feels romantic…

Q: What words would you like to hear?

Shimoji: Something simple like ‘I like you’ would get the point across easily.

The mysterious door connects to – one is realistic, the other is stylish!?

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

Shimoji: My hometown in Okinawa. It’s so far away so I hardly get to go home; I’d love to be able to commute to work from home.

Tamaru: That sounds good. I’d love to go to a café. I like café latte very much and drink it almost every day, but the expenses build up if you go to nice places every time so I end up buying coffee from the convenience store to drink.

However, when I’m at home I do sometimes think ‘I wanna drink the café latte from that café’. But I give up ‘cos I’d have to take the train there, so if I had a door leading to the place I could have a cup any time during business hours. I’d probably squander a lot of money there (laughs)

Shimoji: You really do love your coffee, don’t you?

Q: Do you have any specific preferences regarding taste etc?

Tamaru: 99% of the times I drink coffee, I choose café latte. Without sugar. I like Sarutahiko Coffee. ‘cos they truly understand the flavour of beans.

Q: Shimoji-san, do you like coffee as well?

Shimoji: I’ve gradually gotten used to drinking it. I like taking mine with milk. I don’t put any sugar in either.

Tamaru: I never used to drink coffee in the past. Before I entered this industry, back when I was a college student, I didn’t like coffee or tea. But when I was thinking about getting a job it suddenly occurred to me that it might be poor business etiquette if I was asked ‘would you prefer coffee or tea’ [during meetings etc] and I couldn’t answer. To overcome that problem, I started drinking coffee and tea with milk and sugar and before I knew it I was into black [coffee].

Shimoji: Those are interesting circumstances…

Q: You do often hear about people making an effort to drink alcohol because of their drinking buddies…

Tamaru: I don’t like alcohol at all. I’m not even thinking about trying to get used to it.

Q: That’s the complete opposite of the dwarves in the A part story of this episode.

Shimoji: You’re right (laughs)

The food names they wish to adopt; both choose drinks!?

Q: Like in the series, what dish, if any, would you like to adopt as your nickname?

Shimoji: Curry Bun maybe? (laughs)

Tamaru: It’s gotta be Café Latte for me then.

Shimoji: I do like curry buns but when it comes to dish names I like the sound of Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets). But you’d be called that instead of your name, right? I’d like to have a cute one.

Tamaru: Hmm I’ve decided on Latte.

Shimoji: That’s hip! I’ve been drinking jasmine tea at home recently…so I’ll go for Jasmine.

A rarity to have a studio where there are side dishes available

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

Tamaru: What first surprised me as I arrived was the food available. Food that was featured in the show was placed [on the tables].

Shimoji: Before I entered the studio today I could smell the aroma of fried foods (laughs). We’re often provided with confectionery as snacks but to have fried foods and even side dishes available – it’s a very unusual and refreshing experience.

Tamaru: The staff members were editing the pork cutlet bowl episode and their take-out order of pork cutlet bowl had just arrived as well.

Shimoji: I think it’s interesting that the food provided changes depending on the content of the episode being recorded. Today we had side dishes and dessert as well.

Tamaru: I wonder if we’ll have any more lines in future?

Shimoji: I’m curious as to what [the cast] will get to eat next.

A healing work, a show that brings you closer to everyday life

Q: What is the appeal of this series?

Shimoji: It is fantasy, yet it is nothing like fantasy. You can identify with the characters and the food is something that is familiar to us. It’s just that…you have to be careful if you watch it in real-time ‘cos you could end up feeling a bit peckish (laughs)

Regardless, if you’re watching it at the end of a day you’ll feel healed by the delicious way they eat as well as by their warm smiles and I’m sure that when you see the dishes coming out you too will feel, ‘I should have that too’. It’s charming, the way the show brings you closer to everyday life.

Tamaru: When you observe depictions of alternate worlds, you frequently see food and ingredients that do not exist in real life. It might be fun to imagine, ‘What kind of taste might that have?’. In this series however, the dishes that we are familiar with and that we often eat; are being presented as food from another world and we get to see how characters are surprised by them and how they devour the food, which we can understand and identify with.

It makes you realize the delightfulness and splendour of the food that we eat on a regular basis. I do think this is a series that awakens and heightens one’s awareness of food.

Isekai Shokudo, a series that has changed my awareness of food and given me new pleasures

Q: Please leave a message for the fans as well as for those who have yet to come across the series.

Shimoji: Because of my involvement I got to taste cream soda for the first time ever – I do believe that this series that will make you think, ‘Oh I know this food but I haven’t tried it before’ or ‘Hmm I should try it out again’ regarding foods that they dislike.

You can feel the warmth of the stories; after you watch the episode you’ll be filled with tender feelings for the rest of the day, so I’ll be grateful if you could watch it to the end.

Tamaru: This is a laid-back, relaxing series that possesses the elements that managed to change my level of awareness – I hope those who have yet to see this show will give it a try. And if you eat a dish with the view that you’re eating it for the first time ever, you’ll be able to feel completely different flavours and tastes. As we enjoy watching the series, let us also enjoy our meals tremendously!

#151 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 10P: Shimura Tomoyuki x Inada Tetsu

Part 10 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features burly dwarf bros Shimura Tomoyuki (Gard) and Inada Tetsu (Guilhem).

Tasty stories, from practising at home to wanting to have a beer!?

Q: First of all, let’s look back on episode 9 – tell us your thoughts about it.

Inada: It’s a story designed to make you hungry. After all, they’re eating & drinking so deliciously. I was reading the script while rehearsing and I thought to myself, “This episode will definitely make you want to eat a [seafood] fry-up”. Listen to these 2 characters devouring food so tastily and sure enough, you’ll want to eat the same thing – what a terrible series this is. But once I got to the studio I realized [the staff] had taken proper responsibility by having fried seafood prepared for us. What a dream place it was to work in (laughs).

Shimura: Indeed, it was. Watching the series makes you want to eat and drink. Especially beer.

Inada: Guilhem and Gard were really enjoying their drink.

Shimura: Fried food and beer is the ultimate combination for sure. Though as expected, there wasn’t any beer in the studio (laughs). But I was having a beer at home while rehearsing (as if) [laughs].

Q: Recordings were in the summer, the perfect season for a beer – hard to resist, wasn’t it?

Shimura: Yeah. Though it seems Inada doesn’t ever get drunk….

Inada: I’m this size so I hardly ever get drunk.

Shimura: I was drinking while rehearsing, and I got drunk…in a good way (laughs)

Inada: I do understand that feeling about wanting to drink though.

Shimura: You do feel like that. Seeing that big tankard makes me want to go to a beer garden.

Inada: When it’s a dwarf holding the tankard it seems even bigger. Like they’re drinking from a barrel.

Q: It makes it seem like they’re drinking far beyond their bodies’ capacities.

Inada: Same goes for the amount of food.

Shimura: But I’m sure you’d be the same if you were eating that for the first time.

Inada: They were analysing the beer in detail as they drank it as well. Makes me realize that we’re drinking these really wonderful drinks on a daily basis.

The timing when eating fried scallops. Tartar sauce is irresistible!?

