#93 – Drift Girls Pt.1

Drift Girls is a mobile racing/dating sim that’s been out on iOS/Android for a month or two, and there’s a separate JP version that comes with JP voices instead of the English ones all of us are getting.

4Gamer/Hangame blog has been posting mini-interviews with the seiyuu and I’m translating two of the more interesting questions that they ask. The posts will be split up the way they’re published so that it reads and tags easier.

Kakuma Ai: Suzuta Hikaru
Endo Yurika: Uemura Sayo
Fuchigami Mai: Aotani Saki
Ueda Reina: Hoshika Aya
Tanezaki Atsumi: Sugiura Nana

Q: Drift Girls is a racing/dating sim. Do you drive? Do you have any favourite model of car?

Kakuma: I got my license when I was still living in my hometown in Fukuoka, and I’ve driven a bit there. I haven’t driven in Tokyo for about 2 years now. It’s nice and safe being a ‘paper driver’. Next up, gold! (laughs)

*paper drivers are those who don’t utilize their license. Gold license holders are those with a clean record. For more explanation on license types, read this page

Endo: I don’t have a license…I’m also dreadful at Mario Kart and just keep banging into things (laughs). I hate the smell of leather so if I have to sit in a car, I’d like it to be an eco-friendly vehicle with no leather components.

Fuchigami: I don’t have a license. I like the colour blue so I think I’d get excited if someone came to pick me up in a blue car. I’d like to have all sorts of fun during a drive; it’d be nice if the car isn’t too wide and not too narrow, but just right.

Ueda: I don’t have a license so I can’t drive. I’m hoping that I can get it in about 10 years’ time. I had an opportunity to collaborate with Fiat for a project in the past and was allowed to test out the car – it was really cute and I’m thinking it’d be nice to have this kind of car.

Tanezaki: I don’t have a license but I do like going for drives. It’s unfortunate that I only have opportunities to go for rides when I’m back in my hometown…It’s nice when you get to watch the scenery when you’re in the passenger seat. I like cute, smaller pastel-coloured cars. I’d pick cars that are cute in shape and colour.

Q: In the game, you can drive to various dating spots. If you were to go on a drive date, where would you head to?

Kakuma: I’d like to go to a luxury resort! It’d be nice to rent a car and drive around Okinawa too. Also, I’d like to visit an aquarium. I hear they have been doing projection mapping lately. When I’m in Tokyo I’m mostly taking the trains so I do get excited when I get to ride cars during events. Night drives are nice too. I’d like to go to Odaiba.

Endo: I’d like to go café-hopping. I love tea so I’d sit in a café and have a cup of tea, then go to a karaoke after that. Also, I’d like to go to a casino. I want to be Kaiji for a day.

Fuchigami: I really like birds so I visit places where I can interact with them; I also like looking for rare birds on my travel stops so going to see birds at the zoo seems fun. Amongst the species of birds, I really like the colourful, cheerful voiced birds like parrots and parakeets. I’m generally fond of living creatures so an aquarium would be nice too. After visiting the zoo or aquarium, I’d like to go to a stylish bar at night.

Ueda: A park sounds good. I say park, but what I’d really like to do is wander around in a forest. But I’m easily scared so I’d have to go in the daytime. I’m also fond of shrines or temples that are illuminated with lights; I like the atmosphere in sacred places.

Tanezaki: The zoo would be great! I love everything animal-related but for some reason, I get really excited when I see elephants or monkeys. Still, I do love going for car rides so just driving along the ocean would be fine.


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