#59 – KanColle

Ah yeah I sort of fell into a KanColle black hole. The Teitoku life has succeeded in hooking me in (albeit a little belatedly) where Livers and Producers failed :< I suspect my wallet will suffer major 大破 this year as a result, so there goes all those planned Japan trips!

Anyway, here is a translation of an interview with the anime’s main cast just prior to broadcast. Teitoku = Admiral, Kanmusu = Shipgirl.
Q: What do you think are the charm points of the Shipgirl(s) whom you voice?

Uesaka Sumire (Fubuki): Fubuki is straightforward and has a very refreshing spirit – she may mess up at first but her motivation remains strong! Also, the shipgirls are really a bunch of individuals and in a way, I feel that Fubuki being the “ordinary girl” amongst them helps make the others look better.

Fujita Saki (Akagi): The anime depicts Akagi-san as an elegant older-sister type who has been entrusted with the job of leading the rest of the shipgirls – indeed, that’s what you’d expect of an aircraft carrier!! Of course, the anime also shows Akagi-san’s playful side as well so I think that this gap is what makes her charming~♪

Iguchi Yuka (Kaga): As in the game, I think that the coolness of the anime version of Kaga-san is what makes her charming. And I believe that in the anime, her feelings of: “I love Akagi-san” are growing ever stronger. It seems she’s a bit of a tsundere.

Sakura Ayane (Nagato, Mutsu, Shimakaze etc): All of them have rich personalities that don’t overlap with the others.

Toyama Nao (Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima): I’m trying to look at this from every angle and I’ll say…maybe, the things that make them distinct from each other. There may be similarities in their looks and poses but I think you’ll immediately be able to tell them apart; there are reasons for those differences in details which means you’ll get attached to each of them. The same goes for all of the girls’ lines – you can tell whose it is just by reading the words, and I think that’s amazing.

Otsubo Yuka (Ooi, Kitakami-san): The cute designs of the ships, and how they faithfully recreate their real-life counterparts’ features and historical details. It’s also fantastic how each group of sister ships has different types of costumes!

Hidaka Rina (Mutsuki, Mochizuki, Yayoi etc): I’m in charge of a few characters but my main girl in the anime is Mutsuki, and I think it’s charming how she’s honest and cares a lot about her friends.

Suzaki Aya (Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma): In the anime, it’s super cute when the 4 girls of the Sixth Destroyer Division, who each have their own quirky personalities, get together to chit-chat!!

Taneda Risa (Myoukou, Ashigara, Nachi, Haguro): I voice multiple ships who each have their own personalities and I’m giving my all to each one of them! What I think is most charming is the change in the characters’ facial expressions when they’re bonding with the Admiral after a victorious battle. It’s not just about the battles, it’s about the irresistibly cute reactions that are unique to the shipgirls!

Q: Please tell us what is attractive about the story and world of the KanColle anime.

Uesaka: After all is said and done, I’m just happy that Fubuki gets to shine!! You’ll get to enjoy seeing the shipgirls both in their daily lives and during battles, plus you get a detailed portrayal of the naval base and these things help to expand your view of the world of KanColle.

Fujita: You now get a thorough, animated view of things like sorties, docking and expeditions that you only used to be able to click within the game~. What the shipgirls are thinking of and how they feel leading up to sorties…these sorts of things now feel a lot more meaningful when compared to playing the game. Also, everybody is just really cute so I’d love for you to check out how we look in animated form!

Iguchi: Hmmm, I think…the fact that the characters are now moving! And talking! Seeing them fighting is just amazing. The fleet is made up of girls, aha! This is how you depict battle scenes, isn’t it! Amazing! So cool!!!…is what I think.

Sakura: This is an ambitious work that helps to add value to the world of the KanColle game that players have already expanded upon themselves.

