#95 – Drift Girls Pt.3

Pt.3 features:

Igarashi Hiromi: Mimuro Eri
Sasaki Tomoyo: Omino Arisa
Matsuzaki Rei: Kusakawa Reika
Suwa Ayaka: Takemiya Chisato
Uchida Aya: Hion


Q: Drift Girls is a racing/dating sim. Do you drive? Do you have any favourite model of car?

Igarashi: I don’t have a license. You can live a normal life without a car anyway…but I do like looking at cars. That’s probably an influence from my dad, who’s a car lover.

Sasaki: I don’t have a license. People around me say I’m not suited to driving and stopped me from getting one (laughs). I do think about owning a car sometimes. If I was to drive, I’d choose a smaller, cute car. If I was a passenger then a standard-design car would be fine. Sports cars and convertibles are a little too conspicuous and embarrassing.

Matsuzaki: I don’t have a license..and I don’t feel inconvenienced by not owning a car so it’s probably fine not to get a license at all. But I like racing games and often play them! If someone was to take me on a drive, then any car would do. I’d be glad just to have someone pick me up in their car.

Suwa: I don’t have a license. Once, I worked on something related to cars and I thought the GT-R was nice then. If I was for racing, then I’d go for the GT-R with its stylishness and speed. For normal drives, a white (Alfa Romeo) Giuletta is wonderful. I like how it looks fashionable and cute on the outside, as well as its stylish feel.

Uchida: I have a gold license but I haven’t driven for years. Tokyo is scary so I can’t really bring myself to drive here. For car models, I think the Mini Cooper is cute. But my junior high school teacher said “The maintenance costs are high”, so I crashed back to reality and looked at locally-made cars instead.. (laughs). If I was to buy a car now I’d go for a cute, female-targeting car like the (Suzuki) Lapin. But I think I’d be the type who’d easily crash my car so maybe I’ll go for a used car first.

Q: In the game, you can drive to various dating spots. If you were to go on a drive date, where would you head to?

Igarashi: Eri likes going on dates to the movies – I like movies too. On my days off, I go to the cinema and have watched as many as 3 movies at a time. But normally, I’d rather go watch movies alone… I’d have trouble choosing somewhere to go off the cuff. I’m the indoors type. I want to stay at home and play games! If I had to go on a drive date, maybe somewhere such as the beach. I’d like to relax.

Sasaki: I like aquariums so it’d be fun to go on a date there. I find the waters in aquariums to be healing, and I can spend hours just looking at the otters. I love otters to the point where I’d like to keep one as a pet someday, but that seems highly unlikely so I’ll just be content with seeing them in aquariums. Also, I’ve never been to a casino so I’m quite curious about them (laughs).

Matsuzaki: Reika likes going to bars but I myself don’t drink (laughs). So maybe the zoo or a place where I can see the illuminations. A farm would be nice too. I’d like to relax while eating delicious soft-serve ice cream. Speaking of illuminations, there was once when I went to Shonandaira Hills in Kanagawa with friends – the vastness of the starry sky, the night view; it was superb.

Suwa: I like seeing the ocean so I’d love to go for a drive by the coastline. I also like eating so a hotel buffet or a meal at a terrace restaurant. We’d fill our plates with our favourite food then share them with each other. Of course, dessert would be at a nice place too! (laughs)

Uchida: If I could choose, then I’d like to visit the aquarium but as long as I’m with somebody I love then anywhere is fine. I’d like to have a party on board a ship too. I might get a little nervous but as long as he escorts me along then I’ll be fine. It’d be amazing to have a man who’d teach me the etiquette and say “Whatever it is, I’ll coordinate everything for you”.


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