#70 – Bikini Warriors

This show is either gonna be insanely stupid, or it’s gonna be insanely boring. Please don’t disappoint!

Translation of an interview with the main cast here.

Q1: What were your thoughts when you first heard the title ‘Bikini Warriors’?

Hikasa Yoko: I’m Hikasa Yoko and I voice the role of Fighter. When I saw the word ‘bikini’ I thought of swimsuits; when combined with the word ‘warriors’, I had this image of people fighting in bikinis? (lol). The reality is a little bit different from what I expected…but the lack of clothing was just as I thought it would be (lol).

Ueda Kana: I’m Ueda Kana and I voice the role of Paladin. When I first heard the title ‘Bikini Warriors’ I wondered if it was an anime about pool competitions like synchronized swimming or water polo~ and I was surprised when it turned out to be something completely different.

Kakuma Ai: I’m Kakuma Ai, and I voice the role of Mage. My first thought about the title was “Wow, there’s a lot of katakana~” (lol). When I considered it again, I thought “Ah, so this show is about bikinis~”. I thought they’d be wearing bikinis for real~. Then I did some research via the official site and so on, and my conclusion was “Yeap. Bikinis”. (lol)

Takahashi Chiaki: I’m Takahashi Chiaki and I voice Dark Elf. I’d already looked up the website beforehand so things have turned out the way I guessed they would! I think this will certainly turn out to be a very fun show.

Q2: Tell us your impressions of your role.

Hikasa: At first glance, I saw that the Fighter’s motto was “Strike first, think later!” so I thought “She’s a stupid girl~”. She’s a straight-up fool, but I mean that in a good way. When she’s faced with someone like the king her speech does automatically switch to polite form, but I hope to put on a youthful performance that reflects the exuberance of the younger generation of today.

Ueda: If I had to describe the Paladin in one phrase I’d say “mega pervert” (lol). She’s part of the Holy Knights which is a rather rigid line of work so I’m kind of suspecting that she’s feeling suppressed by something or the other. She’s not keeping her perversion hidden* though, she’s openly lewd [Takahashi screams “boner!**” in the background]. Yeah she’s a bulgingly lewd character and I find her a really satisfying role as an actor.

*muttsuri (ムッツリ)
**mokkori (モッコリ) – onomatopoeia for an erection, bulge

Kakuma: When I auditioned for the Mage, I felt that she was smaller and quieter than all the other characters…a bit timid, but when the time for battle comes she’ll be right at the front, with much fighting spirit. It’s not like she’s just going with the flow~. I thought she was the clingy, loli type, but lolis would never be able to stick such breasts out (lol).

Takahashi: During the auditions I had my heart set on the Dark Elf character – “It’s got to be her!”, was what I thought. I really wanted to play the Dark Elf but when I was told that they wanted me to try out for Paladin and I was all…down in the dumps (lol). I pleaded with them “Hang on a bit! I’ll try out for Paladin but can I do Dark Elf as well?” and voila! I am now the voice of Dark Elf! My hunch was totally correct (lol) I’m really glad! I love how Dark Elf is a little sadistic but also a little shy. There are a lot of different types of characters but I think Dark Elf is the most warrior-like. After all, she uses the first person pronoun “ware”*. She’s the one who feels the most like a “female warrior”. Also, I think that she plays the tsukkomi role amongst the Warriors. I’m trying to keep that in mind when I’m voicing her.

*ware – archaic version of “I”, usually used by males. (我)

Q3: If bikini armour existed, would you like to try it on?

Hikasa: Hmmm…bikinis are a bit…can my chest endure it…if I had huge boobs like the Fighter or Paladin then it would be okay…please give me a one-piece suit (lol)

Ueda: Could you wait three more months? (lol). [somewhere in the background, someone shouts “What can you do in three months?”]. They can’t be shown unless I do some remodelling.. We have Beauty Master Chi-chan [Takahashi Chiaki] here so if I could have three months I’ll go pick up some tips from her and then I’ll try it on.

Kakuma: No thank you! I’ve never even worn a bikini in my whole life. I consider myself part of the “Non-Bikini Species”. Don’t you think that there’s that special aura about women who wear bikinis…? When I go swimming I have to rent one of those pants-type swimsuits that goes right down to here (points at thighs). Apart from those, I’ve probably only ever worn slightly-frilly type of swimsuits [someone remarks “isn’t that actually kind of erotic though?” in the background] so I never once expected I would appear in an anime with the word “bikini” in its title.

Takahashi: I was thinking about this while observing the character illustrations, but isn’t armour basically something that’s really hard? “So how the heck do they push up their boobs with armour like in Bikini Warriors?” With such thoughts on my mind, I decided that I really wanted to try them out myself. I hope I can actually wear Dark Elf’s bikini armour though~ (nervous laugh). I think I’ll make Bikini Warriors my Halloween costume this year.

Q4: Please leave a message for everyone who is looking forward to the broadcast.

Hikasa: Bikini Warriors may only be a 5-minute anime, but there is lots of content packed into those 5 minutes. Everyone, please clear your mind and just enjoy watching the show!

Ueda: I believe this anime will tickle the fancy of people who love both games and sexy things, so I hope you will enjoy it. Stay tuned!

Kakuma: I’m not much of a gamer myself but even I understand the little in-jokes in the anime so I think even people who aren’t really familiar with games will be able to enjoy it. You’ll probably still pick up new things even if you watched the show with your jaw hanging wide open. Please look forward to it.

Takahashi: It’s a 5-minute anime which will be over in the blink of an eye, but I’d like it to be the sort of show that you can’t help but be curious about… and won’t able to take your eyes off it. To achieve that aim, I hope to help to bring out the best of the world and its unique characteristics. I believe (toy) figures will be released as well, so I’d be pleased if you would look forward to those developments too. Stay tuned!


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