Q: What were your favourite scenes or highlights from episode 9?

Shimura: Considering the sequence of events up ‘til then – the moment the fried scallops [hotate furai] made their appearance was just fantastic.

Inada: Fried cod [tara furai], squid rings [ika ring], and then fried scallops comes up third on the menu.

Shimura: The tartar sauce was just cheating though, wasn’t it? You never told me about it!

Inada: Guilhem was setting it aside for later, wasn’t he? Guess he didn’t want [Gard] to taste the tartar sauce right from the start.

Shimura: Yeah that happens sometimes. Eating fried oysters, you start to wonder whether it’s the fried oysters that you wanted to eat or whether it’s the tartar sauce you wanted to taste.

Inada: I know what you mean. After all, tartar sauce is tasty.

Shimura: Like how you feel like eating pickled veg [fukujinzuke] so you end up eating curry. That’s the kind of feeling you get.

Q: It’s rare to see cod on a fried seafood platter.

Inada: It certainly is unusual to see cod as the white fish of choice [on the platter]. You normally get horse mackerel [aji] instead.

Shimura: I go fishing on the Sanriku quite often, and the cod we pull in tastes really good when you fry it. Cod is best either fried or sautéed!

Inada: Yeah, sautéing it sounds nice.

Shimura: It’s great when it’s steaming hot. For fish that I’ve caught myself, I find them delicious if done sashimi style. But you can’t go wrong with fried cod really!

Inada: As he’s someone who fishes, Shimura-san’s words sound persuasive. I love frying white-fleshed fish too, especially fried horse mackerel. Once, I casually wandered into a set meals restaurant in Enoshima and the fried horse mackerel I had there was outrageously tasty. Since then, fried horse mackerel has been on my list of top 10 favourite foods.

To have my favourite fried seafood chosen as a theme in this series, and to be able to act out eating them deliciously – it’s a great joy for me. I fell into a ‘fried foods’ mode after the recording today so I was glad that my cravings were satisfied in the studio.

Deciding the meal of the day, this is a series that becomes a habit

Q: What are your impressions of the series now that you’ve acted in it?

Shimura: Suwabe-jun said this earlier, and indeed it is so – it’s foodporn. It makes you want to eat the food again. When you’re having trouble deciding what to eat and you just happen to see the show, you’re likely to go ‘I’ll have what they’re having!’.

Inada: I think there will be a lot of people who’ll want to eat white fish after seeing this episode.

Shimura: If you were watching this in the middle of the night you’d probably still feel like eating it too. Even if you think eating fried foods at night is a bit…

Inada: I’ve already switched into the ‘wanting to eat [fried fish]’ kind of mood.

Shimura: If you’re not keen on fried stuff and want something simpler you could just drop by the convenience store, couldn’t you?

Inada: I’m on my way!

Shimura: It’s that kind of alternate world.

Inada: An alternate world that is rooted in our world – this is a series that quickly becomes a habit.

Gard, who is more short-tempered than expected

Q: What are your impressions of the characters you play? Let’s start off with Gard.

Shimura: I didn’t expect Gard to have such a short temper.

Inada: He’s quick to lash out with his axe whenever something happens – that was surprising.

Shimura: Though they’re comrades and fellow craftsmen, once he snaps he’ll be swinging his axe around. And he does it seriously too.

Inada: He’s the type you should never get on the wrong side of.

Shimura: My impression of him changed from what I had initially thought, so I had to revise [my performance]. It was interesting.

Q: Gard is a glassmaker and he was impressed to see the tankards used at Nekoya.

Shimura: He’s probably never seen a tankard like that before. We’re familiar with them, especially during this [summer] season (laughs), but for Gard it’s surprising as it’s his first time seeing a jug the size of his face.

Inada: He’s probably surprised that you can see through it as well.

Shimura: As a craftsman he must’ve felt its fascinating charm.

I want to be like Guilhem, recommending good restaurants. My ability to handle alcohol is the same?

Q: How about Guilhem?

Inada: Guilhem is the one who brings Gard to Nekoya – I like to do that too, recommending good food and good places to other people. It makes me happy to see them enjoying [what I recommended]. I’m the type who likes to smugly say, “So yeah. It was good, wasn’t it?” (laughs). I understand Guilhem’s feelings.

Shimura: You want to give and receive recommendations. You want to know about anything delicious, and you want others to know about it as well.

Q: Even if people are aware about nice places to eat, only some of them would want to let others know while others prefer to keep it to themselves.

Inada: I wouldn’t want to hog it to myself. I like recommending things to people and have them tell me it was good, so I can go ‘Isn’t it?’ in return. To give me the confidence that my sense of taste hasn’t gone wrong. I wouldn’t exactly call it equivalent exchange but they do let me know about places I’d not heard of. It does get pretty exciting in the studio when the talk turns to delicious food and restaurants.

Shimura: Yeah we do that quite often.

Inada: I’ll take note of the places mentioned, then and go pay a visit to them later on.

Q: Guilhem is a brewer, so all that talk about drink just now seems to suggest you were cast perfectly for the role?

Inada: You think so? (laughs)

Shimura: You don’t get drunk at all.

Inada: I do get drunk like normal people do, but my memory doesn’t turn hazy nor do I slur my speech. Because of my physique, alcohol doesn’t really affect my behaviour.

Shimura: Really? Does it have anything to do with body size? You sure you ain’t a foreigner? (laughs)

Inada: Maybe I am (laughs)

Have had plenty of co-stars, but this might be the first time we battle around a table

Q: What are your thoughts on the interactions between your characters?

Inada: It was fun. I wanted to continue working with him forever.

Shimura: It’s been a while since I’ve been in such a skirmish. Outside of a battle, that is.

Inada: I agree. That might be the first time I’m seeing a face-off at a dining table (laughs)

Shimura: It was a fight, pretty much.

Inada: Because they met on the battlefield. This could actually be the first time that I’m acting out sharing a meal with somebody.

Shimura: When I was rehearsing I was imagining what sort of ‘tone’ I’d be eating in. I was thinking that I mustn’t go for something different to what Inada does.

Inada: It’s 2 enthusiastic old geezers eating their food deliciously.

Shimura: I enjoyed their interactions.

Q: Seeing Guilhem and Gard reminded me of Yaji and Kita.

Inada: They’ve travelled around, eaten a lot of delicious things.

What is the best dish in the world that Shimura-san has encountered?

Q: Guilhem invites Gard to try ‘delicious alcohol and fish that’s out of this world’ – what is the best dish you’ve ever tasted?

Shimura: This is a recent story – I often go to a port town in Iwate to fish for cod and fat greenling [ainame]. The fishermen in the area cultivate oysters and such, but in the summer up ‘til around Obon there is a window of time when the port opens – once the Fishery Coop gives its OK, we’ll go out to catch purple sea urchin [murasaki uni] and horse dung urchin [bafun uni].

Each person is only allowed to fish a fixed amount. On the day I went, I was told ‘Today the port’s open for sea urchin fishing so ship departures are delayed’. Instead, they took freshly-peeled sea urchin rinsed in seawater from that morning, cracked their shells, handed me a spoon on the spot and told me that I could eat as much as sea urchin I wanted, along with the rice that had been prepared.

