#7 – Kasahara Hiroko

Hiroko has been in show business for a long time, progressing from being a child actress appearing on NHK education programmes to winning a major role in the Ginga Hyoru Vifam anime at the age of 13 in 1983. Consequently, she pursued voice acting throughout her middle and high school years as “(voice acting) doesn’t require me to show my face, so (my) school won’t find out”. In her late teens she started appearing in musicals and debuted as a singer; in fact, her singing prowess was highly valued and she was described as being the seiyuu world’s Singing Princess (Utahime) at the peak of her career.

Hiroko’s golden era was in the late 80s/early 90s when she voiced several popular leading roles, including Misono Nanako in Oniisama e…, Ishtar in Macross II: Lovers Again, Hououji Fuu in Magic Knight Rayearth and Kurimoto Ami in DNA², as well as singing the theme songs for Patlabor, Green Legend Ran, Romeo no Aoi Sora and many others. Music was and remains her main area of focus however, with well over 30 EPs, albums and compilations released in the 26 years since she released her first CD.
If you’re looking for a modern day equivalent of Kasahara Hiroko, Sakamoto Maaya would be a suitable one. The two are in fact, senpai-kouhai, having originated from the same agency Group Komadori (before it folded in 2003) and even featured in Seiyuu Grand Prix interviews together as the ‘Komadori Sisters’.

However, it has been years since Hiroko’s last major role and nowadays she mainly provides voice work for video games and makes the occasional live performance – most recently, she voiced a character in the mobile game Ouraku Sangeshou. She remains unmarried (reportedly) and still lives with her parents.

You can read her blog for regular updates on her daily life.


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