#10 – Takewaka Takuma

Although never quite achieving leading man status, Takewaka voiced a few significant roles during the short period he was active. His breakthrough came when he voiced Amon in Witch Hunter Robin, and he followed up by voicing a wide range of characters such as Ogawara Ryohei in Jinki Extend, Morita Kaoru in the Honey and Clover series and Suleyman in Trinity Blood. He was also very active in dubbing drama, being involved in long-running series like CSI:Miami (Eric Delko) and The Closer (David Gabriel).

After a puzzling period of inactivity in 2009, it was revealed on Theater Echo’s blog in December of that year that Takewaka had suffered from a brain haemorrhage on 10th April after collapsing while on his way to work, for which he underwent surgery and was thus hospitalized up to September. It was also mentioned that he had been undergoing rehabilitation at home as he was still suffering from paralysis caused by his condition.

Since then there have only been brief mentions of Takewaka on the theater group’s blog, but he is still doing some work in the form of audio drama lives. Some of his roles (ie Higa Izumi in Sekirei) have been recast and as of 2014, there remains no sign whether he will ever be in any shape to make a comeback to the seiyuu business.


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