#110 – Prince of Stride Alternative

Oh yeah I really love my ikemen sports shows – Haikyuu, Ace of Diamond and all that. ‘Stride’ is a dubious attempt at ripping off parkour but I guess I’m not too bothered as long as I get all those cuties slapping each other(‘s hands)!

Animate.tv posted a short interview with the Honan boys and girl:
Kimura Ryohei – Yagami Riku
Okamoto Nobuhiko – Fujiwara Takeru
Hanazawa Kana – Sakurai Nana
Ono Kensho – Kohinata Hozumi
Ono Daisuke – Hasekura Heath
Shimono Hiro – Kadowaki Ayumu
Suwabe Junichi – Kuga Kyosuke
Okiayu Ryotaro – Dan Yujiro

Q: Recording for Prince of Stride is progressing steadily at this point – do let us know your thoughts about the show and any words of enthusiasm you may want to share.

Kimura: I was rather worried about having an anime made with so little story to go off, but the results have been really interesting – I have nothing but high expectations going forward.

Okamoto: The visuals in episode 1 were beautiful and the story was interesting as well; it’s a wonderful anime adaptation!! I’ll work hard to make sure that I’m not outdone by the show.

Hanazawa: We were already provided with full-colour visuals for the recording of episode 1 and I was really impressed with how cute Nana-chan was when in motion. The stride matches are so nerve-wracking and enjoyable; they send a shiver down my spine!! I’ll work hard so my acting doesn’t lose out!!

Ono K: It was awsm. Insanely fun!! The matches are just cool. Every week I just think, “it’s so great to be young!” (laughs)

Ono D: Recording for the game was done individually so it’s delightful to be able to see each other’s faces during the anime’s recording; breathing the same air and bringing our voices together. It feels like “youth” all over again.

Shimono: Deary me, I surely won’t have the chance to voice Ayumu in an anime…! I voiced Ayumu without ever thinking about the possibility of an anime, so I was in a bit of a panic! (laughs). But he’s a fun character so I enjoyed playing him!

Suwabe: I just want to get involved in a full-scale war to start as soon as possible! Oh wind, hurry up and give me a good push in the back!

Okiayu: It’s amazing that all our recordings thus far have been done with full-colour visuals! We can feel the enthusiasm of the staff members. Thus, the cast won’t lose out when it comes to passion ♪

Q: Prince of Stride Alternative is all about ‘club activities’. What would you do if you could go back to your student days?

Kimura: Go on dates while wearing my uniform.

Okamoto: Going all-out playing tag. I like the idea of hanging around chatting with the other members after club activities as well.

Hanazawa: I was in a cultural club when I was in junior high so I’d like to join a sports-related club instead. Also, I think it would’ve been great if I’d done a lot more different part-time jobs!!

Ono K: I want to join a sports club, and do it seriously! Or should I say, I want to do stride… (laughs).

Ono D: I played soccer in elementary school for 6 years but I betrayed that love for basketball in junior high. But basketball practice is tiring so I quit within 3 months. Whether it be soccer or basketball, I wish I’d put in the amount of work that someone who wanted to turn pro would. But hey, as a pro seiyuu I can still do sports seriously so I’m happy!

Shimono: I should’ve taken sports and my studies more seriously. Now that I’m older, I really do wish think I paid more attention during things like school trips and so on. Apart from that…I’d like to erase all the mistakes I made in those days.

Suwabe: Study. Languages in particular.

Okiayu: In both junior and high school I ended up quitting club activities halfway through so I’d like to persist with them until my final year!

Q: Please leave a message for the readers.

Kimura: I’ve seen how the visuals have been wonderfully made since recording started, and it’s a show that has action to bring excitement. Please enjoy the various elements including friendship, passion and relationships.

Okamoto: This is a show that moves beyond the boundaries of the typical otome game. You’ll find out just what ‘stride’ is all about so please look forward to it.

Hanazawa: I’d be glad if you could cheer on all (of the characters) who continue to grow through ‘stride’!! Please watch the show!!

Ono K: It’s really cool to see (people) taking up something so seriously. I’m watching the show as well and I feel it’s turning out to be a very good work. Please show your support for Honan Academy!

Ono D: Beautiful art, spectacular action. And their true worth is seen through the sweat and tears. Style x sports. Here lies a burning tale of youth that will appeal to both the young and old and both genders. Come together! Let the pleasant wind blow in your heart!

Shimono: PriSto is just burning hot!! Together, the cast and staff will work to bring the heat across to you! Please enjoy that heat, the exhilaration and the laughs(?)!

Suwabe: Friendship, endeavor and…. Watch as this sports youth story featuring handsome high school students unfolds. Don’t miss it!

Okiayu: You can enjoy this purely as a sports title♪Let’s live like we’re young! The receptionist at my agency lent me the game and I got so into it that I maxed out everything (laughs).
Visit the official anime website here.


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