#97 – Drift Girls Pt.5

Part.5 Girls

Komatsu Mikako: Hinohara Mako
Okuno Kaya: Hinohara Marin
Terui Haruka: Oshima Ayano
Kimura Haruka: Shuria
Otsubo Yuka: Itani Asuka


Q: Drift Girls is a racing/dating sim. Do you drive? Do you have any favourite model of car?

Komatsu: I don’t drive. If I were to drive, I’d like to have a standard, large red car that can fit 4-5 people. I like cars with a stylish feel.

Okuno: I don’t have a license. I missed my chance to obtain it…though I’m starting to think that I can do without it. But I like go-karts so I do feel like I want to drive. I’m not familiar with car models but if I were to drive, I’d go for an eco-friendly car.

Terui: I don’t have a license. I do want one when I hear people talking about how “it’s convenient to have a license”. But I think it’d be scary to ride in a car driven by me (laughs). This isn’t a particular model or anything, but I like ‘location cars’. I love station wagons or big buses with curtains – I realize that I liked travelling in large numbers and I get more excited about going location shooting now! It’s great to be able to talk during the journey, and I like how it’s comfortable to ride in a big, tall vehicle. I love location cars.

Kimura: I don’t have a license but I want to drive! I like light cars! Small cars put you at ease. They also look like they’d handle small turns easier. I also admire foreign cars where the driver’s seat is on the left. I think women who drive left-hand drives look cool. I particularly like the look of the Dodge Magnum. Colour-wise, I think pink is cute but if I really was to drive then I’d definitely go for a more subdued colour (laughs).

Otsubo: I don’t have a license but I do like watching people drive. If I have a chance, I do want to get my license. I like imported cars. Rugged-looking cars are nice, but I think I prefer cool-looking cars that can zip around. When I see cool cars in foreign action movies, my heart swoons.

Q: In the game, you can drive to various dating spots. If you were to go on a drive date, where would you head to?

Komatsu: I’d like to go on a trip. Head to somewhere like a huge park that has attraction spots. A luxury resort would be good too! I want to go to an island with few people, further down south. During the drive date, we’d stop by the sea and eat sandwiches while sitting on the car trunk (laughs). Like how they do it in dramas.

Okuno: I’d like try out water activities, like going diving together. It’d be nice to relax in a luxury resort as well! I love the sea, though I have no chances to go. Oh, and French restaurants are nice too (laughs).

Terui: I’d like to drive along places with scenic views of the sea and the plains. I’m sure there will be beautiful illuminations this coming season as well. If I were a college student, I’d like to date on campus too. The sound of the word “campus” alone makes you think of your youth! (laughs)

Kimura: I like events so going to see the illuminations or a road trip would be nice. I’d like to drive far out ‘til a point where you’d think “Hey, isn’t there some place here that’s kind of famous~”. The longer you drive for, the more time you can spend talking with your partner. The view outside the window will be perpetually changing and it would be a good opportunity to recharge one’s batteries.

Otsubo: Asuka seems to hate cruise parties but I’d like to go for one since I’ve never experienced it before. I like going to the cinema as well. I do like going alone but as I have a tendency to rewatch my favourite films, I’d like to go once alone, then go watch it again with someone else. I also love popcorn (laughs).


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