#45 – Okamoto Nobuhiko

Name: Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)
DoB: 24 October 1986 in Tokyo
Agency: Pro-Fit
Representative Roles: Accelerator in A Certain Magical Index, Kanzato Shin in Persona, Niizuma Eiji in Bakuman, Mikoshiba “Mikorin” Mikoto in Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

Ahh Pikorin, one of my favourite guys! I liked him right from his first major role in the underrated Ghost Hunt, which was in 2006. He plays young and he plays ikemen, so it’s not surprising that he tends to pick up a lot of roles, be it as lead or supporting, across a lot of different genres. This season alone, you can hear him in Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, Kamisama Hajimemashita 2, Sokyu no Fafner EXODUS, World Trigger, Ace of Diamond, Akatsuki no Yona and Log Horizon 2.

This was the first Seiyuu no Wa feature in over 2 months – I was waiting and waiting…come on Davinci, what are your editors doing..?

1. Please tell us how you became a seiyuu.
A lot of things happened but to cut a long story short – I loved anime so I wanted to make a career out of it.

2. What was your debut anime role?
I think it was as a male student in N.H.K. Ni Youkoso! My first regular role was as John Brown in Ghost Hunt.

3. Of all the shows you have acted in thus far, is there any character that has left a particularly strong impression?
Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index. It was thanks to this character that I began to enjoy acting more.

4. Please tell us if any of the characters you are voicing now share any similarities to yourself.
When I look at the daily life of Ando Jurai Inou from Inou Battle wa Nichijoukei no Naka de, it’s like I’m looking at a mirror image of myself in my elementary school days.

5. From all the shows you’ve been in, please tell us about any one scene that left a particularly strong impression.
Maybe the scene where Accelerator has a line that starts with “kukaki….”. I had a hard time deciding.

6. Please tell us any horror stories or memorable tales from the recording studio.
In terms of impact level – there was this one time when the character I was voicing got crazily high to the point where I couldn’t breath and I ended up blacking out due to lack of oxygen. I got a taste of how abnormal this line of work is.

7. Are there any seiyuu you see as rivals or as someone to aim for?
It’s gotta be Koyasu (Takehito)-san, who I’m hoping to be like in many ways. I really respect him!

8. If you weren’t a seiyuu, what do you think you would be doing now?
There’s a possibility I may have seriously pursued Shogi but I could’ve been a tour guide as well since I like to travel.

9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve experienced as a seiyuu?
If I have 1 day off I’m happy but if I have more than 2 days off in a row I start to get uneasy. Yeah, there are times when I feel anxious.

10. On the flipside, what’s the happiest thing(s) that has happened to you as a seiyuu?
When I get to say cool lines from the bottom of my heart, that’s what this job is all about!

11. Do you like singing? What has left the biggest impression when it comes to singing thus far?
I do like it, but I’m not very good. I was really nervous when I had to sing in public for the first time.

12. From all the radio shows you have hosted, were there any mails that left an impression on you?
It was a mail from a girl that surprised me, saying “Girls suffer from chuunibyou too”.

13. Is there anything you take particular care about when you’re acting?
Any one element is fine, so I just have fun acting.

14. What kind of roles would you consider your specialty?
I’m still looking for it! The type of roles I find fun are the characters with horrible personalities.

15. Tell us what goals and dreams you have as a seiyuu?
As a seiyuu my goal is to continue working for as long as possible, but my dream is to make an anime.

16. To the people who are aiming to become seiyuu, please give them a word of advice.
Whatever it may be, just try out as many things as you possibly can!

17. Apart from the shows that you’ve been in, are there anime that you like to watch?
I watched a lot of anime when I was a child. I had the World Masterpiece Theater series on DVD and loved it so much that I’d watch it on a regular basis.

18. In relation to the above, are there any types of roles you’d like to voice or perhaps, characters that you admire?
When I was a child I watched Yu Yu Hakusho and Hiei was just awesome. I also admired Rukawa from Slam Dunk.

19. As a viewer, what kind of anime do you like?
Anime with a straightforward story.

20. What kind of child were you?
I was a kid with a weak body!

21. Please tell us what TV programmes do you often watch?
London Hearts, Ningen Kansatsu Variety – Monitoring and 7tsu no Umi o Tanoshimou! Sekai Summer Resort. I often watch shows with strong variety elements, or those that are prank-oriented.

