#102 – Takahashi Minami

Name: Takahashi Minami (高橋 未奈美)
DoB: 20 December 1990
Hometown: Tokyo
Agency: Haikyo
SNS: Twitter

Takamina (no, not the AKB one) is one of those overly high-strung, crazy people who tend to be the life of the party – Sakurai Takahiro called her “Aho” and Sugita Tomokazu compares her to Rieshon. She’s one of Aketagawa Jin’s current favourites and has been cast in a bunch of his shows this year ie Shokugeki no Soma, Danmachi & Comet Lucifer, and also pops up as mobs in a lot of random stuff, – anything from Osomatsu-san to Aikatsu!. Takamina is also part of A&G Girls Project Trefle and Idolmaster Million Live.

This is her Map of the Future

Minami’s PAST

2nd Grade – Started Admiring Musicals
I became interested in acting after seeing the musical Annie. I’m easily influenced – thinking that “I want to be a musical actress!”, I took the surprisingly proactive step of sending in forms for an audition. Of course, I failed (laughs).

6th Grade – Started Admiring Magicians
I wanted to be a magician after seeing Harry Potter and I started learning English so that I could go to England (laughs). I continued studying English from then onwards but it’s a little bit more difficult to become a magician…after some time passed, I realized that by being a seiyuu I could transform into a cat or even a boy! Still, I was a little troubled at the time.

8th Grade – Started Admiring Musicals (Again)
At this point I began falling in love with Toho musicals and once again auditioned, but it wasn’t the kind of stage that amateurs could stand on so once again, I gave up the dream (laughs).
Became the Vice President of the Drama Club
Once I was in my second year of junior high, I joined the drama club since my friend was there. What’s more, even though I had just joined the club, due to a lack of members I was made the vice president (laughs). The only time I stood on stage was during the cultural festival. But it was my first ever acting experience!

11th Grade – Applied for Voice Acting Auditions
It had been decided that I would go on to college so I dared not tell my parents about the auditions; even though I knew I shouldn’t attend, I filled in the form writing my friend’s name under the ‘name of guardian’ section and sent it in. In the end, someone from the agency called up my house and I was busted anyway. However, my parents said to me, “If that’s what you want..” and were supportive. Even now, we will watch the shows I appear in together.

1st Year College – Passed an Audition → The Road to a Seiyuu!
Rather than saying that I put in a lot of effort in my training school days, I would say that I found it enjoyable and wanted to learn more and more new things. I find my interest in voice acting work is inexhaustible and nowadays, I do still get surprised by the new things I learn through every new job – this profession is a calling for me.

Minami’s FUTURE

In A Years’ Time – Win the Lead Role in 2 Series
When I started working my goal was to have ‘2 regular roles each cour’ and now that I’ve achieved that, my next dream will be bigger – ‘2 leading roles’. It seems quite tough to achieve that within 1 year but I want to keep lofty targets. I’d like to be on the cover of Seiyuu Grandprix someday as well, but maybe I’ll aim for that to happen in 3 years’ time? ‘cos it seems like I’d be told “it’s still too early for you” if I said I wanted it to happen within a year (laughs).

30 years old – Dub western shows and appear on stage!
I love foreign dramas so I want to be involved with dubbing overseas shows. I don’t actually think my voice is that suited towards dubbing works so I need to improve my skills by the time I turn 30…or so I wish. A palm reader once told me “When you turn 30 you’ll be able to work in a variety of areas”, so I hope I’ll be able to appear on stage as well.

40 years old – Take a trip around the world
I love travelling. The last time I went abroad was on a solo trip to Germany. I enjoyed having lots of local people come up to me for a chat on the streets. A middle-aged man who sat next to me on the train also gave a guided tour of the city – I have fun meeting people that way. I love travelling overseas.

50-60 years old – Live together with my cat
I hope to still be doing animation and narration work, while drinking tea on my house veranda with my cat by my side. I’ve always kept pet cats since I was a child, they’re an essential part of my life.

10 Questions for Takahashi Minami

Q1. What’s your nickname?

A: Normally, I’m called ‘Takamina’ but I’d like to vouch for a nickname that I was given to me by the seiyuu world – ‘Miina’ (laughs). Lately, Ueda Reina-chan has been calling me ‘Taka-san’ – it kind of sounds like a detective’s name so I want more people to use that too.

Q2. Describe your personality in one phrase.

A: Fiercely shy! The silence in the air when you meet someone for the first time is unbearable. By 5 seconds I’ll have broken the silence and I’m sure other people would say I’m ‘noisy as hell’.

Q3. What are your hobbies?

A: I like bringing my camera out and walking along the streets. I also like riding on local trains* as well as going to see airplanes. My dad loves airports and he would sometimes bring the whole family along to Haneda Airport to see the planes.

*各駅停車 (kakueki teisha) – trains that stop at every station on the line

Q4. What are your favourite foods?

A: Rice crackers, umeboshi. I’m like an old woman (laughs).

Q5. What foods do you dislike?

A: Tomatoes. I used to hate vegetables in general but I’ve come to like them now, except for tomatoes which I absolutely will not eat. I do like ketchup though.

Q6. What’s your motto?

A: “One chance in a lifetime”. Recalling this phrase, I feel as if I can face the world at full power. In order to bring my best to the table, I’ll work hard at every single one of my jobs!

Q7. How do you spend your days off?

A: When I have the whole day off I’d definitely not go out of the house. I’d just stay at home with my cat. The only other thing I’d do is play games.

Q8. What’s your favourite game?

A: I love Kin’iro no Corda, and I’ve always loved Tsukimori Len-kun. There’s a scenario where Tsukimori Len-kun goes to Vienna and I studied German so that when I went to Germany on holiday I could ride the train to Vienna and be thrilled at the fact that “this is the town that Tsukimori visited’ (laughs). I wasted my time going to see things like the music college as well.

Q9. What songs do you often sing at the karaoke?

A: Stuff like BUMP OF CHICKEN and Every Little Thing, and I also love Tamura Yukari-san! I had already started working as a seiyuu when I managed to get a ticket to, and attended her concert at Saitama Super Arena. It was amazingly fun. I screamed “You’re the cutest in the world!” ‘til I lost my voice (laughs).

Q10. Who do you admire?

A: In junior high I used to tell people it was Santa Claus (laughs). Nowadays, of course I admire my seniors; broadly speaking, I think everyone who is working hard towards achieving their goals is amazing!

From Takahashi Minami
My name causes people to easily mistake me for somebody else but I am thankful that more people are beginning to remember who I am.
I know that I’m a chatterbox but I’d be happy if people could see me, have a laugh and think “She’s a strange one” (laughs).
I’ll do my best to be able to bring a smile to people’s faces through my performances, so please cheer me on!


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