#48 – Misawa Sachika

Name: Misawa Sachika
Nickname: Sacchi
DoB: 13 January 1993
Hometown: Yamanashi
Agency: Space Craft (formerly Style Cube)

Translation of #14 in the Seiyuu no Wa series, February 2014.

I remember covering Misawa way back when had just won that Kadokawa audition (see here) at the age of 16, so it’s really great to see her progress after 6 years. Expect more to come now that she’s signed to Space Craft, the home of her BFF Uesaka Sumire!

1. Please tell us how you became a seiyuu.
When I was in high school I admired the wide range of works that seiyuu were involved in and I longed to become one.

2. What was your debut anime role?
Gamagori Yuri in Shangri-La.

3. Of all the shows you have acted in thus far, is there any character that has left a particularly strong impression?
All have left strong impressions but the character Cafe-kun from Yumeiro Patisserie was particularly memorable as I’d voiced him for 1 year and 3 months long and had learned so much as a seiyuu from people around me. It was also my first time voicing a young boy, something that I had always wanted to try.

4. Please tell us if any of the characters you are voicing now share any similarities to yourself.
I voice Namatame Chitaru in the TV anime Akuma no Riddle, which begins airing in April 2014. Her facial expressions and decisiveness as well as her ability to get things done means that she sometimes gets called an “ikemen”. She’s also the type who, once she finds a friend or someone she desires to protect, will end up pulling that person along or following them around, just like Chitaru continues to protect Hitsugi-chan forever – I think I may be similar to her in that way. Also, she gets embarrassed when she’s treated like a girl and I might just be the same.

5. From all the shows you’ve been in, please tell us about any one scene that left a particularly strong impression.
The B part of the the first episode of Accel World. It was the first appearance of Kuroyukihime and I recall being so nervous that I felt like I could collapse. “Express your feelings in words to Haruyuki-kun”; the reason I managed to keep this in mind right up ‘til the last episode was because of what I learnt from the scene in which Kuroyukihime first appeared.

6. Please tell us any horror stories or memorable tales from the recording studio.
Back when I was still unfamiliar with recording sessions and hadn’t got my mic timing* down, the seniors around me would always use eye and hand signals to help alert me. Recordings were always nervy affairs for me but at the same time, I was full of warm feelings from wanting to make a good show.

*this refers to how seiyuu prepare to move in closer to the mics when it’s their turn to recite their lines

7. Are there any seiyuu you see as rivals or as someone to aim for?
Sakamoto Maaya-san and Tamura Yukari-san, who I will from now on, admire forever and ever.

8. If you weren’t a seiyuu, what do you think you would be doing now?
A junior or high school English teacher, or a librarian.

9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve experienced as a seiyuu?
I think I’m overcoming this bit by bit – my dislike for photoshoots. Somehow I always end up with forced smiles.

10. On the flipside, what’s the happiest thing(s) that has happened to you as a seiyuu?
When people say to me that they have gotten courage from the characters that I voice.

11. Do you like singing?
I love it from the bottom of my heart.

12. From all the radio shows you have hosted, were there any mails that left an impression on you?
Every time I get a mail that goes “This is my first ever mail!”. It always puts a smile on my face.

13. Is there anything you take particular care about when you’re acting?
I read up on the original work the show is based on. The original work and setting, the scripts, character relationships, the character’s background, environment and core beliefs – these are all important. I believe that an understanding of these aspects builds a livelier character as well as getting across what the original author wants to convey and overall, helps to make it a good series.

14. What kind of roles would you consider your specialty?
Not sure what I’m good at, but what I tend to voice a lot of, are the strong-willed onee-san types with long black hair.

15. Tell us what goals and dreams you have as a seiyuu?
A seiyuu is someone who delivers a message through his or her “voice”. I hope to be able to freely express what I wish to express, through anime, radio, songs and so on.

16. To the people who are aiming to become seiyuu, please give them a word of advice.
Cherish the feelings of “love” in your heart, and the gratitude to the people around you.

17. Apart from the shows that you’ve been in, are there anime that you like to watch?
When I was young I often used to watch Sailor Moon (Sailor Stars era). I would like to rewatch it again some time.

18. In relation to the above, are there any types of roles you’d like to voice or perhaps, characters that you admire?
I’d love to be any one of the three Sailor Stars. I’ve always loved androgynous characters and find it charming when they possess both the softness of women and the strength of men. Personally, I’d like to voice a cool male idol who transforms into a cool female Sailor Soldier. I really love them.