Toyama: Each of the shipgirls is cute, it’s very refreshing! Their actions, the way they speak; ahh…”This is how they move! This is how they speak!”, there are lots of these kind of discoveries to be made. You’ll see new sides of the shipgirls you have been so carefully raising up until now! You’ll definitely experience a succession of happy feelings. At the same time, it’s interesting to see the interactions between characters that only existed as individuals within the game. As for what the shipgirls are going to call each other – this is a point I’d like you to look out for in the anime.

Otsubo: It’s charming to see how vessels that existed in real life have been drawn so cutely, and also to hear dialogue between characters that had previously no connection to each other within the game!

Hidaka: I was touched by the mere sight of the characters that, previously having had no interaction with each other within the game, are now having conversations. Also, I think one of the charms is in seeing the growth of the main group of characters with Fubuki in the center.

Suzaki: Fubuki’s growth and the bond between the shipgirls!

Taneda: I’m happy that the anime shows the interaction between the shipgirls, something that was not present in the game. It also shows plenty of things like the difference in capabilities between the shipgirls, battle scenes unique to KanColle and charming little details about the characters such as the troubles they face as shipgirls etc.

Q: Please let us know your thoughts about recordings; what’s the atmosphere like?

Uesaka: It’s somewhat interesting that despite having a large cast of characters, the actual number of cast members during recordings is relatively small. Maybe it’s because we expend a lot of energy due to having to do multiple roles, but it seems like someone is always eating something at any given time.

Fujita: It’s lively since it’s only women there! There are girls who voice a lot of different roles at the same time as well so once recording starts, a strange sort of tension settles over the room (lol).

Iguchi: Fighting girls! Are so glorious!!! Also, everyone has to multi-task roles (ah, all of them are “main” roles!) so it can get a bit tough (lol).

Sakura: When I have a lot of lines, I get so nervous the day before that I can’t sleep. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on something like this. Recordings are tests of one’s ability to maintain an intense level of concentration as well as the level of endurance of one’s throat.

Toyama: I feel the atmosphere is both friendly and relaxed at the same time. Obviously recording studios are places where you perform but I do think that it’s not quite enough to just immerse yourself in the emotions…at the same time, voice work is something that requires a calm approach and the KanColle studio strongly reminds me of the fact . For example, KanColle is all about being able to flip that switch between you roles. Having the opportunity to observe the other actresses working at their individual craft makes the recording studio a truly luxurious place.

Otsubo: Even though there are so many characters the cast is small!!! Each seiyuu voices many different roles…so I get to gaze with respectful amazement at how awesome everyone is. It’s also interesting to have a conversation with oneself.

Hidaka: Since most of the seiyuu are responsible for multiple characters, we tend to tackle recordings with a lot more concentration. The method of recording is also different from the norm, with each scene split into separate segments.

Suzaki: There’s a cozy and peaceful atmosphere!

Taneda: There are many seiyuu who are responsible for the voice of more than one ship and what really sticks in my mind is how some of them end up having conversations with themselves. It’s especially interesting to hear the dialogue between Ooi and Kitakami – it’s one person voicing two people within their own little world (lol). The recording studio is where you get to hear every seiyuu’s personal touch in their characters.

Q: Is there anything in particular that you try to keep in mind when voicing your Shipgirl(s)?

Uesaka: I’m only voicing Fubuki for now so to make up for the fact that I’m not doing multiple roles, I try to draw out as many different expressions for Fubuki as I possibly can. If I have any other roles that come up…yes, I will do my best!

*note: Some of her other characters ie. Soryuu and Hiryuu have appeared in the anime now

Fujita: As I am Fubuki’s admired senior, I try to maintain what makes her the target of admiration – how she’s cool, strong and dignified by paying attention to the details. Also, I believe that I should have fun voicing an Akagi who is always trying her hardest, so I do enjoy every recording session☆

Iguchi: The staff asked me to be careful not to turn Kaga-san’s coolness into cruelness. I’m trying! (>_<)

Sakura: I tend to get distracted by having to switch up my voices between characters, so I try to keep in mind not to neglect the fundamentals of acting – to understand the individual character’s circumstances and also to grasp their feelings, and so on.

