#115 – Tsukiuta. Fluna & Seleas

“Tsukiuta. is a project by the original characters on the theme of 12 months. Please enjoy the story decorated with music and voice!”

So goes the blurb on the official site for the Tsukiuta. project, a series of CDs about anthropomorphized months that began in 2012. Each CD features mini-dramas and songs written by Vocaloid producers and performed by the male/female seiyuu in charge of the respective months. A TV anime adaptation for Tsukiuta. was greenlit in late 2014 and is scheduled to air sometime this year.

The male and female versions of Tsukiuta. have different settings – the boys’ is an idol face-off between Six Gravity (December-May) and its rival unit Procellarum (June-November), while the girls are goddess candidates in an alternate world – Fluna (Dec-May) and Seleas (Jun-Nov). The boys have seen a lot more activity with unit CDs, accessories, a comic anthology, events and a spin-off stage play, while the girls’ series is only starting to click into gear: at the recent Valentine’s Day Tsukiuta. Spring Fan Festival 2016~Girl’s Valentine~ event, a 2nd series of solo CD releases and a Girls Live event in June 2016 were announced.

Obviously I’m into Tsukiuta. mostly for the music but the drama parts are pretty fun too. I suppose we’ll get more updates on the anime leading up to Anime Japan next month. I somewhat doubt the girls will be in the show beyond cameos/supporting roles; I do think it’d be better for them to stick to showing Six Gravity and Procellarum given that the fanbase is mostly girls.

The seiyuu cast involved:

Sixth Gravity: Kaji Yuki (Shiwasu Kakeru), Toriumi Kosuke (Mutsuki Hajime), Masuda Toshiki (Kisaragi Koi), Maeno Tomoaki (Yayoi Haru), Hosoya Yoshimasa (Uzuki Arata), KENN (Satsuki Aoi)

Procellarum: Aoi Shota (Minazuki Rui), Hatano Wataru (Fuzuki Kai), Kakihara Tetsuya (Hazuki Yo), Kondo Takashi (Nagatsuki Yoru), Ono Kensho (Kannazuki Iku), Kimura Ryohei (Shimotsuki Shun)

Fluna: Kanemoto Hisako (Hijiri Kurisu), Imai Asami (Hanazono Yuki), MAKO (Kisaragi Ai), Okubo Rumi (Momosaki Hina), Nonaka Ai (Togawa Chisa), Uchiyama Yumi (Wakaba Yuki)

Seleas: Satou Rina (Terase Yuno), Ishigami Shizuka (Himegawa Mizuki), Otsubo Yuka (Motomiya Matsuri), Fukuhara Kaori (Asagiri Akane), Kurosawa Tomoyo (Ichisaki Reina), Uesaka Sumire (Tendoin Tsubaki)

The Vocaloid producers involved: Yuyoyuppe, UtataP, ChouchouP, Hitoshizuku x Yama△, Nem, Yuuyu, Nijihara Peperon, Machigerita, John, takamatt, Kikuo, TsukinoP and Satsuki ga Tenkomori.

Preceding the girls’ individual CD releases and event, the two groups got together for the first time to record mini-dramas for the Fluna and Seleas best of CDs that are out on March 11. Animate.tv interviewed both girl groups.


Q: This is the first album where the girls get together as a group for the drama portion – tell us your thoughts about the new recordings.

Kanemoto Hisako: It’s a drama that’s a lot of fun with all of us gathered together and making so much noise. Kurisu is a hyper girl so I hope I can show the difference in excitement levels between her and the other girls in an interesting way.

Imai Asami: I was glad to see how Yuki becomes a lot softer when in the company of girls. She’s serious and seems to have been a very stiff person since birth so it fills me with warmth to see her behaving more like her 18 years of age.

MAKO: All the characters are so pure and earnest and diligent in their work and I became a fan of all of them as we progressed through recording. This is a drama CD that captures the hearts of these (goddesses).

Okubo Rumi: We’ve been recording on our own all this time so it was refreshing to have a chance to engage in conversation with Yayoi (Haru), who’s my counterpart in charge of the month of March! It was fun to get a feel for the other characters’ as well as a glimpse of their daily lives. It looks like the world of the female characters is going to expand rapidly, so please look forward to their activities!

Nonaka Ai: It’s the first time that we’re getting involved with the other girls and I had a lot of fun voicing the character! You’ll get to find out more about Chisa-chan as a character; things like her position (in the group) and her personality. I’m glad that I got to learn about the other female characters in more detail as well.

Uchiyama Yumi: I hadn’t had a single chance to meet with any of the other characters ‘til today’s recording and I can honestly say it was so much fun. I feel like it was a wonderful chance to be able to see a lot of different sides to Wakaba that have not been apparent until now.

Q: Please leave a message for the fans.

Kanemoto: As always, I had fun voicing the role. I hope that you will show much love to these uniquely different goddesses. Please also look forward to when the characters for all 12 months get together, and what is in store for them in the future.

