#96 – Drift Girls Pt.4

Part.4 Girls

Yamazaki Haruka: Umitani Haruka
Kusuda Aina: Morie Rino
Honda Mariko: Tanae Tsubaki
Lynn: Akinaga Wakana
Akesaka Satomi: Terauchi Kozue
Kitamura Eri: Kacha


Q: Drift Girls is a racing/dating sim. Do you drive? Do you have any favourite model of car?

Yamazaki: I don’t have a driver’s license…when I’m a passenger I sometimes ask “Why didn’t you take the right turn just now?” and I’d be told “You’re not allowed to turn right there”. I’m dangerous so I’m often told “It’s better for you not to get a license” (laughs). I’m not familiar with car models so I’d prioritize stability over design.

Kusuda: I drive every day. I drive a Kei car and I like its compactness but I do sometimes wish I could drive a car with a bigger engine that can accelerate faster and manoeuvre curves easier. When I first got my license, I wanted a Mini Cooper. The car I’m most interested in right now is the Fiat. Volkswagens are cute too.

Honda: I don’t have a license. People tell me “Driving doesn’t suit you” so I have no plans to get one. It’s best to have someone drive you around (laughs). I’m drawn to cool cars, so ordinary black or white cars are my favourites. I’d prefer cars that don’t stand out too much. If an amazing person suddenly pulled up in a sports car and said “Wanna go for a ride?”, I’d turn them down (laughs).

Lynn: I don’t have a license nor am I familiar with cars, but a relative of mine loves cars and I’ve been in their Land Cruiser. Like a child would, I just find big cars cool. But if I were to have my own ride, I’d like a two-tone (Daihatsu) Mira Cocoa – it’s cute.

Akesaka: I just got my license this summer and I drive about twice a week. It’s all private. I’m not really used to it yet but when I have the time I’ll go for a drive and go shopping. They’re no longer on the market but I’m interested in the (Toyota) WiLL. I favour cars with round lights and retro designs and often look them up on used car websites. If anyone out there has some information, do let me know (laughs).

Kitamura: I’ve loved racing games since I was in elementary school and used to play them in arcades and on gaming consoles. I’m not familiar with car models but when I’m watching foreign films and dramas, they seem to feature the Chevrolet quite often – I’m curious about that. I like big foreign cars that you don’t see too often in Japan.

Q: In the game, you can drive to various dating spots. If you were to go on a drive date, where would you head to?

Yamazaki: Haruka-chan likes theme parks and so do I. I love Disneyland and I’ve got annual passports for both Disney Land and Disney Sea. I go as many as 3 times a month. I’d also like to go on karaoke dates. I like how it gets lively at the karaoke. Hence, a guy who doesn’t like to go together to karaoke with me is a no-go (laughs). It doesn’t matter if he’s bad at singing as long as he enjoys it!

Kusuda: Rino-chan likes café dates but if I were to go to a café I’d prefer to go with another girl. I like aquariums so it seems like fun to go on a date there. Going to a sports event would be fun too. It’d be interesting to go to a match with a guy who knows a lot about sports, and we’d watch it with him giving running commentary.

Honda: Tsubaki likes theme parks and so do I. Ah, that’s the first time I feel connected to her. I’d thought that we shared no similarities but hey, we have a hobby in common (laughs). A hotel buffet would be nice too. I’d like to spend a bit of peaceful time in a café or a park. Rather than doing glamorous things like partying on a ship or going to a casino, I’d like to go to a nice, cheaper place where I can relax.

Lynn: Maybe the aquarium. I’d also like to ride in a convertible. On a nice day, riding in a convertible along the coast, heading for the aquarium – that’d be nice. I’d like to go somewhere farther away. Since it’s a drive. I like mountains as well but I might get carsick on twisting roads (laughs).

Akesaka: A luxury resort is a dream of mine. I’d like to go on a Caribbean cruise too. I never went to college either so I long to date on campus. I’ve never been to any of the dating spots found in the Drift Girls game.

Kitamura: I feel most at ease in cafés but it appears Kacha thinks otherwise (laughs). I’m the type of person who’d enjoy going anywhere as long as it’s with my loved one so there’s not one spot that makes me think “It’s gotta be there!”. I’d love to go somewhere chosen by my partner and find something enjoyable about the place. I’ve been living in Japan all my life so I do think I want to visit a casino. Please let me go to a casino through a Kacha-related job! (laughs)


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