#98 – Drift Girls Pt.6

Finally, Part 6 Girls:

Yamamura Hibiku: Horinaka Yuri
Aoyama Yoshino: Margie
Matsui Eriko: Houno Miho
Tadokoro Azusa: Claudia
Tsuru Hiromi: Izumisawa Mai


Q: Drift Girls is a racing/dating sim. Do you drive? Do you have any favourite model of car?

Yamamura: I don’t have a license. I like retro stuff, so a classic red car would be cool. I think I’d have fun if I went for a ride in a car with an atmosphere to my liking.

Aoyama: I don’t have a license. I worry about getting into accidents and things like that so I decided not to drive. I’ll just have fun driving in this game! I don’t have a particular favourite model but I am interested in hydrogen-powered vehicles. I think it’s good that there are an increasing number of environmental-friendly cars.

Matsui: I don’t have a license. My parents love traveling and they took me along to a lot of places since I was young, so I love traveling by car. Rather than driving on my own, I prefer to have someone drive me (laughs). I’d like to ride a limousine! I just want to try riding a long car at least once in my life (laughs).

Tadokoro: I’m scared of accidents so I have zero interest in getting a license. I can barely drive properly in a driving game as it is; I wouldn’t want to sit in a car I’m driving (laughs). As for my favourite car, I think the (Nissan) CUBE is cute. If I were to ride in someone else’s car, a light blue CUBE would be nice.

Tsuru: I drive myself between jobs. On my days off, I drive out to play golf as well so I do drive quite a lot. Howver I know nothing about mechanics-related stuff so I have much respect for Izumisawa Mai-chan. For car models, I like sports cars. I’d always driven locally made cars so I hadn’t really been interested in foreign vehicles but once I saw an ad for a red Mercedes-Benz, I fell in love with it and now I drive one. They appear to be really popular so I had to wait 1 year before taking delivery of it (laughs)

Q: In the game, you can drive to various dating spots. If you were to go on a drive date, where would you head to?

Yamamura: I do like riding things in general and I’d enjoy going for a car ride but if it was to be a date I’d like for us to start off early and drive to some place far away, go visit an aquarium where we could see the penguins and fish, then have lunch in a trendy terrace restaurant followed by a hike up the mountains to view the night illuminations. I love seeing the scenery from up high.

Aoyama: Margie likes karaoke, as do I. There’s something Margie and I have in common! Makes me glad! But I prefer going alone (laughs). If it’s a date then I’d like to go to a theme park. I’ve been to Disneyland 6 times this year. I’m a native of Kumamoto in Kyushu and we have our own version of Disneyland, called Greenland. It’s the theme park with the most number of attractions in Japan and is a famous dating spot.

Matsui: I’d like to go see the illuminations. Houno seems to hate hotel buffets but I like them myself (laughs). It’s not so much about the destination; I just love going for drives and it doesn’t matter what car it is, I’d be happy to have one come to pick me up. Ah, but going for a date in a limousine would be a bit… (laughs).

Tadokoro: I’d like to go on a date to the cinema. I love movies and the best thing is that we wouldn’t have to spend much time talking (laughs). But it seems like it’d be hard to concentrate on the film with somebody beside me… So, playing tennis would be nice too! There’d be a reasonable amount of distance between us and we wouldn’t need to talk to each other either (laughs)

Tsuru: I can’t think of anything but golf! (laughs) When you play golf, you get to understand your partner’s personality so it’s be better if you tried going for a round! (laughs). I also like aquariums. I’m not so good with animals but I do like fish. Going to watch a sports match would be nice too. Tennis, soccer, volleyball – I watch them all. Lately I’ve come to like rugby as well. Everyt time the Olympic games come around I watch the events live until I start to get jetlag.

Wow, Tsuru-san owns a Merc…guess you can really make enough as a seiyuu to roll up to play golf in a Merc…though perhaps only if you make it super big when you’re young or if like Tsuru, you’ve been slogging away at your craft for almost 40 years…


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