#23 – The Yamayurikai: Ueda Kana

Before Marimite, Kana-chan was most well-known (to me, anyway) as part of that joke idol group Mix JUICE spawned from that joke anime Wandaba Style. Post-Marimite she became the go-to girl for 1) Kansai accents 2) tsundere characters. Though Kana-chan’s anime output has not been so prominent in recent years, her work in video games and related media is extensive – not surprising since she is an avid gamer as well as a mahjong enthusiast.

Chronicling her life story would take up an entire book I think, but her blog and Twitter already do very good jobs of it. Instead I’d like to look into a certain incident from August 25th where Kana answered a few fan questions about seiyuu-related matters on Twitter in her typical humorous manner. I’ve translated some of the interesting ones.

Q: I would like to ask for advice from Kana-san. I’m 27 years old; can I still become a seiyuu? Also, please tell me more about vocational schools.
A: It does depend on which aspect (of seiyuu work) you would like to go into, but I’ll be honest – when you’re 27, it’s going to be a severe, rocky road ahead.
There are schools that have age limits as well, so please do try a search for ‘seiyuu schools’.

Q: What do I have to do in order to marry a seiyuu?
A: Get a job that’s involved with seiyuu, be it in anime or games, publishing or in the media. Or, you could be an expert in the field/industry of whatever the seiyuu’s interests are.
However, by the time you get to that point you’d probably be the object of many a woman’s affection anyway!
Also, you’d need to quit being a seiyuu fan (lol).

Q: That last tweet convo was the cold, hard truth wasn’t it? (lol)
A: Ikr?
You know – if I were to marry a fan, (I’d) be prepared to quit being a seiyuu~
When that happens, the (fan’s) goal of marrying a seiyuu would not have been achieved (lol)

Q: How do I become friends with a seiyuu?
A: Be in an industry that is closely related to seiyuu!
Be someone who is really charming and fun to be with!
Friendship is about (two people) being on equal footing but when you start to look at it through a ‘seiyuu filter’ it’s already become something quite different, hasn’t it.
Still, please retain that charming nature of your wanting to be friends (with seiyuu).

Q: I thought you were doing a Q&A session here tonight, but it doesn’t seem like it lol
A: Hehehe. I was actually waiting for a data download to finish but it seems like it’ll take some time so I’m off for a bath now (lol)
And that is my final answer for today〜( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

….so, how many of you would like to marry a seiyuu again? w


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