#90 – In Memory: Matsuki Miyu

Yesterday, the world found out about Matsuki Miyu’s passing on 27 October. She was just 38.

I am lousy with words so nothing I write could adequately express the sadness I feel or how much she will be missed.

Instead, here are a few words from Miyu herself – self-written lyrics for Oyasumi nasai, a song composed by marble’s Kikuchi Tatsuya for Miyumiyu’s White Sincerely album.

にぎやかな時間が やがて終わり

ゆっくりと おやすみなさい
続く オルゴールの響く音
繰り返す 優しい歌に
お願い もう誰も泣かないでいて
空の向こう 届く光

The merry times are finally over
Riding the revolving joy and sadness
Only this beautiful, beautiful world keeps on turning

Good night, sleep well
The echoing sounds of the music box go on
A gentle song that plays over and over again
Please, may you cry no more
The light that reaches beyond the sky
Can you see it?

Rest in Peace, Matsuki Mieko, 1977-2015.


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