#133 – ClassicaLoid: Shimazaki Nobunaga x Komatsu Mikako (Part. 2)

Part two of NHK’s Anitoku interview with ClassicaLoid seiyuu Shimazaki Nobunaga (Sosuke) and Komatsu Mikako (Kanae). Read part one here.

Doing all you can to make something good

Q: As seiyuu, what do you consider your creed?

Shimazaki: To make good things. By concentrating on that one point I’m able to trim off the excess parts; or I should say that it allows me to effectively judge exactly what is needed in order to make something that is ‘good’. To be able to make something ‘good’ in the studio, I’m always thinking, always taking action; doing whatever I can.

Komatsu: ‘Just do it’. As seiyuu are only involved in a small part of an anime’s production process, it’d be great if I could find that something little extra that I can do to that end. So for starters, I’d just go ahead and ‘do it’.

The things created and accumulated with each passing work

Q: What do you consider your turning point as a seiyuu?

Komatsu: Turning points…there have been lots of those… (laughs)

Shimazaki: I’d say all of them – each and every one of my shows has been a turning point in some way. My life is what it is because of the experiences and the things I have learned from every single one of my works.

Komatsu: That’s true, that each [show] is a new turning point. When you work on a series that happens to be your first step in the industry you call it your debut; from that point onwards you start building up your experiences, little by little…

Shimazaki: You’re right. You wouldn’t call it a turning point if you’d already made it big, right?

Endlessly, seeking answers

Q: Is there an endpoint, in a sense, to all that stacking [those experiences] up?

Komatsu: It doesn’t end.

Shimazaki: It’s an endless challenge, to a certain extent. One of my goals is to become the kind of actor whom co-stars think of someone they would love to work with again in the future – for that to happen, I’d have to continue putting in an endless amount of effort. There are probably an infinite number of things I could do in striving for that; I do feel like this is a job in which there are no definite answers. I have to say though, that I think I answered this type of question way too casually back when I was just starting out in my career.

Komatsu: The more stories you hear from other people, the more detailed your own answers will become.

Tend to go all out with ‘that’

Q: Tell us something interesting* that’s a common happening for seiyuu.

Shimazaki: When you’re out on the streets, you react reflexively to anybody who has a ‘good’ voice.

Komatsu: Ah! That’s true; those voices just kind of ‘resonate’.

Shimazaki: Don’t you feel like trying to imitate the voice of a person you heard on the street that you’re feeling curious about?

Komatsu: I’d go home and try it out.

Shimazaki: Sometimes I do it on the spot and other people think I’m a weirdo (laughs)

Komatsu: Also, when I was attending driving school we had to take emergency first-aid classes and when it came to the part where you have to help someone who’s collapsed, I realized I was putting too much emotion into saying “Are you okay?” or “Somebody, please call an ambulance!” (bursts out in laughter). People started edging away from me but when you’re a seiyuu you’d want to put some effort into that, wouldn’t you? (laughs)

Shimazaki: Well, we might. It’s occupational disease… (laughs)

*phrase used is 声優あるある derived from あるあるネタ which refers to characteristics, things, experiences regarding a certain subject that people can relate to.

Somehow, during my childhood…

Q: Are there any NHK anime that you remember with fondness?

Shimazaki: Card Captor Sakura. I watched it around the time when I was in elementary school; it seemed that everyone in my class enjoyed it, whether it was the boys or the girls . When you think about it now, you realise what a profound work it was. The anime one enjoys when they’re young stay strong [in the memory], don’t they?

Komatsu: It’s not an anime, but I love Hotch Potch Station!

Shimazaki: I can sing that, ♪ Hotch potch station♪ (continues singing as Komatsu speaks)

Komatsu: I especially loved Gutch Yuzo’s parody song corner – if it was still on now, I’d love to be a guest on it!

A new character! Nobu-oniisan!?

Q: If you could appear on any NHK programme, what would it be?

Komatsu: I want to appear on the new season of Do-Re-Mi-Fa Donuts when it’s made.

Shimazaki: As the singing lady?

Komatsu: I’d like to voice a new character.

Shimazaki: I think I want to appear on a programme that kids will remember forever.

Komatsu: I think you’ll have to become Nobu-oniisan, won’t you?

Shimazaki: Maybe I’ll make toys or something? But I don’t want to appear on the show for real, I just want to put my voice on record.

A traveller walking down the seiyuu road?!

Q: To you, what is a ‘seiyuu’?

Shimazaki: I am still trying to find that one out for myself. It’s endless, this ‘what is a seiyuu?’ road that I am presently walking. I am a traveller (laughs) How does that sound? (laughs)

Komatsu: A road, eh? (laughs). I feel like I do not want to answer this yet. There are many things that will change from now on and I will be here, watching to see what happens.

Nobody knows what will happen, therefore…

Q: Please leave a message to those who are looking forward to ClassicaLoid.

Komatsu: The actors are truly looking forward to the anime’s broadcast; never have we worked on a show where we know so little about what’s going to happen – we’re going to enjoy watching this show along with everyone each week.

Shimazaki: I think this show will thrill and excite children. So I hope that kids will watch it too.


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