#65 – Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Soma is one of my current favourite manga so naturally, I’m looking forward to seeing all my fave characters and foods appear in the anime!

Extracted from an interview on the official site, the main cast talk about their cooking skills. I hope to see a real Shokugeki between them some day…

Q: Do you have any signature dishes you can cook, or have any dishes that you like to eat?

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Yukihira Soma): Lately, it’s been omurice. Soft-cook omurice, with a runny omelette. It’s hard to make. If you think it’ll be easy-peasy whipping up something like this, you’d better think again. I also write my name in ketchup on it. The tip of a ketchup bottle isn’t really suitable to draw letters with, so I end up making a mess.

Taneda Risa (Nakiri Erina): I’m good at making simmered dishes. I’m not so great with stir-fries, but I think the simmered dishes and soups I make myself do taste pretty delicious. As for my signature dish, I’ll go for braised chicken with potatoes.

Takahashi Minami (Tadokoro Megumi): I made natto pasta recently. Throw in the natto, pasta, some kind of flour thing my mom says is delicious, a bit of spring onion, voila – the dish is served!
I’ll cook sometimes when my mother isn’t home but I don’t bother with things like timers and go by intuition. I used to work in a café so I can make pasta-type dishes. I just do this and that by instinct – “throw that in!” and it turns out pretty tasty. I can make pasta and Hamburger steaks!

Ishigami Shizuka (Mito Ikumi): I’ve been cooking quite a bit since I was young so I do think that my culinary skills are at a generally acceptable level.
For meat dishes, I can make about 4 different types of Hamburger steaks. The type where you put cheese in, tofu hamburgers etc. Yeah I can make a variety of dishes that are edible.

Hanae Natsuki (Takumi Aldini): It’s not exactly cooking, but I’ve taken up smoking (foods) as a hobby and can make bacon. I can smoke simple things like boiled eggs and fish as well, but it’s a lot more fun to smoke bacon. I’ll buy a block of pork (belly) from the supermarket, salt it for about a week then dunk it in water and then dry it to remove the salt – that takes about 2 weeks, then I’ll finally smoke it for around 3 hours. The actual smoking process is as simple as smoking incense, and once you’ve tried it you’ll never turn back. I normally eat the bacon as a snack but sometimes, I’ll cook it with pasta. I guess I’d be good friends with Ibusaki-kun*.

*Ibusaki specializes in smoking
Don’t forget to check out Matsuoka’s Shokugeki no Soma cooking show, which updates every 3rd Friday of the month. In episode 1, he tries eating Yukihira’s special peanut butter squid tentacles, as does Takahashi Minami. He also whips up a pretty mean Matsuoka Fried Rice.

Also! In the interview above Hanae-kun talked about his bacon – you can actually see the results of his smoking hobby in Tokyo Otome Restaurant, a cooking show that he does with Morikubo Showtaro that is part of a newly launched mixed-media franchise that will expand to games, novels etc in the near future. They even had a pop-up store in Shinjuku 0101 this month! So far they’ve cooked carbonara & caprese salad, beef cotelette (little ribs) & julienne soup, and radish & chicken drumettes stew with nanohana no karashiae (rapeseed plants in mustard dressing). You can watch episode 1 for free on Nico Nico Douga.


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