#76 – Seto Asami

Name: Seto Asami (瀬戸 麻沙美)
DoB: 2 April 1993
Hometown: Saitama
Agency: Sigma Seven
Notable roles: Ayase Chihaya in Chihayafuru, Takatsuki Yoshino in Hourou Musuko, Miyamoto Konatsu in TARI TARI, Iona in WIXOSS, Onna in Death Parade

This is a translation of a short interview by Animate about how Asami became a seiyuu – by passing the 3rd edition of Sigma Seven’s open auditions. Previous applicants include Tamaru Atsushi, Ogame Asuka, Nishi Asuka and Fuchigami Mai.

Q: Do you have any interesting tales or memories from when you took the Sigma Seven auditions?

A: I was on my way to the second round of auditions but couldn’t find the venue so I had to call the number written on the guide sheet and say “I’m sorry, I’m lost”. When I knew I would get there late I thought to myself “Ah, I’m sure I’ve failed this”. However, I was still allowed to take part in the auditions but when I entered the waiting room I was taken aback by the sight of the other participants doing vocal exercises. To be honest I have little memory of what went on during the audition itself, but I do recall that I chose to sing during my self-PR segment. Why on earth did I sing. I might’ve been the one going through these things, but I myself understand little of my own actions (lol). The first time I ever stopped at that particular (train) station, the first time I met a variety of people – it was indeed a day filled with surprises.

Q: Please tell us why you wanted to become a seiyuu, and how you came to take the Sigma Seven auditions.

A: When I was in junior high I watched an anime called D.Gray-man and I was attracted to the performance of Kobayashi Sanae, who provided the voice of the lead role (Allen Walker) – this led to my interest in seiyuu. I was only vaguely dreaming about my future, but once I entered high school I started researching on how one could become a seiyuu. There were many different roads that others had taken in order to be able to do voice work, but I narrowed down the choices taking into account my status as a student as well as the environment I was in, my age and financial circumstances. And what I arrived at, was the Sigma Seven Audition. I had no idea what I was supposed to do for an audition but for the first time in my life, I recorded my own voice and had my photo taken in order to build my profile. When I look back on it now, the process was something that I knew so little about yet somehow, I was spurred to act purely on curiosity. “Let’s just give it a shot!” was how I approached it.

Q: Please tell us if there is anything you take particular care with when it comes to taking anime auditions.

A: For anime auditions, the basic flow goes like this – test, receive instructions, actual recording. During the test section, I utilize the information that I’ve already received beforehand to form my own impression of the role. When I receive instructions I use that information to present a different image of the character. While making sure not to be too stiff, I’ll try out for the character and if what I do suits the role perfectly, then that’s great.

Q: Please give some words of encouragement to those who are going to, as well as those who are thinking of taking the Sigma Seven Audition.

A: To those who are taking the audition, and even to those who are giving up on taking it – this is not the only road to becoming a seiyuu so please believe in the decisions you have made, and enjoy yourselves!

Asami’s one for the 実力派 people. She’s never going to get the headlines, but she’ll be steadily landing roles.

I just think it’s great how Asami became a seiyuu because of Kobayashi Sanae, and by some amazing twist Sanae has just joined Sigma Seven. It’s fate!


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