Imai: ‘Finally, the goddess series is taking a step forward!’ is what was going through my mind and I’m feeling glad about it. Please continue supporting Tsukiuta., Fluna and Hanazono Yuki in the future!

MAKO: As we were recording the drama CD I started to think, “Perhaps there are still many of the goddesses’ charms that are hidden deep within them…?”. I hope that you will look forward to their growth through their activities in the future. My brother (Kisaragi Koi) is also working really hard so please support him too.

Okubo: It’s the first time the girls’ groups are gathering for a drama CD so there were a lot of new aspects; I’m sure everyone who listens will find it enjoyable! I believe there will be various activities to come in the future so please support Tsukiuta.. I too, will do my best to bring joy to everyone!

Nonaka: I’m in charge of April! A ‘rabbit’ followed by a ‘river’, ‘thousand’ followed by ‘sakura’ flowers – that’s how you write Togawa Chisa’s name! Please show your support from now on!!!

Uchiyama: This was the first time I get to voice a Wakaba who interacts with the other characters and holds conversations with Chisa-chan – it was harmonious and very enjoyable! It may have been our first recording together as a group, but the cast is made up of such wonderful people.
I was able to act out my character in a very peaceful mood from start to finish and I hope that such an atmosphere is reflected, in a good way, in the drama as well. I would be grateful if you would take a listen (to the CD).


Q: This is the first album where the girls get together as a group for the drama portion – tell us your thoughts about the new recordings.

Satou Rina: I’m very happy that the members of Seleas were able to record together. It was a lively, colourful recording studio where I could enjoy the playfulness and adorability of my partner Mizuki, as well as the refreshing nature of the dialogue with each of the other characters~ ♪

Ishigami Shizuka: It was really fun to have all 6 of us interacting with each other! I was able to learn about what kind of personalities of the 5 girls apart from Mizuki-chan had. All of them were so unique and cute; if there is such a school in existence I would like to enrol now! (laughs) The partner to my July girl is June’s Yuno-chan, and I was glad to have plenty of interactions with her.

Otsubo Yuka: The first recording involving all the Seleas members was very lively and a lot of fun! Above all, I am happy to get another chance to voice my beloved Matsuri-chan. I want all of you fans to hear the Seleas girls’ rich boke-tsukkomi drama as soon as possible.

Fukuhara Kaori: We have been recording the songs and dramas alone all this while, so it was really fun and refreshing to be able to engage and act with the other (girls)! I was excited during recording, thinking ‘Ah, so this is how it is when the Seleas members all get together ♪’.

Kurosawa Tomoyo: It was a lot of fun and over in the blink of an eye. We got to interact with each other during recording so there were quite a lot of ad-libs flying around.
That’s why I think you’ll enjoy this work. Lots of people picked up on the ad-libs so I’m filled with hope that we’ll be able to get together and record again sometime.

Uesaka Sumire: ‘A noisy girls’ talk session!’ something close to, but not exactly like that…?
It was fun to get a peek at the wonderful daily lives of the quirky goddess candidates.
With 6 people it was already so lively – if the 12 goddesses were to gather together it might turn into a chaotic situation!

Q: Please leave a message for the fans.

Satou: As always, thank you for the support! We’re finally bringing to you a long hoped-for drama CD~!! I have this dream where someday, the boys’ and girls’ teams will get together to record ♪Please support Tsukiuta. in the future!!

Ishigami: Thanks to all your support, the Seleas team is able to bring to you the release of its best album Hoshitsuki! Thank you so very much!! This freshly-recorded drama CD is a must-listen so please get your hands on it. I’d be grateful if you could take good care of the Seleas girls!

Otsubo: I am happy to be able to record this long-awaited new drama featuring Seleas. It’s made possible thanks to the support of the passionate fans of Tsukiuta.! Thank you!! Please enjoy the interactions between Matsuri-chan and the quirky Seleas members!

Fukuhara: All of you Tsukiuta. fans are always very kind and really cherish the series; that makes me so happy and spurs me on to work harder. Please cheer on Akane-chan in the future as well!!

Kurosawa: I’m really happy that we’re finally able to deliver a drama CD of the Goddesses Team (of the 2nd half of the year) to all of you. It’d be great if the fun atmosphere (that we had) could be conveyed to you through this CD. Look forward to it~~

Uesaka: I hope that you enjoy the many sides of the goddesses – how wonderful and cute they are, but also how they can sometimes cause explosions within explosions. If you wish to be healed, if you wish to be cheered up, we goddesses will always be by your side…

Check out the trailer above for the Fluna & Seleas discs (trailer for the guys here).


One thought on “#115 – Tsukiuta. Fluna & Seleas

  1. MiracleIsDead

    I am so glad to read this! I love the Goddesses! Ai-chan is my favorite because she reminds me a whole lot of Luka Megurine! I want to see more of them in the future and more interaction w/ their male counterparts! XD That’ll definitely be fun!


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