#86 – Lynn

Name: Lynn
DoB: 1 June 19xx
Hometown: Born in Kanagawa, grew up in Niigata
Agency: Artsvision
SNS: Twitter

Lynn (real first name, surname unknown) is another ‘half’ making her way in the seiyuu industry, together with the likes of Kimura Subaru, Mark Ishii, Arthur Lounsbery and Sarah Emi Bridcutt.

She has been around for a couple of years, mostly dubbing foreign TV and playing mobs in a bunch of anime. She was Maya in Sabagebu, voices the heroine Aoi in currently-airing web anime Monster Strike which is based on the hit mobile game, and has also just been cast as lead girl Lizsharte in next year’s Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut.

This time, I’m translating two things – a short Q&A filled in by Lynn from when she appeared on Animemashite together with Bridcutt (check for the 20th and 27th October 2014 episodes and their accompanying videos), and her Map of the Future.

Apparently the first time Lynn and Sarah had met was during a party in 2013, and Lynn took the opportunity to jokingly apologize for her drunken behavior that night. The Animemashite feature was their second meeting and they seemed to get along very well, partly thanks to their shared ‘half’ status.

First up, Animemashite Q&A:

Q1. Why you became a seiyuu (anime, character, seiyuu influences)?

A: Because I watched Inuyasha and Detective Conan.

I realized that the heroes of both shows were voiced by the same person* – I looked it up and from there, I learned about the seiyuu profession and started gaining an interest in it.

*note: Yamaguchi Kappei

Q2. Recommended movies, books, manga

A: Anything with Jim Carrey in it.

I love films that leave you in a happy mood after you’ve finished watching them. His movies may feel foolish and silly, but at their heart they bring a strong message springing courage and self-belief.

Q3. What you are addicted to now (hobbies etc)

A: Photography, gel nails

I may say photography but I don’t own a camera; instead, I love processing photos and making collages.
As for nail (art), I just have fun thinking about what designs I should try out next.

Q4: The first thing you do when you wake up.

A: Wash my face to loosen up my muscles.

I feel like the muscles in my face have tightened (during my sleep) so once I’m awake, I wash my face and follow it up with exercises and a lymphatic massage.

Q5. What you must do before you go to sleep.

A: Check my schedule for the following day and set my alarm accordingly.

I struggle in the mornings and always worry about whether I’ll be late so I set two alarms – a clock and my mobile phone.

Q6. A person or seiyuu you admire most

A: Someone who has inner maturity.

I think women who are dignified, have a firm sense of who they are and are also attentive to those around them are wonderful.

Q7. The good things about being a seiyuu.

A: Work is always fun.

To work at something I love, with people cheering me on; being able to live my dreams – there could be no greater joy or blessing in life.

Q8. An anime character you fell in love with.

A: Inuyasha

I was drawn to how he’s normally a bit aloof, but in truth is someone with a kind heart, is always considerate and protective..plus, he looks strong.

Q9. What kind of seiyuu would you like to be in the future.

A: Someone who can be anyone, yet is unlike anyone else

I’d like to be the kind of seiyuu whose acting is versatile beyond imagination; I want to be an actor who can bring out individuality and personality in my performances.

Q10. Place of birth, dialects (languages).

A: Born in Kanagawa, grew up in Niigata

Each region of Niigata prefecture speaks slightly different variations so I can’t tell you which specific dialect, but what I speak sounds like a corrupted version.

Next up, Lynn’s Map of the Future.

Lynn’s PAST

Preschool – Admired showbiz
At this age I was interested in the entertainment industry. My mom used to be in a band and yearned to make her showbiz début, so I was told. When I was in elementary school I did actually audition for a talent agency. If I hadn’t become a seiyuu I might have tried to become a singer or a tarento.

Elementary school – Learned about seiyuu
I loved Detective Conan and Inuyasha and watched both shows regularly; when I learned that the seiyuu behind the main characters – Kudo Shinichi in Conan, and Inuyasha, was the same person, I began to have an interest in seiyuu as a profession.

Junior high days – A barrier to training school
I read an anime magazine and learnt about the existence of The Japan Narration Acting Institute (Nichinare). At the time I lived in the rural areas of Niigata and quite enamoured by Tokyo itself; when I asked my parents to allow me to attend the school I was told “What on earth are you thinking of!?” (wry smile). After some time their stance shifted, “Get into high school first, and if you still have the desire to become a seiyuu then that’ll be fine” was what they said to me.

1st year of high school – Started attending training school
My wish was granted and I started attending training school. As I lived in Niigata, I would take a day trip to Tokyo by bullet train every Sunday. That meant I had little free time to hang out with my friends from my hometown but in return, I’d go visit leisure spots in Tokyo after my lessons.

