#148 – Isekai Shokudo Guest Note 7P: Inoue Kazuhiko

Part 7 of the Isekai Shokudo Guest Note series features Inoue Kazuhiko, voice of the previous Master.

The impression of the current Master through the eyes of the previous Master

Q: What are your impressions of the series after reading the original novels, and now that you’re actually acting in the anime?

A: Though it features alternate worlds, you see how people are touched by foods familiar to us all – and that’s interesting to see. I thought it’d be nice to get intimate with foods that are commonly known to everybody~. When I’m watching the show, I feel like eating the dishes that are being featured.

Q: What are your impressions of the character you play?

A: At first glance, the previous Master seems like a stubborn old geezer who has very specific preferences but he’s actually a gentle guy who values food. You can feel that he genuinely wants the people who eat his food to be happy.

Q: In episode 3 ‘Chocolate Parfait’, there was a scene showing a conversation between your character and his grandson, the current Master when he was young – what did you think of him?

A: He’s a reliable man~ if there’s anyone I can trust with this restaurant, it’d be him~ – that’s definitely what he’d have thought!

A dish that Inoue Kazuhiko has been hooked on recently

Q: In episode 5, the previous Master offered a pork cutlet bowl to Lionel to aid him in winning his battle. Is there anything you do for luck before an important event? The previous Master described pork cutlet bowl as ‘a fighting man’s meal’ – in your opinion, what constitutes a ‘man’s meal’?

A: I don’t do anything special for luck. As for a man’s meal~! Since I was young, pork cutlet bowl* was the one dish everyone would pick [for luck]~. Nostalgic. Also, my parents would prescribe sticky** foods like natto, okra and yam to eat as they ‘would make you tenacious!’

*pork cutlet bowl aka katsudon [カツ丼] the ‘katsu’ part is the same as the ‘katsu’ (勝つ) which means ‘to win’

**sticky (ネバネバ, nebaneba) is part of the phrase ‘tenacious (’粘り強くなる, nebarizuyoku)

Q: In alternate worlds, there is a strange door that leads to Nekoya – if you were to open a door to arrive at some other place, where would you like it to lead to?

A: If I opened the door…I’d definitely like it to connect to an island in the tropics. I want to indulge in marine sports~~!

Q: If you could be called the name of any dish instead of your own name, what would it be? It could be your favourite dish you pick when you eat out, or food that you’d like to eat on an empty stomach – anything is OK!

A: I’ve been addicted to [the Thai dish] krapao lately for some reason. It seems easy to dish up, yet the flavours have depth to them. It’s something that you wouldn’t easily tire of.

The recording studio gets carried away with all the talk about food!?

Q: What’s the atmosphere like during recording?

A: As you’d expect, or should I say, naturally….the talk will turn to food~. I think that Suwabe-kun’s knowledge of good places to eat is unparalleled~.

Q: Please tell us about the charms of this series and do leave a message for everyone as well.

A: Eating is something that everyone indulges in. Therefore, one must surely have a ‘favourite dish’. It’d be great if you could share the excitement with your friends and family talking about whichever dish appeared that week. Please empty your stomachs before watching the show!


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