19. As a viewer, what kind of anime do you like?
I love anime that are filled with exciting developments.

20. What kind of child were you?
I was very active and took part in a lot of things.

21. Please tell us what TV programmes do you often watch?
I love Aibou and Kyotochiken no Onna. I also often watch owarai programmes.

22. Tell us what your favourite books are.
Otsuichi’s GOTH Yoru no Shou.

23. Tell us what your favourite game is.
Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. Getting to walk around with Pikachu is the best thing ever.

24. Tell us what your favourite movies are.
Kimi ni Todoke.

25. Tell us about your favourite music.
LiSA. There are few people who can move my heart the way she can.

26. Tell us what your motto is.
“Regret is something you create by yourself”.

27. Tell us about any of your experiences with sports.
Only whatever I did during PE lessons in school.

28. Tell us what songs you often sing when you go to the karaoke.
School Food Punishment, Perfume, May’n.

29. Tell us what your favourite foods are.
Spicy stuff.

30. Tell us what foods you hate.
Bitter stuff. Sour stuff.

31. Tell us about the stores you often go to.
I love Starbucks. I always order green tea latte with milk, less syrup and added caramel sauce.

32. Do you have any favourite snacks?
Nothing in particular.

33. Do you drink? If you do, what sort of drinks do you like?
I like red wine or Japanese sake. I’ve also been getting addicted to vodka lately.

34. What did you do on your last day off?
I went to the beauty salon and got a head spa, treatment and haircut.

35. If you had a whole week off, what would you do?
Go on a trip to Taiwan. Alternatively, I’d buy one week’s supply of food so that I can stay at home without taking a single step outside.

36. Are there any hobbies that you’ve been obsessed with recently?
Snap photos of any interesting alleyways I come upon.

37. Tell us about any qualifications you have.
Ordinary driving license, EIKEN English Proficiency Level Pre-Two, Kanji Proficiency Level Pre-Two.

38. What challenges would you like to take on within the next 10 years?
I want to read lots of books. I also want to travel a lot. I want to broaden my horizons and expand my vocabulary; I want to study more and more.

39. What type of guy do you like?
A gentle and calm person.

40. Which part(s) of a guy do you notice most?
The hands. I love hands with fair skin and long fingers.

41. Tell us the most expensive thing you’ve bought recently.
I think…an external HDD.

42. What is the one thing you most desire now?
Time. I want to acquire as many qualifications and study as many thing that I’m interested in as I possibly can.

43. If you could bring only one item to a deserted island, what would it be?
A teddy bear.

44. If you had 1,000,000 yen that you could spend as you wish, how would you use it?
Remodel the family home and replace the home appliances. I’d like to install handrails for the convenience of my father and mother as well as maintain a constant temperature in the house.

45. Please tell us if there is anything that you do on a daily basis, habits etc.
After my shower I do a steam facial, apply pre-lotion, face milk and face cream. Then I massage my feet etc with body milk and do some stretching exercises. It’s a daily ritual for me.

46. Please leave a message for your fans.
As always, thank you. Please continue to support me from now on.

47. Do you remember the first time you met Uesaka Sumire-san?
I do remember. It was a fated encounter.

48. (A question from Uesaka Sumire) If you had to gattai to join a battle what would you choose to combine with – a fighter jet or a tank?
A fighter jet. I will fight from the sky, so Uesaka-san – please attack from land with your tank.

49. Please tell us which seiyuu you get along well with.
Uesaka Sumire-san. She’s my waifu.
Nanjou Yoshino-san. My beloved senior. Also an artist I greatly respect.
Nishi Asuka-san. I did a radio show with her. She has plenty of healing qualities.
Ohashi Ayaka-san. It is only to Ayaka-chan that I show that innocent side of me.
Suwa Ayaka-san. You gave me that lovely pair of panda socks for my birthday! You always take time to talk to a shy person like me.
Uchida Mami-san. Hitsugi-chan and Chitaru are always together. We share many scenes together so we end up having eye contact, our mic positions are close and we do ad-libs together; we get to talk to each other and have gotten close.

50. Please leave a question for the next seiyuu (Nishi Asuka).
“You’ve gotta have this if you live alone!” If you know of any such items please do recommend them! Please give me any clues on ways to enrich my life!

The Sacchi-Sumipe ship sails nicely :3


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