Knowing that, I piled on enough sea urchin to cover the rice in my bowl thinking ‘that’s probably enough’ but I was told ‘you can have way more. Don’t worry about getting gout’ and had more heaped into my bowl (laughs). The sea water made it salty enough to the point that no soy sauce was needed – it was fabulously delicious!

Inada: Sounds tasty! You wouldn’t be able to get this in restaurants, would you!?

Shimura: Due to environmental protection efforts, it’s prohibited to fish on 2 consecutive days. Still, there are many people who would love to have sea urchin sent to them whenever possible. When you’ve eaten such delicious sea urchin, you would never want to eat sea urchin containing alum* ever again.

*sea urchin is often soaked in alum water to firm up its texture and to preserve/disinfect (especially when exported or frozen) but this produces an undesirable metallic taste

Inada: That’s the ultimate dish, isn’t it? There’s not much I can say after hearing that story! (laughs) If I had to pick something, I’d go for Jiichiro’s baumkuchen. I had my first taste of it at another recording studio – my reaction was ‘This is good! You’ve got to try this!’. Moderately sweet, fluffy, elegant.

Shimura: I’ve yet to taste that.

Inada: Having baumkuchen after sea urchin – that would be a dessert following a main dish; an excellent flow that would be (laughs).

Where I want this strange door to lead me – to my ‘hobbies’ and ‘every man’s dream’

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

Shimura: Not the studio for me. Gotta be somewhere I can go fishing.

Inada: It had to be~!

All: (laughter)

Shimura: Iwate is 600km away and there are times when I make day trips. I go to Niigata and Nishiizu frequently, skimping on sleep. It’d be awesome to open the door and see the ships right there.

Inada: You’d want to go every day.

Shimura: I’d go overseas too. I wouldn’t need a car either. I really want this door!

Inada: For me, I want a door that opens to Shizuka-chan’s bathroom*

*this would be the same answer Tamura Yukari gave in Guest Note 6P, referring to Shizuka from the Doraemon series

All: (laughter)

Inada: Being a lucky pervert is every man’s dream, isn’t it! It’s a common thing in the world of doors. I think it’s more of a trick rather than anything else (laughs)

Dish names that we want to be called, an unexpected gap!?

Q: Like in the series, what dish, if any, would you like to adopt as your nickname?

Inada: That kind of thing does actually happen in real life. When I was working part-time in a convenience store there was a customer who bought croquettes every morning and we did nickname him Croquette.

Shimura: You would, wouldn’t you? “Ah, Croquette is here today”, something like that. Should I call myself ‘Ratatouille’.

Inada: That’s cool! Do you eat that often?

Shimura: I don’t. I didn’t actually learn about it until recently. Along with a few other cast members, I visited a certain someone’s house and their mother was a truly elegant person. The dishes that came out of their kitchen; my mom could never make. When I asked ‘What is this stewed tomato dish called?’, the answer that came back was ‘Ratatouille’.

I did wonder what ratatouille was and had no real idea as to how you’d make it. I’d like to be called ‘Ratatouille’, something that made such an impact on me. I did think about pork cutlet bowl [katsudon] but that seems too common. (rolling r’s in an exaggerated French accent) ‘Ratatouille’. I’m an idiot, hah! (laughs)

Inada: I can’t quite imagine Shimura-san eating that though.

Shimura: I haven’t eaten it since then.

Inada: That ‘gap’ (between that image and your real self) is interesting.

Shimura: It just suddenly sprang to mind.

Inada: It’s hard to name favourite dishes, isn’t it? I like ham cutlets but it’d be weird to be called that. My #1 favourite dish is rice topped with grated yam [tororo gohan] and there’s this place in Asakusa that serves rice topped with grated yam barley [mugitoro gohan]. ‘Tororo-san’ sounds a bit silly too, doesn’t it?

Q: Sounds cute, like Totoro – doesn’t it?

Inada: Our bodies are the same size anyway so maybe ‘Tororo’ is a good choice (laughs)

Shimura: Based on my image of Inada, I’d say Pork Loin Cutlet [rōsu katsu].

Inada: Yeah, a cut with fatty bits.

Shimura: A ‘tough’ image? How about Pork Chop or Meat Bun? I guess it’s the intonation (laughs)

Inada: You see me as a piece of meat?

Shimura: Hot Dog!

Inada: It’s just the way that you say the words (laughs). [Reading the novel] Red Bean Soup [oshiruko] is something I like as well.

Shimura: [Ramen] Jiro-flavour.

Inada: Does that exist for real?

Shimura: Nah (laughs). It’d be fun if there was a family line kind of thing. I’d like to make it!

A studio where we get excited with talk about delicious food and follow-up stories

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

Shimura: Maybe it’s because the topic is food, but the atmosphere is more pleasant than usual. Everybody’s moving in the same direction and smiles naturally appear on our faces.

Inada: There isn’t anybody who feels discontent there. It’s a place where we can talk about nice food we ate recently & exchange tips on what’s good.

Shimura: You never get tired of such talk.

Inada: Such a topic is inexhaustible. The regular cast members are great. They’ll go to eat the dishes featured in the show and are able to tell you what was delicious. I think people who are watching would get excited too. The recording studio has a really nice atmosphere. It’s my first time here but I got used to it right away.

Shimura: It’s rewarding. Not only do we talk about delicious things, we get to eat delicious things too.

Inada: I’ve never been at a studio where we’re fed so well, all the way up to dessert. I should’ve gotten acquainted with this series sooner; be called into action quicker (laughs)

Shimura: You’re right. But if I came here every week I’d be fat in no time.

Inada: That’s true. I’ve heard Suwabe-san’s lines sometime consist of just 1 or 2 words so his calorie intake actually exceeds the calories burned, hence he goes home fat (laughs)

Please ready the dishes featured in the episode and watch the show on an empty stomach

Q: Please tell us about the charms of this series once again.

Inada: It just comes down to the food, doesn’t it? Those delicious eats and drinks…

Shimura: You’ll look at the dishes and the ingredients featured with a different perspective.

Inada: These dishes that seem so normal, that we take for granted – you will see just how wonderful they are.

Shimura: I’ve never talked about squid rings quite so passionately before.

Inada: The longer you chew, the more the flavours reveal themselves. Ah, I want to eat squid rings.

Q: Lastly, please leave a message for the fans as well as for those who have yet to come across the series.

Shimura: The episode titles that consist of food names will be posted in programme listings in newspapers etc, so please be prepared and ready them for your table. Don’t eat the food ‘til the show’s over!

Inada: It’d be good to watch the show on an empty stomach. Your feelings for the dishes eaten in the show will grow deeper as you watch – imagine the happiness you’ll feel when you get to eat it! I heard that a fry-up had been prepared for this particular week as well so I was going through recording anticipating that. Though I gotta admit I messed up a few times being distracted by those thoughts (laughs)

Shimura: If I knew in advance that the dishes would be prepared I would have eaten less before I went to the studio. I’m the type of person who eats three proper meals.

