2015 Seiyuu Awards

Listing this down for posterity’s sake. For the record, the last time I voted was in 2010.

You can still vote here, until 30th November. The site says that overseas votes will count as part of domestic votes for this iteration of the Awards. Will you still put in your votes twice?

Best actor: Ono Daisuke (Jojo/Barakamon)
Voting for Nakamura Yuichi would have been pointless, so I went for someone who has won before already, but I wouldn’t mind seeing win again.Truth be told though, anything but a Kaji threepeat is fine by me.

Best actress: Tomatsu Haruka (Youkai Watch)
2014 has been like a dry well for memorable female seiyuu performances that aren’t by a newbie/upstart. With Hanazawa, Taneda etc out of the running that leaves few choices. My sentimental pick would be Ueda Kana but is Rin a strong enough case for them to award her? Doubt it. Tomatsu maybe? Keita might just be one of my favourite roles of Tomatsu’s ever. Youkai Watch may or may not be the next Pokemon, but it’ll fill her rice bowl for years to come.

Best supporting actor – Uchiyama Kouki (Ping Pong)
Yeah the supporting category is just a crapshoot and they can go for whoever they want. It was between Uchiyama and Shimazaki Nobunaga for my vote.

Best supporting actress – Nakahara Mai (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun)
I’m just thinking of how I’m Enterprise have so many talents that have yet to pick up any gongs over the years; your Saito Chiwas & Ueda Kanas & Hayami Saoris & Yukarins & Hikasa Yokos. Kugyu’s won before, as has Matsuoka and Uchida M. Hopefully time for another one? Mai’s best performance in years of late was in Jintai, but Kashima-kun was a surprisingly different, and excellent turn from her.

Best new actor – Hanae Natsuki (Tokyo Ghoul)
So is Ohsaka Ryota not up for the Seiyuu Awards? Early Wing is his agency (KitaEri’s too) so maybe they’re not playing ball. Saito Shoma is the other one who might get a look in this year.

Best new actress – Ozawa Ari (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun)
It’s a long time since any rookie seiyuu got me as excited as Ozawa-chan has. I could go on and on all day about why I really, really like her but…yeah. I picked her over Tenchan so there you go. That said, I don’t think Ari will win, it’s probably too early for her.

Best vocal – Chihara Minori
I drew a blank and voted for whoever came to my mind first. Maybe I should’ve voted Sphere instead.

Best personality – didn’t vote
I don’t have a clue about this at all.


2 thoughts on “2015 Seiyuu Awards

  1. Otokage

    – I ‘ve been waiting for a post related to Tomatsu to ask about your thought on her Youkai Watch performance and you just wrote about it 😉 IIRC, you said many moons ago Tomatsu’s career would be like Houko’s. How do you think her path will be now?
    – So your crush on Sora is mainly for her singing and uber beauty but not really for her acting?
    – I predict Han Megumi will win Best New Actress. The second winner might be Sora.

    1. admin Post author

      i) did i ever say that about tomacchan ^^; my memory’s busted. well, looking at these few years – it’s kinda obvious she’s not gonna be winning lead roles in moe-type anime. maybe getting cast in more kid-oriented shows like youkai/precure will pick up the slack…by her 50s she’ll become a 国民的声優, that is my grand prediction!!
      ii) it’s not so much that i don’t find her acting appealing, it’s just that she hasn’t been in any anime that i can truly say i liked, or that she particularly shone in – isshukan friends, aldnoah, akame, tokyo ghoul, nanatsu; all were very average shows for me. it’s quite similar to tomatsu actually – it wasn’t until kannagi came along that i was totally convinced of her acting ability.
      iii) maybe? all i can say is her engrish in zankyo no terror totally killed me, in a bad way w


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