Toyama: It’s been 2 years since I recorded the lines for the game that everyone has been playing. I think all of you Admirals will have heard our voices repeatedly as you play, so for the anime I’ll take great care to do justice to the characters as people see them. On the other hand, I’m also doing my best to bring a new performance that is befitting of the character and isn’t just a mere imitation of my work in the past.

Otsubo: As Ooi is even more acerbic in the anime than she is in the game, I have to take particular care in voicing Kitakami who gets caught up in those antics. Especially since the two of them are the livewires of the show, so I am treating them tenderly.

Hidaka: For the game we record our lines individually but for the anime I get to interact with many other characters, and I hope that I can help expand the range of the shipgirls’ expressions while still maintaining the characterizations from the game.

Suzaki: A lot of my dialogue actually consists of conversations between my own characters so rather than try to make each one sound distinct, I prefer to prioritize bringing out their individual characteristics instead.

Taneda: The Myoukou class consists of four sister ships so I tried to make sure that the difference in their ages showed during their conversations. There are points from the game that remain the same ie. how cute and energetic the destroyer girls are. The toughest thing so far is preventing my characters from overlapping when I converse with other shipgirls whom I normally wouldn’t have much interaction with.

Q: Lastly, please leave a message for the fans who are looking forward to the KanColle anime.

Uesaka: The anime is just getting started but I hope that all Admirals will look forward with much imagination to how the story will develop. Please kindly watch over our lovely shipgirls in this drama interweaving tales of burning passion and friendship!

Fujita: I believe that as you watch the anime and see how the shipgirls spend their days and what their feelings are as they go to sorties, you will also grow to love the shipgirls more and more!! I hope all Admirals will watch the anime!! Thank you for your support!!

Iguchi: At last! The KanColle anime is starting! Hooray! Each and every character has been drawn with love. I’m sure you will be able to discover a lot of charming new aspects in the anime. Please do watch the show.

Sakura: This is a work we can deliver to fans with confidence as it is made with much love by the staff and cast. I hope that everyone will enjoy the show. Thank you very much!

Toyama: There have been a lot of “firsts” for both the staff and cast when it comes to the KanColle recordings; for me it is a place where I can experience many things. With everyone joining forces, we are enjoying the process of making this show every week. It’s also thanks to the efforts of KanColle supporters that the property has become such a huge hit. Taking this pressure and turning it into strength, I will continue to maintain a good pace as we move towards the finale. It’s a big NO~ to look away from future developments!* Thank you for your support!

*Her words here are a play on an in-game quote by Kongou [MVP line : 私の活躍見てくれたの?もっと頑張るから目を離しちゃNo! なんだからネ!]

Otsubo: It’s thanks to the support from all Admirals that we are where we are today! The shipgirls have become even more appealing now that they’re animated so please enjoy the show! Please continue to show your love for these shipgirls that are full of personality! Thank you for supporting!!!

Hidaka: It is thanks to the support of everyone that we are able to meet the KanColle anime. Thank you so very much! As to how the many shipgirls will grow…please watch the show ‘til the end. Thank you.

Suzaki: Back when the game had just launched, I never imagined that it would one day be made into an anime! It’s truly thanks to the support of all Admirals!! I’m so happy to be able to see the shipgirls moving in animated form! I hope everyone looks forward to it as well! Please continue to support us in the future too!

Taneda: I believe that the KanColle anime is a work that is both newcomer-friendly while at the same time, helping to enhance the experience for existing game players. There will be many developments that can only be depicted in animated form so I’d be really glad if you could check the show out every week to find out if your favourite characters appear! Please support the KanColle anime too!

Now I’m regretting I didn’t start playing the game way earlier cos I cannot (yet) make Prinz Eugen my ship mistress owo

At the time of writing, the anime finale will be airing in just a couple of hours so I’m uhhh…looking forward to seeing whether we’ll get more tragic or happy-end MI Akaga doujins!


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