Inada: I was alright ‘cos I came in pretty hungry (laughs). In the show, I tell them to ‘Hurry it up’ when I’m in Nekoya and I felt exactly the same. They say that hunger is the greatest ‘seasoning’ known – if you come in with a full stomach it would seem like you’re poking your nose into someone else’s business so do please, [watch the show] with an empty stomach!

#150 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 9P: Yasuno Kiyono x Morohoshi Sumire

Part 9 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features a return for Sarah/Yasuno Kiyono (Guest Note 2P) and Morohoshi Sumire, who voices Sarah’s sister Shia.

Dream of playing sisters realized! Are cookies art!?

Q: Please tell us your thoughts looking back on episode 8.

Morohoshi: I didn’t expect to be able to play the role of Kiyono-san’s sister.

Yasuno: I didn’t expect it either. Never thought that Su-chan would be playing my younger sister. I must’ve done enough good deeds in my life [to deserve this] (laughs). I first met Sumire-chan when she was in fifth or sixth grade during NO.6 [aired summer 2011]; we also spent 2 years together on Aikatsu! and now we can be long-awaited, lawful sisters for real (laughs).

Morohoshi: Isekai Shokudo is a heart-warming series and it was fun working [on an anime] that makes me feel hungry.

Yasuno: The segment we appear in is titled ‘Assorted Cookies’ – to be honest, up until then I hadn’t really paid special attention to cookies in general. When I read that part in the novels, I marvelled at how the cookies were depicted in a way that made them seem so delectable, that I looked forward to seeing them in animated form. There really are so many types of cookies out there.

Morohoshi: I was told by Sound Director Tsuchiya-san that the episode would ride on how delicious I could make eating those cookies sound like. It’s like a scene straight out of a food show, with Shia waxing lyrical about the cookies – I hope her food report will make viewers actually want to eat them as well.

Yasuno: The sound director does that every week though, lighting a fire under whoever’s featuring in the episode, saying that ‘the whole [story] is gonna depend on your food reporting skills!’

Q: Yasuno-san already experienced that back in episode 2, didn’t you?

Yasuno: For the minced-meat cutlet segment I had a lot of pressure piled upon me. “The onus is on you to make it as tasty as possible!” (laughs)

Q: The assorted cookies did not originate from Nekoya though, but from a cake shop within the same building.

Morohoshi: That’s right. What’s more, people aren’t normally that effusive when talking about the appearance or texture of cookies so it was refreshing to see. It’s because Shia has no knowledge of cookies whatsoever that we’re able to hear such comments coming from her, and that made it fun for me to play the role.

Yasuno: Great care was taken in the depictions [of the food]. In the anime you get to see what they look like right away but when you’re reading the novels you keep wondering, ‘I wonder what kind of cookie they’re describing in this bit?’. If it says ‘there’s something like jam in the middle…’ you’ll be imagining ‘Maybe it’d look like that~!?’ (laughs)

When you can immediately picture the food in your mind it does make them seem so very tasty. I’m always munching [cookies] without thinking too much but now that I’ve seen how Shia eats them so deliciously, I feel like having some.

Morohoshi: It makes you want to analyze each and every one of the cookies. Seems fascinating, thinking about how they’re made.

Yasuno: They’re works of art.

The difference between Shia before and after tasting the cookies – she was cute!

Q: What were your favourite scenes or highlights from episode 3?

Morohoshi: The moment when Shia looks at the tin containing the cookies and says ‘I see…they certainly do look like they might be expensive’ (laughs). If cookies come in a fancy box or the cookies look cute, it does appear that they might cost a lot.

Yasuno: You can feel the differences between that era and our modern day as well. In the world that they live in, Shia is the daughter of a merchant, so she must have an eye for good things. What impressed me was the scene where Shia said to Aletta, ‘Can you go and get me more of this [box]?’ with gold coins in her outstretched hand. She was just that desperate (laughs).

Morohoshi: She was willing to give up an entire month’s allowance for that (laughs)

Yasuno: Su-chan’s unearthly performance got across how tasty they were – it was cute.

Q: It was interesting to see how the butler describes Sarah as having caught a ‘nasty fever’, given that she abandoned status and security to become an adventurer.

Yasuno: ‘William’s Curse’, it was called (laughs)

Morohoshi: Shia’s worried about her too. She’s a reliable person so she got anxious and stopped by to check on her well-being.

Yasuno: My butler was voiced by Yasuhara Yoshito, an amazingly wonderful, great senior of ours. That shocked me as well

Q: Shia seems to have had more dialogue with Aletta than with Sarah.

Morohoshi: Indeed. When she first meets Aletta, she’s very wary and came off as being a bit cold. but once she had a taste of the cookies her trust in Aletta grew tenfold.

Yasuno: She’d been pouting, going ‘Just ‘cos my sister’s hired this girl as a maid doesn’t mean I have to bond with her!’ but all it took was 1 cookie to make [Aletta] her new best friend, going ‘Cute! Aren’t girls cute!’ (laughs)

Morohoshi: You can tell the impact the cookies had on Shia – delicious food really can change people, can’t they (laughs). Shia’s childishness, her lovability and her innocence can be easily seen. The gap between her normally steadfast character and the way she became a slave to the cookies was charming, I thought.

Feeling once again, ‘The Power of Cooking’ through Isekai Shokudo!?

Q: What are your impressions of the series after reading the original novels, and now that you’re actually acting in the anime?

Yasuno: Su-chan mentioned this as well – this is the kind of show where you can witness the exact moment something or someone changes because of food. In Sarah’s case it was by eating her granddad’s beloved minced-meat cutlet that she was able to relive memories of her grand-father. We also have Heinrich, whose life was saved by fried prawn.

For our story we’re given the opportunity to melt away Shia’s suspicions, while Hamburg, the other segment in episode 8, shows the romance between Roukei and Arte and how Hamburg steaks help to bridge the gap between them. I think it’s wonderful to see this perspective, where a dish [of food] is what lies at the centre of fellowship between human beings – when I’m watching the show, it makes me think that this is exactly what you would expect from a series like Isekai Shokudo.

Morohoshi: I agree (laughs). The final part of the Assorted Cookies segment too, had all of them eating together.

Yasuno: I think that these two sisters deliberately keep a distance between themselves. They only meet up every so often. I wonder if the cookies will be the factor that brings the 2 closer together. Food is indeed, the star of the show.

Morohoshi: You’re right.

Yasuno: The menu items play a starring role and the interactions and the drama between the individuals that revolve around food, is what makes Isekai Shokudo appealing.

Morohoshi: The power that food holds is amazing ain’t it? (laughs)

Yasuno: The Power of Cooking? Food? That’s what it is.

The good sisterly relationship between free-spirited Sarah and level-headed Shia

Q: What are your impressions of the character you play?

Morohoshi: Shia’s image is that of an upstanding younger sister but at the same time she has the kind of adorability that is appropriate for her age. The reason she goes to check on her sister’s well-being is because of her love and affection for her – she’s a kind, respectable girl.

Yasuno: Having taken part in this recording, I do feel like I’d love to have a little sister who’s like Shia. She’s mature and is always striving to go higher – when I read the novels, she came off as being a bit cold, a lot brusquer.

