The Yamayurikai, A Decade Later

first gen marimite seiyuu

first gen marimite seiyuu

2014 is actually the 10th anniversary year of the original Maria-sama ga Miteru TV anime series (first aired in January 2004), and next month there will be a complete Blu-ray box set release featuring all seasons, OVAs and the Maria-sama ni wa Naisho shorts, as well as various goodies such as new audio commentaries and a compilation of Hibiki Reine illustrations. Most intriguingly, enclosed within the box set will be an application form for a Lilian Jogakuen graduation event to be held on 29 March 2015, featuring the seiyuu cast (guest list is not confirmed).

Marimite was a hallmark show for me in many ways – it was my first real experience of yuri anime, and it also introduced me to the wonderful and weird world of yuri seiyuu (thanks Naba-Shizu!). In 2004, most of the Marimite seiyuu were newcomers with the odd veteran thrown in – even someone like Ueda Kana was just a new kid on the block back then. There is just so much I am grateful to this series for and needless to say, without Marimite my outlook on seiyuu would have been very, very different. Perhaps the seiyuu industry itself would be less yuri fanservice-oriented, who knows?

My original plan was to write a single post covering the Yamayurikai members across the years but by the time I completed the first profile, it was a foot long…so I’ve split them up into individual posts. Probably won’t end up covering all of the seiyuu though – do you really need any more write-ups on Mamiko or Kugyu??? But we shall see.

Before we start, a little intro to what the seiyuu thought of the characters back in October 2003, a few months before the anime went on air (source).

Who would you make your petit soeur, or whose petite soeur would you like to be?

Name Answer
Ueda Kana I want to be Ogasawara Sachiko’s petite soeur
Itou Miki I want Fukuzawa Yumi to be my petite soeur
Nabatame Hitomi I want to be Satou Sei-sama’s petite soeur
Ito Shizuka I want Todo Shimako to be my petite soeur
Ikezawa Haruna I cannot imagine being with anyone but Hasekura Rei
Toyoguchi Megumi I choose Ogawasara Sachiko
Noto Mamiko I prefer the elusive Torii Eriko
Shinohara Emi I want to be the petite souer of Fukuzawa Yumi when she’s in her third year



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