2017 Seiyuu Awards

It’s actually that time of year again…! As usual, you can vote here, deadline is the end of November. You can also add another 2 votes via the Newtype website or on the Animelo site (mobile only).

For the record, last year’s winners for categories that had voting:

Best Actor
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (I’m Enterprise)

Best Actress
Minase Inori (Sony Music Artists)

Best Supporting Actor
Suzumura Kenichi (Intention) and Hosoya Yoshimasa (freelance)

Best Supporting Actress
Ito Shizuka (Ken Production) and Hayami Saori (I’m Enterprise)

Best Male Newcomer
Umehara Yuichiro (ArtsVision), Takeuchi Shunsuke (81 Produce), Murase Ayumu (VIMS)

Best Female Newcomer
Uesaka Sumire (Space Craft Entertainment), Takahashi Rie (81 Produce), and Tanaka Aimi (81 Produce)

Best Singer

Best Personality
Suzumura Kenichi (Intention)

Most Votes (Hall of Fame)
Kamiya Hiroshi (Aoni Production)

Anyways, you know & I know that these awards are rigged and mean nothing to anybody so just vote for your faves and have a laugh when the results roll around.

My votes this year:

Best Actor: Ishida Akira

It was either him or Yamadera Koichi but I suppose Ishida’s ero-ness shaded it for me. I don’t think anybody else this year came remotely close to matching these two’s performances in Rakugo Shinju to be honest.

I suppose the popular audience choice would be Kobayashi Yusuke for Re:Zero – my honest opinion is that I can think of 2 or 3 others who might’ve done as well or better in the role. He’s much more memorable as the refined, poised King (in-waiting) Arslan – there must be a reason why Kobayashi is synonymous with 殿下 (denka, His Royal Highness) over in Japan, right?

Best Actress: Hayami Saori

I keep thinking about voting for Kayano Ai, but I wonder if there’s any point knowing that Osawa is unlikely to accept an award. So my next choice by default, is Hayami Saori.

Best Supporting Actor: Tsuda Kenjiro

It has been a great year for Tsuda, probably his best ever year as a seiyuu in anime over his 20-year career. He’s rarely the lead and almost always a supporting antagonist of some kind, but he really stood out in series like 91 Days (Fango), Bubuki Buranki (Shusaku), Taboo Tattoo (R.R) and Joker Game (Gamo). You can’t miss his very distinctive growl and you’ve probably seen him in at least one show you watched this year, be it Euphonium S2, Tales of Zestiria, Flip Flappers or even his return to his signature role of Seto Kaiba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie.

Best Supporting Actress: Hikasa Yoko

I was considering M.A.O for a while before realizing I don’t really recall anything she did in 2016 (apart from Keijo) when compared to last year. Hikasa meanwhile, has been busy as usual and seems to pop up everywhere. (Favourite role this year: Yagami Ko; New Game!)

Best Male Newcomer: Yashiro Taku

I don’t have much to go off here. Yashiro is the one I like most of the newer batch, voice-wise. I suppose the only other plausible choices are Uchida Yuma (bland), Hatanaka Tasuku (wooden), Nishiyama Kotaro (just past the 5-year mark) and Uemura Yuto (too unknown). Maybe Masuda Toshiki still has a chance as his 5 years aren’t up yet…? Might Horie Shun or Yonai Yuki have a late shout at it?

Best Female Newcomer: Senbongi Sayaka

On the other hand there are way too many possibilities with this category. You look at last year’s list and laugh at the fact that Sumipe is on it. So anyone is a possibility right? Ozawa Ari hasn’t won anything yet either and she’s not reached the 5-year career mark. There’s Lynn, Suzuki, Naganawa, Akaneya, Hondo etc. But I’m going for Senbongi ahead of Hondo because of Mumei, one of the most memorable characters of 2016. And for Aigasaki in Magikyun. And Chitose in Girlish Number.

Best singer: Walkure

This is their best (only) chance, right?

Best personality: Onishi Saori

Oh dear. I am clueless as usual with this category since I have no time for radio nowadays..which means I’m picking the person whose shows I happen to be listening to most. Like, 4 at the moment…

-As usual, you can expect to discount Sigma Seven and Osawa peeps since they don’t accept awards (bar Hanazawa that one year & Mizuki Nana for singing ones).
-Kimi no Na wa was big this year, they’ll want to acknowledge that. But surely not by doing a Kanda Sayaka and rewarding mainstream actors with voice acting awards? I wouldn’t mind me some Kamiki publicity shots but….


8 thoughts on “2017 Seiyuu Awards

  1. omo

    > since I have no time for radio
    > Like, 4


    The best female newcomer list is a dart game. Have to say while there are a lot of mediocre talents, what keeps things interesting is that there are a lot of new people with multiple dimension to their skill and work, even purely speaking in terms of voice acting. Personally I can’t really pick one unless I spend a while to gather my thought and review which shit shows I dropped this year…

    1. admin Post author

      when you have 40+ shows & dramas on your watchlist, 4 radio shows equates to nothing 😛

      >unless I spend a while to gather my thought and review

      it’s hard for me to sit down at the end of the year and review, cos I’d likely already forgot them w. So I make sure to keep a list of notable performances as I hear them w

  2. seedmanc

    Oh nice, I thought there’d be rookies all over the place instead. But is Sumire really a newcomer though? Thought she’s been in the business for a while already.

    1. admin Post author

      that newcomer thing really is contentious…technically sumipe still fell within the ‘anyone who’s debuted within 5 years’ criteria since she made her voice acting debut in 2011.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks fort he compliment! As for Irino, it is actually quite possible! I haven’t seen the film myself so I didn’t feel like I could vote for him just yet though…

  3. juneday

    I’m like 100% sure that Shiina Natsukawa will get one of the rookie award (Haifuri doing well and Sony/Muray) , the rest are like you said, also M.A.O technically debuted in 2012 so she can get one too, Onishi Saori also can still be one of the candidate too. Minami Shinoda is also likely to win because MC of unexpected hit (Flying Witch) just like last year Aimi Tanaka and Reina Ueda before that. Also Azusa Tadokoro is really good in Kyoani’s Phantom World. Hanamori Yumiri, but is likely too young.

    For male, will they let one of the girl from i’m ent to win if they give the male rookie award to Yuuma Uchida? but he is like the only choice with Yashiro Taku, the other you mentioned passed 5 year mark.

    >>Best singer: Walkure
    This is their best (only) chance, right?

    Aqours? though they can won next year too


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