Su-chan’s performance, however, humanizes the character – the way she tries her best at whatever she does, plus her sense of responsibility where she feels that she needs to watch over her sister. Having Su-chan voice Shia makes her all the cuter and for that I am glad.

Morohoshi: That makes me happy!

Yasuno: Sarah became a treasure hunter due to the influence of their grandfather William but I didn’t know until this particular episode that other people saw it as a feverish disease within her body (laughs).

It’s not just that though. She’s lived a stable, wealthy life as the daughter of a merchant family, yet she chooses to walk her own path – watching episode 8, I was once again impressed by her strong will and ability to take action. What an amazing girl she is, I thought. I’m glad this particular story made it into the anime.

Q: Episode 6 happens to feature a sub-story titled ‘Sandwich’ where [Sarah] argues with Heinrich over which is better – minced-meat cutlet sandwich, or fried prawn sandwich.

Yasuno: She’s a tenacious lady who strongly dislikes losing. She’s always arguing with Heinrich but somehow, they tend to be seen together. They sit next to each other as well. Do they get along, or do they not? (laughs). To be fair I don’t think any of the people there are bad sorts; they just enjoy a bit of banter to spice up their meals.

Q: Morohoshi-san, how do you see Sarah?

Morohoshi: I feel that she’s the complete opposite of Shia, personality-wise. She worries about her sister but at the same time, she is both envious of and admires her for choosing to go down a different path from her own. Sarah too, always has a gentle smile for Shia.

Yasuno: I think Shia is the only person who would bother to come and see her (laughs). Obviously she’s been disinherited and left with only a butler to accompany her so there’s no way she’d not be happy to have her sister drop by! Plus, she worries about her. Maybe it’s ‘cos [Shia’s] cute that she just can’t help herself. Sarah’s living the bohemian life now, but she will always care about Shia.

Morohoshi: They share a sense of trust between them – I think they’re good sisters.

What are the duo’s signature dishes?

Q: Do either of you have any sisters?

Morohoshi: I have an older sister. That makes me the same as Shia.

Yasuno: That’s right! I’m an only child. I’ve always wanted a younger sister so my dream has come true this time.

Morohoshi: I’m happy!

Q: Do you cook?

Yasuno: I do, sort of.

Morohoshi: Sometimes. When my mom’s out.

Q: What’s your signature dish?

Yasuno: Tofu hamburg steaks. I am not saying that just because of episode 8 (laughs). Hamburg steaks can be a bit boring if you only make it with meat – if you mix in an equal amount of tofu then it’ll turn out really tender. Use half meat & half tofu, the latter acting as a binding agent – I can guarantee you that it’ll be absolutely delicious. Also, use curry powder as a secret weapon. Give it a shot.

[note: Yasuno gave a near identical answer for Note 3P]

Morohoshi: That sounds good! The first dish I made without my mom helping me out was tomato risotto.

Yasuno: That’s something high-level to start off with.

Morohoshi: It was when my mom was having a cold. I wanted to show off a bit, so I said to her ‘I’ll cook so you can just go ahead and rest’ – and I made tomato risotto while referring to a recipe I found on the internet. When I had my mom taste it she immediately praised me, saying “I think you can put this down as your signature dishes”. I started cooking with my mom more often after that and recently, I’ve managed to make perfectly wrapped omelette rolls [tamagoyaki].

Yasuno: Using a rectangular frying pan?

Morohoshi: Yes. I can make the egg strips [kinshi-tamago] that you find in chilled ramen noodles [hiyashi chuka] as well. For omelette rolls you’d keep adding egg in while it’s half cooked but for egg strips, you would do it only when the egg has fully cooked; after reaching a state where it resembles omelette rolls you’d shred it into threads & layer them – that’s how easy it is to make egg strips.

Yasuno: I see. I’ve lived with family for a long time and only moved out on my own this year but I don’t even have a cooking pot yet. I’ve got a chopping board and kitchen knives though. I cooked more often when I was living with my parents. They had all the tools, after all.

Morohoshi: I might be the same – if my mom isn’t around I probably wouldn’t feel like cooking. I’d like other people to taste my food too.

Yasuno: If I got sick I might get you to cook tomato risotto for me.

Morohoshi: That’d be no problem at all.

Yasuno: ‘Su-chan, here’s my address…’ with the snap of a finger, you’d be here.

Morohoshi: I’ll go. Call me.

Yasuno: Yay! Let me get sick at least once this year (laughs)

Master possesses a craftsman’s spirit and ability to empathize. A show that resonates with both men and women because of its protagonist, the Master

Q: What do you think of Master?

Morohoshi: Shia doesn’t actually have any interactions with Master so all I can say is that he seems like a nice guy…

Yasuno: Yeah, it was someone else who made the cookies. What I’m thinking when I see him, is that Master is someone who just loves Nekoya so, so much. At the end of every episode you see him with a big grin on his face – a smile that never ends even when the episode is over.

I guess he enjoys it when the inhabitants of alternate worlds eat his mouth-watering food and say to him ‘What’s this!? It tastes so good!’. Those feelings get across to me as well, and I can empathize with him wondering if cooks really are blessed in so many ways – it has me grinning as well (laughs). That is what you’d expect of your series’ leading man.

Morohoshi: From Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine to desserts, it’s amazing how he seems to be able to cook anything. It’s a pleasure to see that your cooking makes other people happy and you’d enjoy making a lot of different things because of that. If I was [Master] I’d cook up a storm. If I could actually cook, that is (laughs)

Yasuno: I think it’s good that we have Master as the protagonist. I’ve heard that the show has a good reputation amongst this season’s crop of anime – it came out top in both the female and male [fan] categories.

Morohoshi: That’s amazing!

Yasuno: I can see why though. The fact that the protagonist is someone who cooks means he understands women’s feelings and that resonates with them. Seeing the faces of people who eat the food so deliciously makes me happy – their pleasure carries over to us as well.

Guys too, will watch the show, see how the food is being devoured and they’ll think ‘Ah, I’m starving~!’. It’s a great series that can draw both men & women in.

A surprisingly trendy sweet that they both like!?

Q: Shia was impressed by cookies when she tasted them for the first time. What’s your favourite sweet?

Morohoshi: I love candied sweet potato [imo-kenpi]. If I see it in a supermarket I’ll definitely pick a bag up. Why does it have to taste so good, I wonder. Candied sweet potato goes best with a cup of green tea. I also like Sable biscuits, especially Hato Sable. For Sable-type biscuits, milk is its best complement.

Yasuno: I agree! Milk with flour-based confections – it’s an explosive combination of flavours. I do wonder why though? For Western-style sweets I like tarts. Fruit tarts are my favourite amongst the variety of cakes.

Morohoshi: They’re tasty. I ate some yesterday!

Yasuno: Aren’t they! Tarts taste better than shortcake or chocolate cake! For Japanese-style sweets, I’d pick rakugan.

Morohoshi: What are rakugan?

Yasuno: It’s a sweet where you mix syrup and sugar into starch powder, colour it and leave it to dry. You often see them at temples and tea ceremonies, and as offerings at altars. Lately, there have been trendy-looking rakugan for sale and some areas are making their own local variations. I predict that a rakugan boom will come along soon enough.

