Toyosaki Aki – Desert Island Discs, Music Curator

Aki has always had great taste in music and I was pleased to see her featured in two of HMV’s regular colums: Deserted Island ~My 10 discs~, and Music Curator. I believe she’s the first seiyuu to appear in either series, though anisong-related musicians such as Kitagawa Katsutoshi and livetune[kz] have.

For the Desert Island Discs, Aki’s 10 picks:

1.senti toy – How Many Stories Do You Read On My Face (sample)
2.Schroeder-Headz – newdays (sample)
3.The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (sample)
4.Scooters – Complete Collection (sample)
5.Dr. Feelgood – Down By The Jetty (sample)
6.Various – Stand By Me soundtrack (sample)
7.Tom Waits – Closing Time (sample)
8.Tristan Prettyman – Cedar & Gold (sample)
9.Rhye – Woman (sample)
10.Ando Yuko – Merry Andrew (sample)

Interesting choices indeed. Haven’t listened to Okaeri radio for ages, so I had no inkling that she’s into something like Rhye…

And for Music Curator, where you have to pick a theme:

Songs to Listen to on the Veranda at Dawn

1.The Beautiful Girls – Water (sample)
2.i am robot and proud – Electricity In Your House Wants to Sing (sample)
3.Youmou to Ohana – LIVE OUT LIVING (sample)
4.SKETCH SHOW – sketches & notations (sample)
5.Harada Tomoyo – music and me (sample)
6.LENKA – Shadows (sample)
7.toe – the book about my idle plot on a vague anxiety (sample)
8.ACO – Irony (sample)
9.Harada Ikuko – Piano (sample)
10.Belle and Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister (sample)

….I’m just laughing at Belle and Sebastian! I have that album too (and most of their early back catalogue); I’m just flabbergasted at how Aki discovers these artists. Some of the stuff she listens to is too weird even for my already weird tastes…


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