#8 – Shiraishi Ayako

It is a rare occurrence for seiyuu to retire and leave the business completely – most just keep on at it for years and years even if they never achieve success, usually taking on part-time jobs to supplement their meagre income. Shiraishi Ayako, a versatile seiyuu who debuted in the late ’80s, is one such example. It wasn’t until the mid-90s, when Ayako had reached her 30s, that her career started to gain traction after she won the leading roles in Gene Diver and Alice Tanteikyoku, as well as the recurring roles of Joy in the Pokemon series and Marbet Fingerhat in the Gundam franchise. However, Ayako retired quietly and returned to her hometown Oita in 2002 with the reason that ‘(working as) a seiyuu doesn’t put food on the table’*.



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