The place that I wish to be connected to through this mysterious door

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

Morohoshi: If we’re talking about right now, then the pool or the beach. After swimming I can go straight back home for a bath.

Yasuno: Ah, if you get a lot of sand stuck [on your body] you can easily wash it off. It’s true that if you go to the beach you won’t get to shower. For me, I’d pick Starbucks.

Morohoshi: You like Starbucks?

Yasuno: Sometimes I go twice a day. I think I’ve definitely been there 365 days in a row as well.

Q: What do you drink at Starbucks?

Yasuno: Lattes. I can’t drink black [coffee]. I’ve had coffee from many different places and found out I’m not very good at handling sour tastes. I like coffee with mellow tastes like that of café au lait, rich but not too bitter and not too acidic – Starbucks’ lattes are their most elegant and easy to drink beverages.

It’s cool to be named after a cut of meat

Q: Like in the series, what dish, if any, would you like to adopt as your nickname?

Yasuno: In Guest Note 3P I picked Café Latte and Punch so I’ll go for something different this time. How about Rakugan, my favourite sweet?

Morohoshi: That sounds cool.

Yasuno: It sounds strong too. “I’m otherwise known as Rakugan!”. ‘Tart’ sounds a lot cuter though (laughs)

Morohoshi: I love meat more than anything else in the world so it’d be a dream come true to be nicknamed after a cut of meat. I’ll always order beef tongue whenever I go for yakiniku but to be nicknamed that would be a bit…

Yasuno: There are cuts of meat that have really cool names though. Like the Abomasum [giara]

Morohoshi: Sirloin sounds cool as well. I’ve been into brisket [misuji] lately.

Yasuno: Misuji sounds super cool!

Q: Does Misuji sound cool?

Morohoshi: Isn’t it cool?

Yasuno: Sounds a bit like Midosuji. Let’s go with Misuji and Rakugan!

Morohoshi: Yes!

Yasuno: We’re the trendy sisters (laughs)

The resumption of recording has to wait for the eating to be completed?

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

Morohoshi: It’s a heart-warming place.

Yasuno: We’re chatting all the time about which eateries are good. Hiyama [Nobuyuki, who voices Lionel]-san will start saying ‘That ramen shop…’ and that kicks off the ramen evaluation session.

Morohoshi: With the theme of show being such, we were always going to end up talking about food, weren’t we? I felt like eating cookies during recording as well.

Yasuno: There’s a ‘snack time’ during recording as well.

Morohoshi: When you feel like it’s time to eat, that’s where happiness lies. And through food, we share conversation.

Yasuno: What are supposed to be light refreshments often turn into proper, solid meals. We had 20 hamburgers once. They were really thick as well & had us going ‘that’s huge!’ – we couldn’t start recording until we’d finished eating it all (laughs). I come to recording looking forward to the food being provided.

Q: Yasuno-san gets to come to the studio many times.

Morohoshi: That’s so nice. During the Assorted Cookies episode I got to eat a variety of cookies as well.

Yasuno: The round, scone-like cookies were melt-in-the-mouth delicious. I wonder which store they were from again…?

[Staff: They were cookies from a shop in Daikanyama called Picassol]

Morohoshi: Kiyono-san is scribbling that down right away (laughs)

Yasuno: It’s important (laughs). This recording studio is a thoroughly perfect full-course meal (laughs).

What I feel when I see Nekoya: ‘I’m glad that I was born in Japan’

Q: Please tell us about the charms of this series.

Morohoshi: This is a series that is meticulous in using food to depict the relationships between people. Also, you’ll feel like eating whenever you watch the show. It’s gonna be hard for people who are on a diet (laughs), but this series will allow you to feel just how powerful food can be.

When you’re hungry and fill yourself up while watching this series, you’ll feel a greater sense of appreciation for the food as well as finding that it tastes more delicious. The series approaches the subject material from an interesting perspective so I hope that many people will watch it.

Yasuno: As I watch the show I think to myself, ‘I’m glad to be born in a Japan where a Western-styled restaurant such as Nekoya can exist’. Outside of Japan, I think it’s not as easy to find such a variety of dishes with multinational influences, prepared not in a haphazard manner but with great care. The commitment and consideration that Master puts into each and every dish up until the point it is served shows the chef at work and through his craftsman’s spirit you can see how well-suited he is towards the job.

I do think this is a country where you can find many owners similar to Master – reading this series, I wish and desire to find a place like Nekoya for myself. I’d be glad if it was the same for all of you; like in an episode of Isekai Shokudo, your encounters with food and the stories will become a treasure to you, one that you can leave behind. Let’s take on the food! (laughs)

We hope that you enjoy the variety of dishes and the charms of the characters on offer

Q: Lastly, please leave a message for everyone.

Morohoshi: The character that I play, Shia-chan, has deep affection for her sister and is a cute character, especially when she’s eating cookies. This series manages to convey both the appeal of cooking as well as the charms of Shia-chan. Please watch our episode again in future on the Blu-ray and DVDs (laughs) as well as viewing the rest of the series from various perspectives and different points of enjoyment.

Yasuno: Anyone who watches the anime will already be aware of this, but I perform the ED theme Chiisana Hitotsubu (A Small Grain). As an anime fan I’ve always loved ED themes especially those that make you cry, since I was a child so I think my dream has come true. My favourite song is Okui Aki’s Wind Climbing ~Kaze ni Asobarete~ which was used in the Mahoujin Guruguru anime – every time I see it, I cry.

That is why I hope that 10, 20 years down the line people will think of Isekai Shokudo as ‘that delicious anime of old’, and recall Chiisana Hitotsubu alongside it. Written by Sakai Yuu-san, it’s a mellow song that is enveloped in the worldview [of Isekai Shokudo] and the way each episode segues into the ending theme too, is wonderful. Makes me go ‘That’s unfair! But thank you!’ as I watch it (laughs). I hope that the series, as well as the songs, will remain in your memory. The anime still has some way to go yet. As does the novels. Please show some love for Isekai Shokudo!

#149 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 8P: Onishi Saori

Part 8 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features Onishi Saori, voice of Kuro.

I feel like spitting out my lines but it’s telepathy so I’ve got to hold back

Q: Reflecting on episode 7 – what are your thoughts? Please name the highlights as well.

A: It’s the episode where Kuro makes her first appearance and much of her background was explained through the narration – I was really nervous during recording. Watching the show on air, seeing Kuro devour plate after plate of chicken curry; it was really cute (laughs).

Gotta mention that final smile of hers too! Kuro isn’t like the other characters, talking passionately about food, but she put everything into that smile of hers. Ah, the amount of love Kuro has for chicken curry!!

Q: What are your impressions of the series after reading the original novels, and now that you’re actually acting in the anime?

A: The character in the spotlight changes depending on the episode. I think it’s really interesting to see how the series chooses to express a character’s personality through food. As the dishes are illustrated in a very realistic way, I was asked to make my ‘eating performance’ as realistic as possible – that left an impression on me!! I also like the idea of the door only materializing once a week.

Q: What are your impressions of the character you play?

