#94 – Drift Girls Pt.2

Pt.2 features:

Tanaka Minami: Katano Airi
Omigawa Chiaki: Suzuki Momoka
M・A・O: Hirotsu Sayaka
Kubo Yurika: Maetani Ria
Han Megumi: Sarah
Sawashiro Miyuki: Otogawa Yukino


Q: Drift Girls is a racing/dating sim. Do you drive? Do you have any favourite model of car?

Tanaka: I have a license but I’ve not driven at all yet. When I’m asked for ID I’ll pull it out to show my smug face but apart from that, I’ve not found a single use for it.. When I see light blue or brown colour classic cars around I’ll think “I want to drive that!”. Though people tell me “they consume too much fuel” (laughs).

Omigawa: I do drive! I did take proper lessons and have full intentions of being a careful driver but it seems people around me mostly react in the same way, saying things like “Are you sure you’re gonna be fine?”. I like and enjoy driving but I’m also told that “Liking something is different from being good at it”…(laughs). I drive a light commercial car but I admire higher-bodied cars. It’s great to have a wider field of view from up high.

M・A・O: I don’t have a license myself but I like cars that are spacious and have a small table or cup holders between the driver and passenger seat. And this is just a pipe dream, but I’d love to have a DeLorean. When I see cars with gull-wing doors, I start to wonder…whether they could park at parking bays. Still, at least once in my life, I’d love to sit in one, have the doors closed, have them opened again and get out! (laughs)

Kubo: I don’t have a license but I’ve always wanted to get it. I was thinking that this would be the year, but it’s already October (laughs). I love cars with big windows. Since you can easily see the scenery. A bus would be good too. When I’m on one, I keep thinking about how fun it’d be to drive one (laughs).

Han: I have a license but I rarely drive. I’d like to get used to driving by starting with wider roads. As for a car that I think is nice, I’d pick the Mini Cooper. It has a smaller body and looks easy to drive. I’d like to take a sky blue or cute red Mini Cooper for a drive.

Sawashiro: I got my license as soon I was old enough to qualify. At first I only drove when I was travelling but of late, I have been driving in Tokyo as well. It does feel nice driving around in Odaiba but the place I enjoy driving most is Hokkaido. Right now, thanks to a certain show* that began this October, I’ve been looking at Fiats on a weekly basis, so I absolutely want to ride in a Fiat at least once in my life!

*Lupin the 3rd

Q: In the game, you can drive to various dating spots. If you were to go on a drive date, where would you head to?

Tanaka: Airi likes French restaurants and I’d like to go on a date at a French restaurant with a sea view. Speeding along the coastline of Hakone would be nice too.

Omigawa: I’d like to go camping. I’ve gone camping with friends in Tanzawa before. We went in 2 cars and those who kept dogs as pets brought them along. We drove both to and from Tanzawa! Parks would be nice too. I keep 1 dog, 1 rabbit and 3 cats so I’d like to bring them along.

M・A・O: I’d like to go to a place that you could only access by car, with a great night view and illuminations. In my hometown in Osaka, there is a factory that has unique electricity-powered illuminations that I often gaze at from the highway. I’d also like to visit an aquarium. I don’t have many chances to go to such places (laughs).

Kubo: I’d like to go play golf or something that you definitely wouldn’t do alone. I do want to try it out, as it’s the one sport that you can play leisurely.. Also, this isn’t in the game but I’d love to go mountain climbing. I’d like to climb Mount Fuji at least once in my life. Tokyo is a concrete jungle, so I’d like to spend my days off surrounded by nature.

Han: I’d like to drive to somewhere a bit farther away like Kamakura or Enoshima, and go café-hopping. Photography is a hobby of mine so if I could find a person who loves driving, I would sit in the passenger seat and take pictures of my partner and the scenery – that would be lovely. It’d also be cool if I was driving alone and could take some photos while having a break.

Sawashiro: I’d go watch a sports event. I don’t normally pay attention to sports but I’d like to go watch a match together with a guy who knows about the sport in detail. I enjoy hearing the sport being explained so I’d like to watch the match and learn about it at the same time. Right now I’m working on narration for rugby specials so I’m seeing a lot of information about the players involved. With such background knowledge, it makes the sport fun to watch even if I don’t know the rules. I long to go on this kind of drive date.


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