#82 – Sarah Emi Bridcutt

Name: Sarah Emi Bridcutt (ブリドカット セーラ 恵美)
DoB: 5 February 1989
Hometown: Iwaki, Fukushima
Agency: Production Ace
SNS: Blog

Sarah is right when she says at the end of this article, that people might end up remembering her because of her name – I totally had to do a double take when I first saw that strange string of katakana and kanji in an anime’s credits. Turns out she’s half Japanese, half Australian and perhaps not too unpredictably, her Japanese side dominates.

You might or might not have noticed her work on Blood Lad, Date A Live II, Shinmai Maou no Testament or some of the minor characters in Kancolle (Yuubari, Suzuya etc). Sarah voices one of the lead characters in the Disgaea 5 game and has also just been cast in next season’s Hidan no Aria AA sequel but mainly, she plies her trade in dubbing foreign TV shows.

This is Sarah’s Map of the Future.

Sarah’s PAST

7 years old – Learned about seiyuu
When I was watching Detective Conan my mother said to me “Conan-kun isn’t actually real, it’s just a human acting out Conan’s voice” and I answered “What are you talking about?” (laughs). She replied “It’s the same person who voices Nintama Rantaro’s Rantaro” and when I watched Nintama Rantaro I was shocked to find out that she was telling the truth.

10 years old – A crisis in Australia!?
The one time I visited Australia, my father wanted to see an Aboriginal village so my parents and I rode a 4WD to get there. We lost our way there plus the car broke down and for the first time in my life, I wondered to myself “Am I going to die out here”. And that is my one memory of Australia.

14 years old – Suddenly, I could understand English!
Up until I was in eighth grade I couldn’t speak a word of English but somehow, English words started to form in my head and I was able to read long passages. English became a favourite subject of mine at that point. Though I’m still like ??? if I have to speak in the language.

18 years old – Gained admission to college on the day of my high school graduation
The results of my drama college entrance exams came out on the same day as my graduation ceremony. I thought to myself – surely they won’t be released halfway through the ceremony? As soon as the event finished I received a text on my mobile phone confirming that I had passed, and I ended up crying and hugging my homeroom teacher in joy. That was one of the major turning points in my life.

22 years old – Seiyuu debut in Mu~Comi-chan
I was still in training so my reaction to getting the job was “Live broadcast right off the bat?!”. I had to ad-lib my replies to whatever Yoshida (Hisanori)-san threw at me, plus I had to do it in character. Having honed my skills there, there is nothing I am afraid of any more (laughs).

23 years old – My first regular anime role
Around 1-2 months after I had auditioned for Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sou desu yo?, I received a call saying “You have been cast in the role of Kuon Asuka” – I couldn’t believe it at first (laughs). I was told that both the original creator and the director thought that I “fit the image of the role perfectly” and that left a big impression on me.

Sarah’s FUTURE

27 years old – Make the heroine role my own!
I’d like to be in a position where I’d be told “There’s nobody else but you!” when it comes to casting young ladies or older sister types of roles but at the same time, I hope to be considered versatile, to be acknowledged as having the ability to pull off a wide range of roles.

30 years old #1 – Be a multi-talent!
I want to continue to explore various facets of my own self. Singing is one form of expression, and I’d love to try out MC-ing at least once. But in order to do that I’ve got to consolidate my standing in anime and cartoons* first.

*note: the word here is 外画, which refers to cartoons produced outside Japan that are then dubbed in Japanese for the local market

30 years old #2 – Raise a cat!
When I was a child I used to have a cat, but I’ve never had a chance to raise any other animals since then. As I love visiting cat cafes, I hope to be able to move to a pet-friendly home by the time I turn 30 so that I can raise a cat. I want to be healed!

31 years old – Be the heroine in a cartoon
If I could have just one wish come true, I’d love to be cast as the heroine of a cartoon (外画) by the time I reach 31, or by the latest 32-33. In truth I should start working towards this goal right now but considering the type of voice I have, I think it’d be okay for me to aim for this in my early 30s instead.

40 years old – Be an actress!
When I look at my dubbing work seniors, all of them are not only seiyuu but “actresses” as well. Their work is truly beautiful and they maintain a perfect poise at all times. I have been watching them at work ever since I made my début, so I’ve always wanted to be like them. To always carry that sense of self-discipline when it comes to performing.

50-60 years old – Be a gentle actress
I have been supported by my seniors all this while and in the future, I hope that I can do the same for the younger generation, be it by lending them a shoulder or giving them a pat on the back. “We’re standing strong at your side, so set your acting free” – I want to be a gentle actress who helps to support the younger generation.

10 Questions for Sarah Emi Bridcutt

Q1: What was your nickname?

A: In elementary school they called me Secchy. It was around the time when Tamagotchi was in fashion, so my nickname was a play on that. I have no idea why it was Secchy instead of Setchi (laughs).

Q2: Anything you’re good at?

A: Dance and percussion. Also, I have perfect pitch. Though that doesn’t mean I can play the piano particularly well… I won’t lose to guys at badminton! That was the “me of a few years ago” though (laughs).

Q3: Favourite foods?

A: Natto! I prefer the larger beans.

Q4: Foods you hate?

A: Bamboo shoots are the one thing I just can’t stomach. I’m sorry (laughs).

Q5: Favourite animals?

A: Cats! If I had to mention something else, then I’d say hippos. I find it irresistible how they seem to be in leisurely mode all the time but can move really fast when they need to. I have those kinds of ‘gaps’ in my personality as well so I have great respect for the hippo…as well as likening myself to one (laughs).

Q6: What’s your motto?

A: Dive in head first. I worry a lot about various things but I’ve come to accept that sometimes, I should just go for it. That’s why I’ve adopted “dive in head first” as my motto over the past couple of years.

Q7: How do you spend your days off?

A: I’d love to say that I do something to build up my ‘girl power’ like shopping but unfortunately, I spend them playing games (laughs).

Q8: What books do you like?

A: Detective Conan. I have all the volumes on my bookshelf, right up to the latest one. I buy the fanbooks as well, and even have a collection of Aoyama Gosho key frames!

Q9: Describe your personality in one word.

A: Straightforward! People tend to look at me and think “gentle”, “calm” or “docile” but once I open my mouth I am apparently, a lot more frank than I appear to be.

Q10: Name someone you respect?

A: I have always admired Takayama Minami-san from a long time ago; as for someone closer to my age, I would name Sawashiro Miyuki-san. I love Sawashiro-san so much; when I hear her voice on TV I’ll go “Ah, Sawashiro-san!” and end up getting caught daydreaming about her acting.

From Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Every time the credits roll my name tends to stand out because of its length but I would still consider it a cause for celebration if you looked at it and thought “That name’s weird, I’ll remember it”. I hope to continue down this acting path, so I’d be happy if you could cheer me on!


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