A: Kuro is a dragon. I had the notion that someone of such few words would be unflappable on the inside as well but surprisingly, she turned out to be a rather timid character. As a result she chooses to communicate through telepathy and that makes her extremely endearing! When I was voicing the role, I tried to stick to [her disposition of] ‘ignoring personal space’. It’s kind of a reflex thing; I do feel like spitting out my dialogue a lot of the time but since I use telepathy, I’ve got to hold back a bit (laughs).

Q: What do you think of Master?

A: I think to myself, ‘What a thankless job he has!’. When an episode features guest characters he does not end up saying much – what the Master does is make delicious food so the story can move forward. He’s got the power to draw out lively expressions from the other characters! But I’d really love it if we had just 1 story featuring Master and his favourite food as the main dish! An episode where us customers repay the kindness of Master!!

Conversations with regular customers are memorable experiences from working part-time

Q: Have you ever worked as a waitress or in any other capacity in a restaurant?

A: I have worked part-time at a soba place in the past. I can’t cook at all, so I wasn’t playing the role of Master but instead, I was in Aletta’s shoes. It was a lot of fun to talk to the regular customers.

Q: Kuro can change her physical appearance at will – if you had the same ability, what would you like to turn into?

A: Hmm. That’s a tough one to answer… ‘cos there isn’t much that I’d like to change. Maybe I’d like to be a stone falling through a stunningly gorgeous forest (laughs). It’d be satisfying to feel the clean air and experience the tranquillity!!

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

A: Venice! The number one place abroad that I want to visit now!! The atmosphere, the scent of the country is definitely different from that of Japan so I’d like to go through the door & check out those differences for myself.

If I was to adopt any food as a nickname, I’d pick Coriander! The reason being…

Q: If you could be called the name of any dish instead of your own name, what would it be? It could be your favourite dish you pick when you eat out, or food that you’d like to eat on an empty stomach – anything is OK!

A: I’ve been eating coriander quite a lot recently, so maybe…Coriander? I don’t really have any favourite foods that I’d like to eat every day so it really depends on what I’ve gotten hooked on of late. For all you know, by next month I’ll probably have reduced my coriander intake drastically (laughs).

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

A: Perhaps it’s due to the mood of the anime, but the recording studio is also very warm. As the dialogue includes quite a lot of descriptions of the food, Suwabe-san who voices Master, will explain the intonation of words that are hard to understand – he’s a lifesaver!! Also, the food provided during recordings is always so tasty…!!

Q: Lastly, please leave a message for everyone.

A: It’s a given thing for the food, but I hope that you will also enjoy seeing the thoughts and personalities of the characters through the dishes. At the same time, I hope that you will be inspired to want to eat the food featured in the anime; when you do, please enjoy tasting the pleasures of paying a visit to Nekoya!!!

#148 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 7P: Inoue Kazuhiko

Part 7 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features Inoue Kazuhiko, voice of the previous Master.

The impression of the current Master through the eyes of the previous Master

Q: What are your impressions of the series after reading the original novels, and now that you’re actually acting in the anime?

A: Though it features alternate worlds, you see how people are touched by foods familiar to us all – and that’s interesting to see. I thought it’d be nice to get intimate with foods that are commonly known to everybody~. When I’m watching the show, I feel like eating the dishes that are being featured.

Q: What are your impressions of the character you play?

A: At first glance, the previous Master seems like a stubborn old geezer who has very specific preferences but he’s actually a gentle guy who values food. You can feel that he genuinely wants the people who eat his food to be happy.

Q: In episode 3 ‘Chocolate Parfait’, there was a scene showing a conversation between your character and his grandson, the current Master when he was young – what did you think of him?

A: He’s a reliable man~ if there’s anyone I can trust with this restaurant, it’d be him~ – that’s definitely what he’d have thought!

A dish that Inoue Kazuhiko has been hooked on recently

Q: In episode 5, the previous Master offered a pork cutlet bowl to Lionel to aid him in winning his battle. Is there anything you do for luck before an important event? The previous Master described pork cutlet bowl as ‘a fighting man’s meal’ – in your opinion, what constitutes a ‘man’s meal’?

A: I don’t do anything special for luck. As for a man’s meal~! Since I was young, pork cutlet bowl* was the one dish everyone would pick [for luck]~. Nostalgic. Also, my parents would prescribe sticky** foods like natto, okra and yam to eat as they ‘would make you tenacious!’

*pork cutlet bowl aka katsudon [カツ丼] the ‘katsu’ part is the same as the ‘katsu’ (勝つ) which means ‘to win’

**sticky (ネバネバ, nebaneba) is part of the phrase ‘tenacious (’粘り強くなる, nebarizuyoku)

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

A: If I opened the door…I’d definitely like it to connect to an island in the tropics. I want to indulge in marine sports~~!

Q: If you could be called the name of any dish instead of your own name, what would it be? It could be your favourite dish you pick when you eat out, or food that you’d like to eat on an empty stomach – anything is OK!

A: I’ve been addicted to [the Thai dish] krapao lately for some reason. It seems easy to dish up, yet the flavours have depth to them. It’s something that you wouldn’t easily tire of.

The recording studio gets carried away with all the talk about food!?

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

A: As you’d expect, or should I say, naturally….the talk will turn to food~. I think that Suwabe-kun’s knowledge of good places to eat is unparalleled~.

Q: Please tell us about the charms of this series and do leave a message for everyone as well.

A: Eating is something that everyone indulges in. Therefore, one must surely have a ‘favourite dish’. It’d be great if you could share the excitement with your friends and family talking about whichever dish appeared that week. Please empty your stomachs before watching the show!

#147 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 6P: Hiyama Nobuyuki x Tamura Yukari

Part 6 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features Hiyama Nobuyuki (Lionel) and Tamura Yukari (Victoria Samanark).

Pork cutlet bowl and Pudding a-la-mode: The Highlights of Episode 5

Q: Please tell us your thoughts looking back on episode 5.

Hiyama: There are a variety of gourmet-based anime around, and now we have one that merges [food] with a fantasy world-view.

Tamura: I thought, ‘what a gentle world this is!’. Perhaps it is because food is the theme, that the series as well as everyone in it, seems so positive and relaxed.

Q: What were your favourite scenes or highlights from episode 5?

Hiyama: Seeing Lionel getting flustered, unlike his usual self, when Master asked him for payment – that hit the right spot for me.

Tamura: I’ve got to go with the bliss of the pudding-eating scene but I also thought that the part where Victoria gets fidgety, in a hurry to go to Nekoya as soon as possible was cute too.

Q: What are your impressions of the character you play?

Hiyama: I think we share the trait of being able to eat a menu item that we like, day after day.

Tamura: Being a half-elf, she has to live her life in a way that is slightly different from that of other people so I tried to bring out some positivity amidst the tinge of melancholy.

Q: What do you think of Master?

Hiyama: I’m talking about the former Master here – he’s someone who’s hard to grasp, but I have this impression of him as being deeply mature.

Tamura: He’s a really nice guy (laughs). If Nekoya existed in real life, I’d love to go too!

The most frightening thing that Hiyama-san can think of; the way Tamura-san de-stresses

Q: Hiyama-san’s character Lionel felt terrified when he saw his manticore opponent at his first stadium fight – what’s the most frightening thing you’ve recently, or ever seen?