22. Tell us what your favourite books are.
Dai no Daibouken (Dragon Quest). Hot-blooded drama, laughs, touching moments – it had everything.

23. Tell us what your favourite game is.
For boardgames – The Resistance: Avalon. It’s fun to be able to observe other people even though it makes them feel uncomfortable.

24. Tell us what your favourite movies are.
Toy Story 3. I don’t cry much, but this had me in floods of tears. It was awesome.

25. Tell us about your favourite music.
I have loads, but if I had to pick just one then I’d say TOKIO’s LOVE YOU ONLY. As for a song that would definitely make me cry – Kaze to Issho ni (from Pokemon)

26. Tell us what your motto is.
“Who likes his business, his business likes not him”

*William Hazlitt (1778-1830)

27. Tell us about any of your experiences with sports.
Badminton, swimming, kendo.

28. Tell us what songs you often sing when you go to the karaoke.
Butter-fly from Digimon Adventure.

29. Tell us what your favourite foods are.
Chocolate, meat, sushi. The recent aged meat boom is incredible.

30. Tell us what foods you hate.
Shungiku that is hard to chew. But I do make an exception for chewy shungiku tempura. Also dislike meat that’s tough.

31. Tell us about the stores you often go to.
Starbucks. I often order their limited edition beverages, and I basically really like their cafe mocha.

32. Do you have any favourite snacks?
My #1 favourite is Jean-Paul Hevin’s Quito.

33. Do you drink? If you do, what sort of drinks do you like?
Suzune or Mio.

*They are both brands of sparkling sake.

34. What did you do on your last day off?
I played Pokemon til I collapsed into bed, then I checked my scripts, then I played Pokemon and fell asleep.

35. If you had a whole week off, what would you do?
Travel!!!! I’d go to Macchu Picchu or Salar de Uyuni.

36. Are there any hobbies that you’ve been obsessed with recently?
Playing board games with (Kimura) Ryohei-san at his house.

37. Tell us about any qualifications you have.
EIKEN English proficiency Level 3…..

38. What challenges would you like to take on within the next 10 years?
Space travel.

39. What type of girl do you like?
A healthy person.

40. Which part(s) of a girl do you notice most?
What my eyes first notice are…the eyes, after all.

41. Tell us the most expensive thing you’ve bought recently.
Q-pot’s Halloween limited edition black cat ghost item.

42. What is the one thing you most desire now?
A new computer….I keep getting registry errors and every so often, BSoDs, so my current one is probably on its death bed.

43. If you could bring only one item to a deserted island, what would it be?
If I will get rescued after 1 week, then I’d bring a camera. If no one comes to rescue me then I’d like a Cessna with its gas tank filled up (lol)

44. If you had 1,000,000 yen that you could spend as you wish, how would you use it?
Go on a holiday to the Southern islands with everyone!

45. Please tell us if there is anything that you do on a daily basis, habits etc.
Consume aojiru tablets.

46. Please leave a message for your fans.
Recently I had a blood test done at the hospital and my results were fine!

47. What’s your biggest memory of Kimura Ryohei?
This was the truth behind an incident that almost defies common sense – a group of us had gathered to deduce our way through a boardgame called Black Stories, and we ended up trembling when Kimura solved the mysteries one by one, single-handedly.

48. (A question from Kimura Ryohei) So when are we going on that guys-only getaway?
How about February or June!? But if we’re going I’d like to stay for at least 2 days…it’s difficult…

49. Please tell us which seiyuu you get along well with.
Kimura Ryohei-san and friends of the Ryohei Circle. Of my age group, I’m fond of Kaji (Yuki)-kun, and Ono Yuuki is a lot of fun as well.

50. Please leave a question for our next interviewee (Ono Yuuki).
I’d like to do a show together with you. If we were to do one, what should it be about?


2 thoughts on “#45 – Okamoto Nobuhiko

  1. animestyle94

    Okamoto Nobuhiko san is my favorite seiyu!!!
    So talented!!!! Please keep working hard Okamoto San……hoping to see you in Animes for many many years in the future!!!!!!

  2. nieon

    I’m a great fan of his!! His voice is reaaaaalllly awesome!! I really liked his voice in the role Usui Takumi!!! He’s just great!!


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