2nd year of high school – Learned the value of teamwork through extracurricular activities
I was handed the role of manager of the basketball team, which proved to be a good fit with my lessons. While lessons are something you do as an individual, basketball requires cooperative teamwork. It was a wholly different type of experience for me.

3rd year of high school – Reaffirmed my desire for a job that allowed freedom of expression
During a cultural festival we did a play where I filled the role of the heroine, for which I was required to sing in the final scene. I had great fun acting in the play and felt a great thrill when I was singing in front of a crowd. That reinforced my desires – “I want to make a living out of doing something like this”.

Training school days – Experience of dubbing work
After I graduated from high school I moved to Tokyo. The first job I received after joining my agency was dubbing work. When I was in high school I was still considered as a “temporary” employee, so I was very happy to receive a formal work offer.

2014 – First anime regular show Sabagebu!
It actually took quite a while for the results of the audition to come out. That’s why I was convinced and had accepted that “I’ve failed for sure”, so when I got the role I think my agency staff and manager were even happier than I was.


25 years old – Play the lead role (heroine)!
I was hesitant about putting ‘heroine’ since I’m interested in voicing male characters as well. It’s not unusual to have female seiyuu voicing shonen manga heroes so I’d like to get to try that out at some point!

27 years old – Solo artist début!
I love the singer Ayaka; I think it’d be great if I could get to sing songs that convey a message through lyrics. I want to sing cool songs but since I’m fairly short, I would have to do some ‘adjustments’ to my shoes before I could appear at concerts or music programmes (laughs).

30 years old – Release a photo essay book
I have a great admiration for ‘camerawomen’. Right now I’m only limited to photography via smartphones (bitter laugh). I used to write poetry in my school days so I’d love to put them together with photographs. Now that I remember it, I used to write stories around the time when cell phone novels were all the rage. Though I never published them in any form (laughs).

35 years old – Land a big role dubbing the roles of a Hollywood heavyweight!
You know how people say “Ah, she’s the one who voices xxx!”. I’d like be in such a position too. Anime and dubbing for foreign works, I’d love to do both!

40 years old – Become a seiyuu who is recognized by the general public!
Though I can’t yet imagine what form of recognition I’d like to receive, I hope to be the kind of seiyuu where even people who don’t have much interest in anime or games would hear my name and think “Ah, I know her”.

60 years old – Continuing to work, leading an elegant life with my cats
I’d like to be leading a leisurely life at this point, only having to occasionally put in some work. I have this sort of image in my mind where I’d be receiving offers as such, “Hey, this Hollywood actress is gonna be in this movie soon – will you dub for her?”.

10 Questions for Lynn

Q1: What are your hobbies?

A: Photography. Recently, I uploaded some photos I took on Twitter and some of my followers complimented me! I was really happy about that.

Q2: Favourite foods?

A: Ramen. There are plenty of shops serving delicious ramen in Niigata, I ate a lot of it when I was still living there. Actually, I do still eat a lot of ramen nowadays – I better keep a watch on my weight (laughs).

Q3: Foods you hate?

A: Leeks. I’m fine if you put foods with deep flavours into things like sukiyaki, but I dislike dishes that leave athe aftertaste of leeks on my tongue… There are ramen that have leeks as an ingredient, and I try my absolute best to eat those (laughs).

Q4: Anime you liked?

A: Code Geass. It was really popular when I was in high school; after my training lessons I would go to Nakano and buy the figures.

Q5: We hear you were the student council president in junior high…

A: I handed the trophy over to the winning team on sports day! I also delivered the student representative speech during our graduation ceremony.

Q6: Any seiyuu you aim to be like?

A: There isn’t any one seiyuu in particular I wish to be like. There are wonderful seiyuu present no matter what recording I’m involved with, so I hope I can pick up positive points from them, bit by bit.

Q7: Any current obsessions?

A: Nails, visiting pet shops and Twitter. I’m grateful for all the replies I receive on Twitter and always wonder “what should I tweet next?”

Q8: If you were playing a survival game would you be at the frontlines? Or providing backup?

A: Maya’s gun is the long-range type (note: it’s an assault rifle) so I too, would like to conserve my energy… (laughs).

Q9: What was your best subject in school?

A: I think my highest scores were for contemporary literature. My favourite subject, however, was art. I did win prizes in regional competitions before, I think I got a little bit cocky during that period of time (laughs).

Q10: What about your least favourite subject?

A: Anything to do with maths or science. I worry about how I’d be done for if I have to participate in corners during any events that deal with such knowledge (bitter laugh).

From Lynn
I am grateful to have been allowed to gain a lot of valuable experience from things like attending events and recording songs.

This is my first step towards as a seiyuu working in anime, so in the future I’d love to show my versatility by taking on a variety of roles that are not just limited to humans.

Everyone, please continue to cheer me on!


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