Hiyama: Thankfully we live in times of peace now so I’ve yet to see anything that I’d classify as ‘terrifying’. If I was forced to make a pick, then I might say that ‘human beings’ are the most terrifying beings around…

Q: On the other hand, we have Tamura-san’s Victoria who eats pudding a-la-mode at Nekoya to gain some respite from her research work. Do you have any de-stressing methods?

Tamura: I like to eat sweet things too. Also, I’ve also been using aroma oils to refresh myself lately.

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

Hiyama: Of course I’d want to go to Nekoya to eat the Master’s cooking (laughs)

Tamura: Shizuka-chan’s* house’s bathro- ah nah, I’d like to er, go to my favourite café…?

*I assume this is a reference to Shizuka from the Doraemon series

A dish I love so much that I want to adopt it as my nickname!

Q: If you could be called the name of any dish instead of your own name, what would it be? It could be your favourite dish you pick when you eat out, or food that you’d like to eat on an empty stomach – anything is OK!

Hiyama: The soul-food of the citizens of Hiroshima – okonomiyaki!!

Tamura: I’m not the adventurous type so I tend to end up eating the same kind of foods over and over. For lunch I often eat hamburgers – both the type that you have to eat with a knife and fork, and those you get in fast food eateries.

The reason being…well, probably ‘cos they’re familiar foods and easy to eat? But I do like egg sandwiches! Not the omelette type, but more like smashed hard-boiled eggs. Ahh, I feel like having one now. I wanna eat an egg sandwich.

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

Hiyama: There are many of our seniors appearing in the show so we are able to work with just the right level of pressure. Also, the foods in the episode titles that we’re provided with in the studio – they were tasty.

Tamura: There’s lots of food! I was only in the studio for a short while but I could feel the passion that all of the staff members have for this series.

Q: Once again, please tell us about the charms of this series and do leave a message for the fans as well as for those who have yet to come across the series.

Hiyama: What this show shares in common with other gourmet-centric series is that you will feel like eating the menu items after you watch the anime. Please enjoy this animated work that portrays a world that is a fusion of gourmet and fantasy. However, be careful not to overeat especially as the dishes featured seem so delicious.

Tamura: ‘I always feel like eating the foods that appear in the series and end up eating them the next day!’ – if people end up feeling that way, it would make me glad. Pudding a-la-mode…it’s really tasty y’know (laughs)

#146 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 5P: Yasumura Makoto x Hikasa Yoko

Part 5 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features Yasumura Makoto (Gaganpo the lizardman) and Hikasa Yoko (Fardania).

The kind of series that makes you wanna cook

Q: Please tell us your thoughts looking back on episode 4 that you appeared in, and your impressions of the series overall.

Yasumura: The flavour of episode 4 was slightly different [from the other episodes] – I thought it had turned into the National Geographic for a bit (laughs)

Hikasa: Living up to the ‘another world’ part of its title, individual characters from different races appear in the show to consume dishes that actually exist in Japan – the combination of those two elements is both comical and fascinating.

Q: What were your favourite scenes or highlights from episode 4?

Yasumura: The narration*. It’s because of the narration that the world of the Lizardman is depicted so well.

*note: narration of the Lizardman segment was provided by Kuwashima Houko

Hikasa: The tofu steak looks delicious!!! I was able to feel the amount of passion that had gone into the animation of the food. Seeing the visuals made me want to try making the dish.

Q: What are your impressions of the character you play?

Yasumura: (upon being informed that Uesaka Sumire’s favourite character is Gaganpo) Cheers, Uesaka-san! Liking omurice is something that we share in common. I tried my best to imagine what the voice range of a lizard would be like.

Hikasa: Fardania is a gentle girl who cares greatly for her parents. She likes cooking and takes a great amount of pride in that, which is why she’s unexpectedly high-handed in dealing with Master and the other customers. We both share a love for food!

Q: What do you think of Master?

Yasumura: He has a sexy voice…

Hisaka: Despite his boorishness and bluntness, he does show a wonderful, gentle smile from time to time. He’s like a father to everyone.

Recommended souvenirs; If I could use magic just once..

Q: Gaganpo always gets omurice for takeaway whenever he visits Nekoya – if you could choose any food to bring with you to the studio as a souvenirs, or anything else you would recommend as something that is ‘not-to-miss’, what would it be?

Yasumura: Prawn crackers (ebisen) from Keishindo.

Q: In Gaganpo’s village, there is an annual festival to determine the strongest amongst them all. Do you like festivals & do you go to see them?

Yasumura: I often go to Hanazono Shrine or Yasukuni Shrine. I would like to go see the Narita Gion Festival.

Q: Fardania is an elf that can use healing and reinforcement magic. If you could use any type of magic once, what magic would you choose to use?

Hikasa: I’d like magic that would dry my hair in a flash. My hair is long so it takes a long time to dry. What’s more, you feel like you’re burning when you use the hair dryer in summer so I tend to leave it wet most of the time.

Q: In the anime, Fardania orders a dish that does not contain meat, milk or eggs – are there any foods that you dislike?

Hikasa: Salmon roe (ikura) and green peas. I don’t like the feeling of the juices spurting out from the roe, nor am I fond of the mushiness of green peas.

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

Yasumura: My parents’ home, and Okinawa.

Hisaka: Italy! I’m not good with lengthy travel time and time differences so I want to go back and forth instantly.

The Attraction of the Restaurant to Another World

Q: Like in the series, what dish, if any, would you like to adopt as your nickname? It could be your favourite dish you pick when you eat out, or food that you’d like to eat on an empty stomach – anything is OK!

Yasumura: Nothing that I’d like to be nicknamed, but I have been into soupless tan tan noodles lately.

Hikasa: Chip(s)tar. If I had to have it as a nickname then I want something cool and eye-popping.

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

Yasumura: Very good. Veterans, mid-rankers, youngsters all together. We don’t get too many such [castings] nowadays.

Hikasa: It’s harmonious. Even the pressure of recording actually feels quite comfortable – I feel glad to be able to perform alongside all the veterans as well. Every recording session, we’re supplied with the dishes featured in that week’s episode – the atmosphere is lively and warm as everyone gathers together to eat. Once again, I was able to feel the powerful effect that food has.

Q: Please tell us about the charms and highlights of this series.

Yasumura: The highlight is in seeing how various individuals from alternate worlds encounter a variety of modern dishes.

Hikasa: People from alternate worlds eating food from our world –it’s a place that allows you to come up with uniquely-worded food reports. As to the kind of food reports that will pop up in the future – look forward to them!

Q: Please leave a message for the fans as well as for those who have yet to come across the series.

Yasumura: I think there will be new ways of enjoying the series when you get to experience it with added voices. I’d be glad if you would enjoy food even more after reading the novels and watching the anime.

Hikasa: Food, an essential, indispensible part of our lives, is portrayed comically and carefully. Whether you’re a fan of the original novels or you’re starting out with the anime, this series has been made with the intention of getting people to develop an interest in cooking and make you think, ‘I want to eat delicious food!’ – please do watch the anime!