#29 – Kimura Ryohei

Name: Kimura Ryohei (木村 良平)
Date of Birth: 30th July 1984
Hometown: Tokyo
Agency: Gekidan Himawari
Representative Roles: Takizawa Akira in Higashi no Eden, Takakura Shoma in Mawaru Penguindrum, Hasegawa Kodaka in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Hachiken Yugo in Silver Spoon series, Nishimi Kaoru in Sakamichi no Apollon

Kimura’s had a bit of a roundabout career – he is attached to Gekidan Himawari, the same theatre troupe as Miyano Mamoru, and did not actively get involved in anime work until the end of the ‘00s. Instead, he started out as a child actor and for the early part of his adult career, was focused on dubbing for films and Western cartoons. Kimura’s first anime lead role was in 2009 in Higashi no Eden, and he won a Seiyuu Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2012.

I first heard of Kimura in 2002’s Full Moon o Sagashite (he was the voice of the dead childhood friend Sakurai Eichi) but he disappeared off the radar after that and I was quite surprised when he did resurface with bit-parts in Oofuri and Natsume Yujincho. Since then he’s gone from strength to strength and is a regular fixture in many an anime and otome game.

Source of translation here.

1. Please tell us how you became a seiyuu.
I have been doing dubbing work from before I can remember.

2. What was your debut anime role?
If we’re talking about Japanese animation, then it’s probably Taiho Shichauzo (You’re Under Arrest).

3. Of all the shows you have acted in thus far, is there any character that has left a particularly strong impression?
Yes there are. A lot of them, really.

4. Please tell us if any of the characters you are voicing now share any similarities to yourself.
Hmm, I’ve never sucked anyone’s blood before.

5. From all the shows you’ve been in, please tell us about any one scene that left a particularly strong impression.
The other day, I was completely destroyed by an arrow that had been fired by Ishikawa Kaito.

*This would be referring to Zion, his character in Madan no Ou to Vanadis being killed by Ishikawa’s Tigre.

6. Please tell us any horror stories or memorable tales from the recording studio.
It was during a quiet, graceful scene. I was supposed to gently whisper the heroine’s name but…I said my own character’s name instead.

7. Are there any seiyuu you see as rivals or as someone to aim for?
I love Yamaji Kazuhiro’s acting.

8. If you weren’t a seiyuu, what do you think you would be doing now?
I haven’t a clue.

9. What’s the hardest thing you’ve experienced as a seiyuu?
I don’t have a hard time. I just have fun.

10. On the flipside, what’s the happiest thing(s) that has happened to you as a seiyuu?
The fact that so many people cheer me on in a job I’m actually working at because I love to. It’s an amazing thing.

11. Do you like singing? What has left the biggest impression when it comes to singing thus far?
I do like it, but I’m horrible. Neo Romance was my first stage performance.

12. From all the radio shows you have hosted, were there any mails that left an impression on you?
On Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai radio when many listeners wrote in reporting on how they gathered up the courage to confess to the person they liked.

13. Is there anything you take particular care about when you’re acting?
To breathe life into the show and the characters.

14. What kind of roles would you consider your specialty?
There aren’t any.

15. Tell us what goals and dreams you have as a seiyuu?
To enjoy, to delight, and to continue eating.

16. To the people who are aiming to become seiyuu, please give them a word of advice.
Just take in lots and lots of things.

17. Apart from the shows that you’ve been in, are there anime that you like to watch?
The shows I’ve watched to completion are Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX and Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wa Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.

18. In relation to the above, are there any types of roles you’d like to voice or perhaps, characters that you admire?

19. As a viewer, what kind of anime do you like?
Ghibli productions.

20. What kind of child were you?
A cheeky kid.

21. Please tell us what TV programmes do you often watch?
Sekai Fureai Machi Aruki.

*note: A travel show that runs on NHK.

22. Tell us what your favourite books are.
Morning Girl (by Michael Dorris).

*I assume this is it – the title Kimura gave is 朝の少女 and there aren’t any Japanese titles like that otherwise.

23. Tell us what your favourite game is.
Chrono Trigger.

24. Tell us what your favourite movies are.
Dead Poets Society.

25. Tell us about your favourite musician(s).
I can’t choose.

26. Tell us what your motto is.
Carpe diem.

*note: Funnily, Kimura uses the phrase いまを生きる here, which also happens to be the Japanese title of Dead Poets Society (q24).

27. Tell us about any of your experiences with sports.
I was in the “Go-Home Club” in both junior and high school, but I did have a passion for soccer.

28. Tell us what songs you often sing when you go to the karaoke.
I like to get the people I go with to sing their own songs, so I’ll reply in kind.

29. Tell us what your favourite foods are.
I like all delicious foods. And sake.

30. Tell us what foods you hate.
I’m training myself to eat coriander.

31. Tell us about the stores you often go to.
Lately, I’ve taken a liking to a restaurant near my house that serves a variety of international cuisines.

32. Do you have any favourite snacks?
I kinda have a soft spot for things with fresh cream.

33. Do you drink? If you do, what sort of drinks do you like?
I’ll drink anything, but my favourite is whisky.

34. What did you do on your last day off?
I don’t remember. On my next day off, I plan to watch films to my heart’s content in the daytime, and in the evening I’ll go out and have fun with friends.

35. If you had a whole week off, what would you do?
Travel abroad.

36. Are there any hobbies that you’ve been obsessed with recently?
Little by little, I’m trying to make playing video games a hobby.

37. Tell us about any qualifications you have.
I desperately want a driving license.

38. What challenges would you like to take on within the next 10 years?
I want to do narration for Sekai Fureai Machi Aruki.

39. What type of girl do you like?
Girls who can think of themselves as cute.

40. Which part(s) of a girl do you notice most?
I’m attracted to whatever strengths that person actually possesses.

41. Tell us the most expensive thing you’ve bought recently.
It’s not the most expensive thing, but I did order batches of my favourite marinated salmon roe for myself, my friends and my parents.

42. What is the one thing you most desire now?
A driving license.

43. If you could bring only one item to a deserted island, what would it be?
A satellite phone that actually connects. If that’s not possible, whisky.

44. If you had 1,000,000 yen that you could spend as you wish, how would you use it?
I’d take my family and friends out for a good meal.

45. Please tell us if there is anything that you do on a daily basis, habits etc.
A bath in the morning, a drink at night.

46. Please leave a message for your fans.
Let’s have fun together, you and me. I hope to live that kind of life. Please support me from now on.

47. What’s your biggest memory of Toyonaga Toshiyuki?
When he sang Encounter right in front of me.

*note: Encounter is a song that Toyonaga wrote himself, with Kimura Ryohei in mind w

48. (A question from Toyonaga Toshiyuki) Tell the truth – what do you really think of me?
I love you♥

49. Please tell us which seiyuu you get along well with.
Hosoya Yoshimasa-san, Inoue Marina-san, Okamoto Nobuhiko-san.

50. Please leave a question for our next interviewee (Okamoto Nobuhiko).
So when are we going on that guys-only getaway?


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